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Green New Deal

We’ve heard way too much about that green new deal. It all boils down to the simple belief, with a few trillion dollars the elite in this world will be able to control the weather. This deception dates back to the days of Pharaoh. The Jews were slaves serving Egypt. Of course Egypt felt threatened by the number of Jewish slaves and introduced their form of abortion. I don’t have to remind anyone, the Egyptian abortion plan was full term abortion.

Then Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, gave this order to the Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah: “When you help the Hebrew women as they give birth, watch as they deliver. If the baby is a boy, kill him; if it is a girl, let her live.” (Exo 1:15-16 NLTse)

I guess that explains why the left today feels such a deep desire to push for full term abortions today. Full term abortion has nothing to do with any woman’s rights. Full term abortions are a form of worship used to honor the gods Pharaoh fabricated.

Pharaoh used a number of control measures over the Hebrew slaves. Forced labor which has been replaced by inflation and high taxes. Not to mention forced labor globalist use to fulfill their plans for a zero emission world. Then of course there was that never ending list of false gods Pharaoh created to control the Hebrew slaves. A god for the sun, rain, crops, and a host of others things related to the weather. As insane as it sounds, the Hebrew slaves were forced to make offerings to the Egyptian goddess of fertility, Isis. Which just happens to be a name popping up again thousands of years later. It was insane because Hebrews, for lack of a better term, were forced to pay taxes to Isis, the goddess of fertility. For what? To see their babies slaughtered after birth. That sums life under Pharaoh in a nutshell. As well as sheds light on life under Biden. Today we pay taxes to the new Isis in the form of carbon taxes.

That green new deal is one of the easiest deceptions to see through. The average American, and for that matter, average person worldwide can see through that deception viewing it as an attempt to make the leaders of the green new deal appear as gods. In short, their demand for funds to control the weather is nothing short of what we’ve seen in the stories in Exodus about Egypt and the Hebrew slaves and how God handled that situation. With that being understood, we should expect to see curses the world has to deal with as long as we have radical factions attempting to reintroduce worldwide slavery.

No one is going to deny we have witnessed sever weather like never before. On the other hand this world has seen its share of extremes where weather is concerned. Sever weather has always seen fluctuations and always will. It would not take a genius on the left to collect data on sever fluctuations and present studies that claim the weather has been changing over time. To claim weather has followed a predictable trend is insane. Over the years one portion of the globe has seen droughts while other parts has seen floods. The same is true with temperatures, record snow falls, and while we’re at it, earthquakes and volcanoes. Untold sums of money have been spent to predict each of those natural disasters. No one will argue the need to advance early warning systems for natural disasters or the need for government assistance when areas suffer from natural disasters. But to claim certain factions can impose laws to control weather crossed the line. In reality people know for a fact laws used to control weather stem from government controls seen used during the covid-19 events. Mandatory masks were used to prepare us for the day they tell us what type of car to drive. Lock downs were supposed to prepare us for increased gas prices and a demand to end the use of all fossil fuels.

The new green deal is an attack on God, Claiming to have the ability to control the weather is nothing more than recycled controls Pharaoh used to enslave the Hebrews. When we look at the stories we learned from the Bible as children and compare those stories to what we see today, we can’t help but see how God prepared for the days we live in and how God has always been infinite steps ahead of the devil. We have no choice than to open our eyes, see what is happening, pray, see how God prepared for this, and face the future with a far greater faith.

The green new deal builds on controls introduced during covid. The left wants to control what type of car you drive, the type of electricity you use, how it is produced, how much you can use, and what you are going to pay. What type of stove you can have, water heater, and a long list of other authorized and modern conveniences you can use. Of course you can hear promises when the left recruits new members. “Oh as a loyal member those restrictions won’t apply to you.”

Green deal controls are already easy to see. Look into the batteries required by the new green deal. There are choices for the materials used to produce those batteries. Of course there are lithium based batteries. The most common at the present time. Other choices include graphene and salt based compounds. We know there is an abundance of salt. So why not concentrate efforts into producing batteries from a compound that is readily available and we know we will never run out of? Graphene, normally produced from hemp, a renewable source would offer an alternative crop to farmers all over the world. Hemp is not a consumable crop and therefore not as heavily controlled when it comes to genetic engineering. Which opens the door to genetically engineer hemp to produce higher carbon deposits as well as medical CBD and other compounds. Hemp crops can produce crops offering not only an alternative to farmers to rotate crops that brings comparable income, but when farmers plant hemp yielding high concentrations of CBD’s, can offer income many times that of other consumable crops. Graphene batteries have shown to be safer than lithium batteries, last up to four times longer, and charge in less than half the time. The deeper we dig into batteries, the more we find advantages that are largely ignored.

So you may ask, if better alternatives are available, why do governments and companies invest billions into lithium and only lithium? As we already know, China controls the majority of sites worldwide of the richest lithium deposits. We also know lithium mining requires moving enormous amounts of soil in an operation known as strip mining. On one hand the globalists are doing everything in their power to ban strip mining for coal, pointing out the negative impacts strip mining has on the surrounding environment. But never complain about strip mining for lithium. Another double standard bubbles its way to the surface. The majority of lithium mining is conducted in the poorest countries across the globe. Countries where companies are least likely to encounter environmental regulations and for lack of a better term, governments are willing to play along. Cast a blind eye would be a better term. Those countries also offer low labor rates resulting in higher profits.

Batteries also require a number of precious metals. The majority of those precious metals are once again mined in the poorest of countries using of all things, slave labor, including child labor. Why is it you never see the globalists complaining about slave labor and child labor? In this modern world we still have slavery and entire countries where the average person will never see the opportunity to better their lives or the lives of their children. Globalist sit still and watch people waste away in the worst conditions living under forced labor for generations. Yes, it is true. Conditions equal to or far worse than those under the Pharaoh’s does exist in our modern world.

For nearly a generation the US and other advanced countries have been paying taxes on everything and anything that can produce emissions. Everything from nail polish to the gas you put in your car is taxed. That tax has been going to under developed counties for more than forty years. What good has that money done? The poorest countries have received billions of dollars. Has that money improved the life of the average person in those countries? If it has, we would never see the end of reports highlighting the success of that plan. Instead what do we see? We see reports of the most radical factions running the majority of those still under developed countries. Most of whom are controlled by what we often refer to as terrorist organizations. Not only are those terrorist factions receiving money from carbon taxes, they also receive humanitarian aid, and in some cases we’ve seen military funding. Yes that green deal includes plans to arm terrorists.

Those terrorist nations are also known for their oil production, slave trades, and drug trades. Yes we have been funding what we see as the most serious threats to the world. With supporters of the new green deal calling all the shots and financing societies the majority of us would whole heatedly disagree with. There is no question about it. The taxes we pay fund everything the average American stands against. Which is a hidden form of slavery. At the very least, taxation without representation.

The globalists claim they can control the weather. Until we look deep into the subject, we have no idea what and how much they already control.

Where has God been in all of this? God is easy to see when you know how to listen and where to look. Say a few prayers, listen, and pay attention to what God placed in your path. Have you paid attention to the recent increase in volcanic activity around the world? On the off chance you run across a news report about what scientists found in that volcanic ash. Rich deposits of those precious metals required to make batteries. It doesn’t matter if they use lithium, graphene, or salt to make those batteries. They all require varying amounts of other precious metals to make a battery.

Millions of dollars in gold and silver are sitting under these New Zealand volcanoes

Where is all this gold coming from? In the Taupo Zone, an area that Simmons said is geographically similar to Yellowstone National Park in the US, volcanic magma enriches underground water with heat, chemicals, and in some instances, precious metals.

What Are The Benefits Of Volcanoes?

Another benefits to volcanoes are the precious gems, minerals and building materials that eruptions make available. For instance, stones like pumice volcanic ash and perlite (volcanic glass) are all mined for various commercial uses. These include acting as abrasives in soaps and household cleaners. Volcanic ash and pumice are also used as a light-weight aggregate for making cement.

Volcanoes also play a vital role in periodically cooling off the planet. When volcanic ash and compounds like sulfur dioxide are released into the atmosphere, it can reflect some of the Sun’s rays back into space, thereby reducing the amount of heat energy absorbed by the atmosphere. This process, known as “global dimming”, therefore has a cooling effect on the planet.

Scientists find evidence of how platinum metals form under 60 million-year-old Scottish volcano

The solidified remains of sub-volcanic magmatic intrusions host the greatest concentrations of platinum-group metals in the Earth’s crust, such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. Scientists refer to these bodies as layered mafic intrusions. Traditional models suggest that these layered intrusions form in large volume magma chambers, but this new research has found that it’s more likely small amounts of magma is repeatedly injected into a crystal mush.

I don’t have to remind anyone who has read the Bible about how God uses thunder, lightening, earthquakes, and along with that comes volcano eruptions to announce something is about to happen.

God sees the slavery used to mine those precious metals. So half a world away, God used volcanoes to pour out those precious metals in abundance. In areas where hopefully those minerals can be collected in a reasonable, efficient, and fair manner. If those eruptions occurred in the poorest countries using slave labor, those deposits would only benefit the rich as they do now. As we are seeing volcanic eruptions in more civilized and industrialized areas where laws favor all classes of people, the world has the opportunity to solve shortages of those precious metals as well as combat slavery.

We only see the destructive side of volcanoes reported. The Internet has dozens of articles covering precious metals found in volcanic ash. Why doesn’t the fine investigative media cover those stories? Sure we see homes and businesses engulfed in flames and burnt to the ground in those news stories. No one covered the fact those $200,000 homes may now be covered by millions of dollars in precious metals. Those people do need to put together a plan to investigate, find out what they have, and introduce a plan that is fair for the entire community. In other words, leave the globalists out of the entire process.

Knowing this we need to revisit the fires in Maui. Originally a land grab for ocean front property seemed to be the obvious motive. A lot of questions surrounded the Maui fires. Pictures of strange lights coming from the sky. Fire patterns raised a number of questions. Especially when we see videos of blue cars, blue plastic tarps, vases, and other blue objects spared from destruction and find out, lasers have no effect on certain shades of blue. You would think there was more than enough evidence to launch an investigation. Instead we’ve seen nothing but the usual censorship. Actually new forms of censorship as the government deemed the area where the fires occurred a toxic waste site. Fences were erected to protect the public. Screens were added to those fences to eliminate viewing of the site. When was the last time you heard of a house fire in your city and the government rushed over, put up a fence, and added tarps to that fence to contain all the dangerous and toxic wastes from that house fire? Why is it only houses in Maui produce toxic waste? After reading a number of articles on precious metals in volcanic ash, maybe the land grab is not for ocean front property. Maybe they have plans to mine the entire island. Not all of it. Just the section of island they burnt to the ground.

Since all of the island was formed from the same volcano, why couldn’t they just mine the unsettled parts? Depending on the mining process they choose, it could draw a number of complaints, resulting in investigations, regulations, and loss of income. Get rid of the people and you eliminate those issues. The more land they control with precious metal deposits, the more they control prices.

When we look at the leaders of the green deal, we never see a single member leading by example. Unless you count that video of Biden falling off his bike. We see them boarding private planes and chartered flights paid for with tax dollars. Once in a while we see them in their super sized kitchens with gas stoves and refrigerators costing more than an average home. Along with driving huge cars. Quite the example to set for something they say they believe in.

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