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2018 Book Parade

The 2018 Collection:








The 2018 Book Parade continues with history & historical fiction published in 2018 but not featured here in the USA-eVote Reads section. Some of these we just didn’t get around to writing up for one reason or another, others I haven’t even gotten around to reading yet! Some you’ll see featured in the coming year – maybe even in history series posts!

2018 History: 

The Faith of Donald J. Trump by David Brody

RFK by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Tim Tate









A Blueprint for War: FDR and the Hundred Days That Mobilized AmericaThe Escape Artists: A Band of Daredevil Pilots and the Greatest Prison Break of the Great War

1983: Reagan, Andropov, and a World on the Brink








The Skorzeny Papers: Evidence for the Plot to Kill JFK



2018 Historical Fiction: 

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Transcription Dear Mrs. Bird








 My Real Name Is HannaThe Goose RoadA Forgotten Place (Bess Crawford, #10)








An Irish Country Cottage (Irish Country #13)Orphan Monster Spy

The Kennedy Debutante









Stayed tuned in 2019 for more USA-eVote Reads posts! As well as more history series featured books!

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