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 Our Faith of Our Leaders logo was designed to remind us of the prayers of our soldiers – the prayers of our generals, our presidents, and yes, our founding fathers. 

 We live in an age that questions the virtues of Judaeo-Christian principles, that questions the Constitution, and that questions the faith of our founders and leaders. That is why we are introducing our newest section: The Faith of Our Leaders. It is our goal to remind this nation that we were, indeed, built upon the faith and values of Christianity. Our leaders throughout the ages of this great country have lead through prayer and a belief in a Supreme Being. We could not have won the wars we won without the aid of a Higher Force.

Today, Americans question – nay, deny – the faith of Washington and Jefferson. They question whether the faith of Eisenhower or Reagan was real or put upon as a way to garner votes. And they deny that someone in uniform can be a practicing Christian.

Well, we are here to prove them all wrong!

So here, you fill find a collection of quotes and anecdotes that PROVE our country was founded on these great Judaeo-Christian principles and that our presidents, generals, and leaders, do indeed believe and worship a Supreme Being. That when faced with the enemy, they turned to God.

Here is America’s Testimonial.

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