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There seems to be a double standard rearing its ugly head in America during this election year. Information directly from the White House is being suppressed on a daily basis while hand picked news and accusations are freely shared by the media and on social media. I am sure most of you have seen posts taken down with the message, “Facts Checked From Multiple Organizations.” Who are those, “Multiple Organizations?” Our First Amendment Rights are being eroded, controlled, and now face a set of double standards. A set of double standards in relationship to the First Amendment translates into no Freedom of Speech for anyone.

USA-eVote does not agree with what is presented on this video.

USA-eVote does not agree with the suppression of speech.

When a question arises, it needs to be investigated.

Freedom of Speech should not be controlled by a group of organizations.

Facebook uses a set of organizations for fact checking. Can we trust those organizations? It takes a bit of digging to come up with the full story on FB fact checking. Here are the links.

How is Facebook addressing false news through third-party fact-checkers?

Fact-Checking on Facebook: What Publishers Should Know

Meet our board

You can search each board member on your own. The board is made of of leftists, a member on the far right, and some people who appear to be unbiased. But keep in mind, this board was hand picked by those who control Facebook, which has shown political objectives and is under investigation for attempting to sway voters and control the 2020 elections.

USA-eVote is not supporting either side of the issue nor attempting to monitor the accuracy of any story. USA-eVote is only submitting one in handful of videos that have been suppressed or banned from the Internet. This article intends to draw attention to censorship and how it has been used over the past few years. USA-eVote is dedicated to fighting fake news. On the other hand, stories that bring questions to the surface should not be censored but offered to the general public for consideration. Being unbiased means looking at both sides of the story. Although this particular video suggests a very deep conspiracy theory that may or may not be true, the American public needs to keep their ears and minds open. That means, collect data from all sides of the issue and investigate to the best of your ability.

Today we are faced with nothing short of an attempt at an all out over throw of our government. Support and involvement by the democratic party raises questions. Questions that need to be investigated. The lack of actions and response by a handful of democratic mayors, governors, and leaders raises questions. When Marxist rise up in the streets taking over neighborhoods, spreading terror, looting and killing, we need to demand to know who is behind all of this and when is the government going to restore order to this nation? When socialist and communists come out of the closet and run for public office on an open Marxist agenda, we know organizations are funding them. History has shown how those organizations have used and continue to use civil unrest, demonstrations, riots, actions against the economy, and other radical actions. We can learn from what happened in Venezuela.

I hope everyone noticed the sources used in that video are all third party sources and the sources they used for information were not disclosed. All the information may be fake, fabricated, or they may be true. The fact remains, this video does raise questions that need to be considered and investigated.

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