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All of Us are Shades of Gray

Watching the Elon Musk offer to purchase Twitter was the tipping point. Elon Musk is an inventor, one of the richest people in the world, the person who has taken the electric motor to new levels, developed and built the fastest car in the world, and up to the moment of his bid to purchase Twitter, a sort of glory figure held up by the left media and leaders on the left pushing their new green deal to change the world. It seemed rather strange to watch one man raised up as a savior of the world one day and condemned as a traitor the next day.

Offering to buy Twitter did one thing. It took the mask off the radical left showing exactly where they stand. Any common thinking person would take Elon Musk, and anyone else at their word then wait to see that happens. Why does Elon Musk want to buy Twitter? To take control of the communication giant and get rid of all the censorship. All of it. To take out all the algorithms designed to restrict the subjects they restrict while those algorithms allowing other, rather offensive and radical thoughts, including threats to flourish on their media platform.

In simple terms, history itself has set the prime example of two sides of the media all normal people will question. Elon Musk simply stated, he is buying Twitter, “to ensure freedom of speech.” I had the opportunity to serve in the army under my dad who put on a uniform for 38 years. Every couple of months he gave his branded speech.”We put on this uniform to defend everyone’s freedom of speech. Even when we don’t agree with them.” That is the simplest explanation I’ve ever heard and sums up the corner stone of our Constitution.

When history presents two opposing forces, we need to take a step back, and in simple terms, give God the credit. By some astronomical chance two events presented themselves for consideration at the exact same time. Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter to ensure freedom of speech. The left media jumped all over that story presenting the purchase of Twitter as some sort of threat. Any common thinking person would look at the facts presented with a grain of salt, take a step back and compare the facts from other stories to see the big picture. Then ask a few questions. The first of which is of course, why do people in the media and some talk shows consider free speech a threat? Of course we can look at their actions over the past few years to see the answer. All we need to do is look at what has been heavily censored on social media platforms. The first of which is free speech surrounding the 2020 election. Any accusations about a fixed election have been all but outlawed in the US. Accounts offering evidence of a fixed election have been shut down. The other heavily censored subject is the covid-19 issue. Only communication supporting the vaccine are allowed on the most popular social media platforms. Any comments about alternative cures to covid, and any negative comments about the vaccine are looked at as a threat. A threat as serious as the threat of free speech. Many media sources and day time talk shows have joined the bandwagon to suppress any comments on the election and covid they do not agree with. Which raised a lot of questions and for the most part, people have become rather wary of the news and talk show hosts which have taken a rather biased stance on both subjects.

Then something happened to clearly show the line draw in the sand. It is clear to see media has reacted through fear to flood the world with comments to block Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Everyone can see the fear in their faces, hear fear in their voices, and the fact, their comments make no sense, or shall we say, clearly spell out their desire to eliminate free speech at all costs. Imagine being on the verge of accomplishing the impossible, ending free speech and eliminating the Constitution in the US. In their eyes, the goal was in sight. They felt they could reach out and touch it. Then suddenly, one man stands up to shatter their dreams. Of course their reaction is going to be far from sane. Their reaction is going to border on the insane.

Some of the comments about Elon Musk buying Twitter revealed the left’s sinister motive. Some commented along the lines, attempting to make stock holders feel guilty if they sold out at a 50% profit. Having someone with no idea what is actually happening spurting out advice is ridiculous. With no financial stake in the issue, media figures are trying to force a guilt pill down the throats of common investors the media views as stupid. As if those media figures have built a trust between everyday people and themselves. In short terms, media figures have gone overboard, they view themselves as gods the masses will follow no matter what. Some of their comments may be borderline illegal when it comes to investment advice. There are laws controlling investment advice. People need to be licensed to give investment advice. Elon Musk faced charges based on investment comment he made in the past. Here we have another in a long list of double standards. Elon Musk created that tipping point where people need to make the choice, will they follow their media gods, or will they open their eyes and use the brain God gave them? That is a rather tough decision considering the fact, the left has been pounding away at any reliance on God’s immune system for over a year. The call of,”trust in science,” includes trust in the media whether is is said out load or not. The decision has to be made.

The decision to trust in the media or common sense should be an easy choice when we look at a collection of events and details presented the same week Elon Musk offered to purchase Twitter. The New York subway shooter had no problem posting his hatred and open threats on the same social media that heavily censored every question about the 2020 election, covid-19, and vaccine. In simple terms, social media revealed their true motives. The media always has a way of exposing their motives no matter what the subject is. In the case of the NY subway shooter, they refused to mention, the NY shooter was black. Then they attempted to justify the shooter’s actions by claiming he was oppressed because of his color. It seems the media forgot about what was happening half way around the world at the same moment.

The media has been playing their race card for quite some time. They want to convince people, blacks have a unique history shared by no one else in the world. The left wants to use slavery in the US that ended 155 years ago as an excuse to serve a number of details in their agenda. But what about the people in Ukraine? Putin wants to either destroy or enslave Ukraine. Left media has been covering the war in Ukraine while avoiding the obvious, Putin wants to enslave Ukrainians. Which is not new. Slavery in Europe was a threat one generation ago. Don’t forget about the slaves in Europe during WWII. Hitler enslaved people in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and other countries? Hitler enslaved all of them, forcing them to build his war machine using slaves as free labor. The left media has to be insane to think they can make the world forget the slavery Germany, Japan, and Russia forced on their grandparents. After WWII, Russia took over all those countries and more, forcing them into slave labor to rebuilt the Soviet Union after the war. The media never talks about that slavery that happened a generation ago. The media does not want people to know slavery existed in the Soviet Union in the late 1940’s through the 1950’s and 1960’s. If they told the world about Russia’s reliance on slave labor, they would loose their narrative on the oppression of black Americans as the only slaves who ever existed in this world. I’ve heard my entire family was lost during and after WWII. Half were killed by Hitler, the other half by Russia after the war. They were never Jewish. The media wants the world to believe only Jews were exterminated and enslaved during WWII. Which is far from the truth.

The left media all over the world has their own view of history and uses it to their advantage. In the case of the NY subway shooter, the left media flocked to his defense. And of course are trying hard to cover up his social media communications. Social media allowed Frank James to post hate speech and treats because he learned them from the left news media outlets, day time talk shows, and social media platforms he visited and posted on a regular basis. On one side of the coin we see the left crying about Elon Musk’s attempt to introduce free speech. The other side of the coin shows the same left outlets defending Frank James’ hate speech and treats on the same media outlets. In other words, we can see what shades of gray media outlets are operating under.

Social media operated censorship under what they refer to as community standards. When we dig into those community standards we find things happening that most people would consider unacceptable. On social media you can find groups that are anti-everything under the sun. Frank James was anti-white, anti-Asian, and anti-everything that was not black. If you want dig deeper, you will find groups who are anti-law enforcement. Some of those private groups specialize in training members to resist arrest and make money doing it. They post private videos viewed by invitation only designed to train members how to resist arrest, video record the event, and sue the city for money. They compare an arrest to winning the lottery.

Social media is made up of a number of groups consisting of modern day witches and satanists. They post information including videos on animal sacrifices and comments on human sacrifices. There are videos and comments about curses, calling demons, and other bizarre subjects most people would consider illegal. While censoring comments on the 2020 election, covid-19, and the vaccine, subjects about witchcraft, demons worship, and sacrifices flourish. Hate speech like the type that drove Frank James into carrying out a mass shooting is actually encouraged in their community standards. The left media cannot resist the temptation to look at who Frank James communicated with and what they communicated about on social media outlets. But the media will never post that on their news stories. That is information they do not want anyone to know about. That is not to say the left media will not study those communications to refine their messages on the news and talk shows.

In Mexico the cartel is enslaving people using extortion. The cartel demands large sums of money to cross the border then adds on monthly payments to remain safe in the US. Extortion we have seen in the past. Reports have reached congress and the White House where little to nothing is being done. Left media once again attempts to cast a different light on the subject by making the White House look like a knight in shining armor offering immigrants a bright new life in the US including a new cell phone. Immigrants claim those cell phones are used to track them so the cartel knows where to go to collect their fees. In short terms, this is another form of slavery the left wants to cover up. It is amazing how the left can display slavery in their own terms while covering up slavery at other levels.

Another story we want to pay attention to comes out of El Salvador where the president ordered mass arrests of suspected gang members. When we look at the stories, we see social media and news media outlets were involved by allowing gang members to use social media to plan crimes including murders. Many of those plans were also announced on news media outlets. In the US and other parts of the world left media outlets condemned criminal arrests in El Salvador. Once again, another example of double standards. In the US we see an endless stream of stories about criminals with long arrest records being released on low or no bail on the streets committing crimes within hours or days after their release.

There has to be a reason many of those criminals have long arrest records with crimes against children being the common factor. The left has been working overtime defending pedophiles, as if they have an excuse for their crimes, or the left has a reason to legalize crimes against children. Which has been a common trend in Europe for nearly ten years where they have seen protests demanding one sexual crime after another be legalized. No one has an idea of what their ultimate goal is. There seems to be no end in sight.

Before you go patting yourself on the back, thinking you are better than those on the left, you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror. You may want to convince yourself, the left is filled with pedophiles preying on young people. So you may think, as long as you stay with people of approved ages, you are better than a pedophile. Jesus had an interesting comment on that. “But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Mat 5:28 NLTse). It didn’t matter what age or sex the person was, adultery was adultery and danger lied in allowing the temptation to toy around in your heart and mind. Jesus referred to that as sin.

We have very little to go on when we look at the few examples when sin reached a level God had no other choice but to do something about it. The first was the flood. “The LORD observed the extent of human wickedness on the earth, and he saw that everything they thought or imagined was consistently and totally evil. So the LORD was sorry he had ever made them and put them on the earth. It broke his heart.” (Gen 6:5-6 NLTse). For obvious reasons, the Bible does not follow with a list of what those sins were. We need to scan the Bible over and over again before we begin to see trends. In a sense, the Bible is much like the events we see unfolding in the world today. If we don’t put the events together, we will never see the ultimate goals and how each faction is involved. We know there are only two sides and to think you are neutral is basically a death sentence. The people on the New York subway considered themselves neutral. That thought offered zero safety. If they had paid attention to news out of El Salvador and news from a few local law enforcement agencies warning about increased social media chatter between criminals, they may have been on guard looking for signs of attacks organized by the left. For some reason the New York mayor is calling for protests in the streets. Shop and business owners who will suffer damage will not remain neutral. Like it or not, those riots will involve them. No one will remain neutral. The world is filled with warning signs before major events happen.

Warnings are common in the Bible. God always gave warnings. When we review stories in the Old Testament, we can see how things reached a level when no one remained neutral. God send in angels to destroy armies and cities. No one remained neutral in those stories. It seems to be a good time to go over those stories to see what details are brought to light by the series of events happening today. Thinking you are neutral is no longer an excuse. You can either pay attention to the warnings or ignore them. It is a personal choice.

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