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President Trump Has Accomplished the Impossible

Reviewing the last few days of the Presidential news conferences, the US witnessed President Trump doing what he is best known for, training and encouraging people to be the best at their jobs. April 6, 2020 we saw President Trump basically attacked by news reporters. Those reporters were using the nationally televised conference to market their fake news stories. At times President Trump blasted those reporters for attempting to use such tactics. Other times the President simply refused to answer their questions.

On April 7th we saw President Trump initiate a new plan. The President and his entire staff were very careful to identify sources and provide information and locations to study additional information. I other words, the President and his staff were training reporters how to properly investigate and report on the news.

The press conference on April 8th was a completely different story. On April 8th reporters asked questions, identified their sources, and offered statistics and data uncovered during their research. President Trump displayed the same skills used during his TV show The Apprentice where he outlined a project, provided basic steps, set goals, and allowed the contestants to display their skills. The show was based on teams competing on a project to show organizational and creative skills.

It is rare to see anyone use everyday situations to educate people much less direct and encourage people to be the best at what they do for a living. President Trump displayed those skills and passions on national TV. On April 8th the President and his staff praised reporters for investigating the questions at hand and offering information they were able to verify. We’ve seen President Trump blast fake news in the past. Instead of condemning those reporters, the President proudly displayed his passion for bringing the best out of people and making them the professionals they long to be.

On a side note. If Hydroxychloroquine turns out to be a vaccine for COVID-19, it just may be a cure for the common cold, another variant of the coronavirus. Imagine a President putting a team of researches together to not only discover a vaccine for COVID-19, but cure the common cold. This may only be a personal opinion at this point, but it is something to consider.


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Coronavirus April 6 Presidential Update

During the Presidential news conference on April 5, 2020 I did notice how the President attempted to teach the media in front of him how to investigate issues like in the old days when journalism served the public guided by a code of ethics. Those days are long gone. I have been trained as in instructor, so it was easy for me to see the teaching methods the President and his staff were using. The President and his staff presented scientific test results, explained how those tests and studies were conducted, and told those reporters where to find the information on the Internet. For the most part I could see how those instructions went right over the heads of those reporters. One after another those reporters asked stupid questions. The President and members of his staff politely pointed out, there are no stupid questions. They calmly answered the reporter’s questions. There were a few instances when a reporter attempted to use the news briefing as platform to push or advertise their own fake stories. It was rather ironic to see reporters attempt to push fake news stories and convince the President those stories were true while the President and his staff were not only battling that virus, but the spread of fake news by offering research and facts backed up by reference material. It seemed those lessons were like foul tasting medicine to those reporters. Listen to the questions some of those reporters asked. You can see how they were not listening to the President or his staff. After a subject was explained, some of the reporters told the President to consider the fake news published by the station they worked for. There has never been a time in American history when a President had to fight an enemy as well as the press. The only other man who had to face battles on those two fronts was General Patton. Strange as it may seem, it may have been General Patton’s views on communism that launched those attacks from the media.

Update April 6, 2020

The question and answer period in today’s Presidential update was quite different than yesterday. The President stood up as Commander in Chief taking the lead in a war. Reporters again asked questions based on fake news. The President asked then to identify their source. The reporters could not. The President refused to answer questions designed around fake news. In most cases the President once again pointed reporters to reliable sources of information. Some reporters became openly angry at the President’s refusal to allow fake news to be spread during the live updates. Many accusations were leveled against the President based on fake news. The President and his staff had to repeat themselves time and time again repeating the fact that they were meeting with the experts compiling data, facts, making decisions, asking questions, and moving forward. Reporters would not give up their reliance on their own fake stories with no proof, no references, no reliable data, and nothing but misleading information designed to accomplish nothing but raise ratings. The majority of reporters covering Presidential updates are Centered On Vicious Individual Desires and attacks on our Commander and Chief at a time this country needs unity, common sense, and the truth the most.

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