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A Thought Question: Expanding WWII


We say that God doesn’t chose a side in war. God, however, is always on the side of freedom and liberty. We see how He blessed the Americans in the Revolutionary War, the North in the Civil War, and the Allies in WWI & WWII. When it comes to our military declaring liberty, He blesses – whether it be in the name of freedom of the King of England, the emancipation of the slaves, or freeing countries from the dictatorship and concentration camps of Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito. 

Yet, we stopped short of freeing those who lived under the slavery and tyranny of Stalin. What would have happened had we listened to Gen. Patton or to the non-Nazi Germans who all saw Stalin for the tyrant that he really was? When we came to understand that, just perhaps, Stalin was the bigger threat than Hitler, we let him continue on. Then, in 1947, after Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech, we launched ourselves into a decades’ long Cold War.

But, given the notion that God blessed the Allies in fighting Hitler, wouldn’t He have continued to bless us as we defeated Stalin? How could we call the job finished if more people were still living in tyranny? We went home while Stalin took over the parts of Europe Hitler had occupied. To me, that says the job wasn’t finished. Shouldn’t we have declared war before Stalin had our plans stolen for the atomic bomb?  Shouldn’t we have fought to free all of Europe, not just some? Yes, it would have meant the loss of more lives, but don’t you believe God would have continued to bless the Allies?

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