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USA Trivia Question #11


Who said:

“What are the people who call me a traitor? Are they those who march under the national flag and are ready to defend it? That is my banner! . . . and so long as it waves proudly o’er me, even as it has waved amid stormy scenes where these men were not, I can forget that I am called a traitor.”


Why US Trivia

This section on USA Trivia will focus mostly on presidential trivia, but don’t be surprised to find questions or quotes by generals, founding fathers, or other historical figures!

USA Trivia is meant to be fun and educate at the same time. Don’t be afraid to exercise a few brain muscles when you read these US Trivia questions. Please don’t jump right to the Internet to answer these questions. See if you can answer them on your own with what you know about US history.

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