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Concealed Carry Reciprocity

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Passed House amended (12/06/2017)

Constitutional Authority Statement

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(Sec. 101) This bill amends the federal criminal code to allow a qualified individual to carry a concealed handgun into or possess a concealed handgun in another state that allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.

A qualified individual must: (1) be eligible to possess, transport, or receive a firearm under federal law; (2) carry a valid photo identification document; and (3) carry a valid concealed carry permit issued by any state or be eligible to carry a concealed firearm in his or her state of residence.

Additionally, the bill specifies that a qualified individual who lawfully carries or possesses a concealed handgun in another state: (1) is not subject to the federal prohibition on possessing a firearm in a school zone, and (2) may carry or possess the concealed handgun in federally owned lands that are open to the public.

(Sec. 102) This bill does not prohibit a law enforcement officer with reasonable suspicion of a violation of any law from conducting a brief investigative stop in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

(Sec. 103) It specifies that certain retired and off-duty law enforcement officers who are authorized to carry concealed firearms are not subject to the federal prohibitions on possessing or discharging a firearm in a school zone.

(Sec. 104) It permits a federal judge to carry a concealed firearm in any state if the judge is not prohibited from receiving a firearm under federal law.

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