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American History

American History Intro

Our American History logo was designed with the intent to blend the founding of America with modern American history. Our intent was to remind people that our history books are filled with men and women who gave their lives for this country (and not always by paying the ultimate price, but through toil, sacrifice, hardship, and a simple American Patriotism) without asking for anything in return but their certain inalienable rights and their Bill of Rights. They sacrificed for their families and for the future generations of Americans. Our founding fathers were willing to sacrifice everything when they signed the Declaration of Independence because they believed in a free government run by the people, for the people, and of the people. And their dying wish was that future generations would follow suit. 

We understand that not all of America’s history was war. Sure, it may seem like it sometimes, but believe me, there were bright spots, too. There have been times of peace. Our intent here is to share America’s history that does not necessarily fall under the main wars. Now, this may include articles or stories about the War of 1812, the Spanish-American War, or even The Cuban Missile Crisis. Not all of it will be about wars, though, and certainly not all of it will be about doom and gloom. It will also include posts about presidents and presidential speeches. America’s story needs to be told – both the good and the bad. We hope to do it justice.

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American History can be fun and informative. That is not the goal of this site, but it just happens to work out that way. These articles on American History focus on people who recognized how one little change leads to another and another until socialists in government positions get people just where they want them, uninformed, confused, frustrated, and without hope. Isn’t that where America is now?

Here at USA-eVote, we want people to relive the moments when our past leaders faced unexpected and unimaginable obstacles and rallied the nation around a common goal. Freedom has always been at the center of that rallying point. Every great American leader saw how important communication, honesty, and integrity was in the darkest and most trying moments in American history. Relive some of those moments and share these stories with all your friends.

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