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What is the American Patriot

It is impossible to tell an American Patriot by the way they look.

American Patriots come in all shapes, sizes, income levels, colors, national origins, religions, and back grounds. But only 2 genders.

American Patriots are tolerant of others sexual preferences, they just don’t want to hear the details.

American Patriots are the type of people who will help you on the side of the road, in the shopping center, and willing to get involved whenever they see anyone in distress.

American Patriots have run into burning buildings, laid their lives down for others in countless conflicts, and have always stood against every form of oppression.

American Patriots are quick to tell you about their father or grandparents who fought in WWII. Or the other wars we’ve faced throughout history.

American Patriots feel a connection with every service man and woman in and out of uniform and feel it is their duty to tell them how much they appreciate their service.

American Patriots have the blood of the American Patriots of 1776 running through their veins. Even though no direct blood relationship exists.

American Patriots can go to a Trump rally and feel like they are among 25,000 friends. American Patriots can feel the electricity in the air. Thousands and millions united under a common goal. Freedom.

American Patriots live under a simple mind set. Respect the flag, the Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, respect the lives and opinions of others, never force beliefs on others, and family is the most important in the world.

Then there are radical Patriots. Those who live to fight a battle against all odds. Always peaceful until pushed. Like a buffalo grazing in a field, Left alone a strong and majestic figure. But when pushed becomes a force to deal with.

The spirit of the Patriot lived long before America was a country. The Patriot spirit dwells on those who stood against all odds like the 300 Spartans and all the others who stood up against all odds for their families and freedom.

The term American Patriot may not be the proper term, because Patriots live all over the world. Made up of people who share the same values. A small government. The government works for the people. And, the government needs to do their job and stay the hell out of our lives.

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Satan in the Capital
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Battle lines have been drawn. The announcement on August 24, 2021 clearly changed this from a battle for freedom, states rights to secure elections, to a spiritual war. In the interview Steny Hoyer claims to have talked to the spirit of Joe Lewis 15 times claiming supernatural guidance on that bill and others.

BLM, Antifa, and satanists have called upon the spirits of the dead and we witnessed those results. Now we have a bill that passed the house and in the long run will secure the votes of the dead for whatever purpose democrats deem necessary. It seems only natural for democrats who believe they communicate with the dead to ensure those votes count.

It’s only natural for a congress that believes they talk to the dead

 to enact a law to ensure dead votes count

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Taliban Symbolism

The world has seen the symbolism the Taliban chose to use, imitating the picture of soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima. A hundred articles have been written about the insult that image sent around the world. Closer examination reveals the symbolism that was planned. The messages the Taliban incorporated into that picture.

First we will look at the obvious messages the general media caught onto and understood.

The Badri 313 was reportedly named after the Battle of Badr that is written about in the Qur’an, in which the Prophet Mohammed successfully defeated an enemy force with just 313 men – some 1,400 years ago.

We can’t hope to understand the symbolism until we accept the fact the symbolism is grounded in religion. First we need to look at the root of that symbolism, why they chose that name, that brigade, and pointed to that battle.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

The battle of Badr was the most important among the Islamic battles of Destiny. For the first time the followers of the new faith were put into a serious test. Had victory been the lot of the pagan army while the Islamic Forces were still at the beginning of their developments, the faith of Islam could have come to an end.

No one was aware of the importance of the outcome of the Battle as the Prophet himself. We might read the depth of his anxiety in his prayer before the beginning of the Battle when he stood up supplicating his Lord :

God this is Quraish. It has come with all its arrogance and boastfulness, trying to discredit Thy Apostle. God, I ask Thee to humiliate them tomorrow. God, if this Muslim band will perish today, Thou shall not be worshipped.

At this battle in which the pagan army consisted of 950 fighters and 314 (including the Messenger S), the Islamic defense was a combination of three defensive lines :

The Taliban intentionally wanted to use the symbolism telling the world, their forces were far out numbered. The symbol of the battle of Badr pointed out, their forces were out numbered 3 to 1. That is a detail they wanted the world to see. It is of course a detail that has been censored by major media sources throughout the world. After a bit of digging, we are able to obtain an estimate.

The total strength of the Afghan national security forces – including the army, special forces, air force, police, and intelligence – was more than 307,000 at the end of April, the United States Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) said in a report last week.

The combat forces available on any given day are likely about 180,000, according to an estimate by Jonathan Schroden of military think-tank, CNA.

The precise strength of the Taliban, on the other hand, is not accurately known. UN Security Council monitors last year said the group had between 55,000 and 85,000 fighters.

At best the Taliban was out numbered 2 to 1. In the worst case scenario the Taliban was out numbered 5 to 1. That is counting only military forces in the Afghan army. The figures do not include hundreds of thousands of militia in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is made up of people who have been fighting oppression for generations. The reason for the pull out was plain. Afghanistan has been fighting civil wars for generations. That was not going to change. Muslims are divided into many different denominations with a wide range of beliefs, holy leaders, ideals, and doctrines. Symbols used in that picture tell us exactly what the Taliban’s religious beliefs center on.

One of the keys is found in the prayer offered before the battle of Badr, “if this Muslim band will perish today, Thou shall not be worshipped.”

It should be no surprise the Taliban believes they have the one true belief, the one true worship, and they are messengers from God. Many religious factions thrive on the same belief. That is what has been causing the wars in Afghanistan for over 1400 years.

Another important symbol is the flag in the picture.

The Flag is a Solid White Banner Containing a Black shahada which says: “There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

Inside that banner is the word, “messenger.” This in fact is a symbol we find repeated in the message the Taliban sent all over the world. Of course the world is facing a religious faction that believes they are messengers, they carry a message from God, and the fashion in which they dressed tells us exactly how they plan on delivering that message. The name of the brigade, as well as the way they chose to dress those men points to one detail, their message will be spread by military conquest. Which is no real surprise. It has been that way in Afghanistan for over 1400 years.

While looking at the numbers we need to ask ourselves, how did the Taliban win so quickly over such a dominating force? Let’s look at the obvious. The Taliban may have had a force of 85,000 soldiers. The Taliban controlled about 90 districts at the beginning of July 2021. By mid August the Taliban controlled 391 districts. Every invading force needs to leave personal behind to maintain control of land, towns, villages, and cities won in battles. With a force of 85,000 in 391 districts, the Taliban would have to leave 39,100 solders behind to guard each district with only 100 men. That left a force of roughly 45,000 soldiers to invade a capital with a population of over 4.5 million and approximately 180,000 trained and equipped solders. Looking only at military strength, the Taliban was out numbered 4 to 1. A figure very close to that in the battle of Badr. That of course does not include armed militia that may have doubled the amount of available forces.

When we look at a defensive stance in the capital Kabul, we see 4 major roads leading into the city, crossing mostly open area. The distance from other major cities captured earlier is about 350 miles, taking about 12 hours of travel. The Taliban had no air power and limited defense against any air attack. Moving approximately 10,000 troops across each open highway against an enemy with complete air superiority sounds more like a suicide mission in modern warfare. So what happened? Why did the Taliban make such a decision? Of course those symbols are designed to make us think God had some control over the situation. That is what the Taliban wants us to think. We also need to consider the widespread censorship deployed over the entire Internet. Distribution of that picture could have been shut down in a nanosecond. Instead it was broadcast all over the world because it sent a message people above the Taliban wanted the world to see. Do the uniforms and equipment tell us who provided the protection to move 45,000 troops over 350 miles of open roads with no resistance?

Up to this point we’ve reviewed the obvious. The Taliban is a militant religious group who believes they have a message from God and plan on spreading that message through military conquests. By why did they choose to copy the symbol of Iwo Jima?

Within days, some 70,000 U.S. Marines landed on Iwo Jima. Although they significantly outnumbered their Japanese enemies on the island (by a more than three-to-one margin), many Americans were wounded or killed over the five weeks of fighting, with some estimates suggesting more than 25,000 casualties, including nearly 7,000 deaths.

Within the symbolism lies the same 3 to 1 odds found in the Battle of Badr . Although the Japanese lost Iwo Jima, the symbolism for the Taliban sends the message, they are ready to fight against Americans with over whelming odds.

April 7, 1945 – B-29s fly their first fighter-escorted mission against Japan with P-51 Mustangs based on Iwo Jima; U.S. Carrier-based fighters sink the super battleship YAMATO and several escort vessels which planned to attack U.S. Forces at Okinawa.

Iwo Jima enabled America to launch attacks directly against Japan. The symbolism used in Kabul by the Taliban is evident.

A close examination of the picture reveals a treasure trove of symbols. To understand those symbols we need to look at both the physical and spiritual interpretations.

The most noticeable is the uniforms warn by the Taliban. US solders wore tan desert camouflage in Afghanistan. The Taliban modeled green jungle camouflage. Which brings the question, did they use captured uniforms in Kabul or were these uniforms procured to send a specific message? Of course they were worn to send a message. The Taliban has no plans to stop in Afghanistan. They plan on invading lands where green jungle and forest camouflage is required.

The Taliban sported the latest in US long rifles. Not the outdated M16 series rifles shown in other photos out of Kabul, but the latest in US military hardware complete with short range scopes and extended round magazines.

One of the most telling symbols are the full packs. A clear indication they plan on traveling.

Those night vision goggles send the deepest religious symbol. Night vision goggles are used to see in the dark of night. A spiritual symbol used to tell the world, their forces are in hiding. Those goggles are worn over their helmets. Symbolism showing us, they are hiding in plain sight. Notice each solder is masked. Note, no one wore a mask in the original Iwo Jima photo.

Each soldier is outfitted with a side arm. Those pistols tell us, they are supplied with a number of weapons.

The photo in Iwo Jima shows US solders chose the highest point. Which is common sense whenever raising a flag in victory. In Kabul they chose a low point with higher points clearly shown in the background. A symbol showing this is only the beginning. At this point we don’t know the name of the mountain range. Typically mountain ranges carry some sort of symbolism especially in religious worlds.

The most sinister and bewildering symbols in that photo is the addition of black elbow and knee pads. Parts of a uniform not found in any other photos of US military uniforms in Afghanistan. Black gloves, elbow, knee pads, and masks are the uniform of choice worn by Antifa all over the world. Is the Taliban providing a subliminal message to the world?

Also notice the lack of any insignia identifying which army the soldiers are fighting for and which unit they are assigned to.

That picture in Kabul was staged, orchestrated, and most likely took hours to plan and arrange. That picture sends signals to the world, and contains a number of symbolic, hidden messages. Like the attack on America, the targets as well as the date, 9/11 hold deep, sinister messages for those who planned the attack. We would expect that picture to contain much more information than what lies on the surface.

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Satan in the Capital
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A Prophet Among Us

This may seem rather strange, but a democrat out of California wrote a bill in July of 2021 that basically covered every detail we have seen on the news more than a month later.

Rep. Lee, Barbara [D-CA-13] some how knew the Taliban would be holding press conferences and releasing information on social media about woman’s rights, education, disarming the general public, and screening individuals at the airport. Yes, Rep. Lee, Barbara [D-CA-13] provided funds for all the needs in Afghanistan and more, more than a month before it happened.

H.R.4373 – Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2022

Sponsor: Rep. Lee, Barbara [D-CA-13] (Introduced 07/06/2021)

Date Actions Overview

07/28/2021 Passed/agreed to in House: On passage Passed by the Yeas and Nays: 217 – 212 (Roll no. 243).

07/06/2021 The House Committee on Appropriations reported an original measure, H. Rept. 117-84, by Ms. Lee (CA).

07/06/2021 Introduced in House

In addition, for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) for reconstruction oversight, $54,900,000, to remain available until September 30, 2023: Provided, That funds appropriated under this heading that are made available for the printing and reproduction costs of SIGAR shall not exceed amounts for such costs during the prior fiscal year.

(A) shall be made available for programs that protect and strengthen the rights of Afghan women and girls and promote the political and economic empowerment of women including their meaningful inclusion in political processes: Provided, That not less than $60,000,000 shall be made available for such purposes: Provided further, That such assistance to promote the empowerment of women shall be made available as grants to Afghan organizations, to the maximum extent practicable;

(F) may be made available, not withstanding any other provision of law, for programs and activities to address the needs of the people of Afghanistan in support of peace and reconciliation, including reintegration of former Taliban and other extremists.


(A) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary of State shall promote and ensure the meaningful participation of Afghan women in any discussions between the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban related to the future of Afghanistan in a manner consistent with the Women, Peace, and Security Act of 2017 (Public Law 115–68) and the 2019 United States Strategy on Women, Peace, and Security, including through—

(i) advocacy by the United States Government for the inclusion of Afghan women representatives, particularly from civil society and rural provinces, in ongoing and future discussion;

(ii) the leveraging of assistance for the protection of women and girls and their rights; and

(iii) efforts to ensure that any agreement protects women’s and girl’s rights and ensures their freedom of movement, rights to education and work, and access to healthcare and legal representation.

(3) AFGHAN ALLIES PROTECTION ACT.—Funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act under the heading “Administration of Foreign Affairs” shall be made available to carry out the Afghan Allies Protection Act of 2009 (8 U.S.C. 110 note), including for additional personnel necessary for eliminating any processing backlog and expediting the adjudication of Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) cases.

(ii) for reconciliation programs and disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration activities for former combatants who have renounced violence against the Government of Afghanistan, including in accordance with section 7046(a)(2)(B)(ii) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2012 (division I of Public Law 112–74);

(5) UPDATED STRATEGY.—Not less than 90 days after enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State, in consultation with the heads of other relevant Federal agencies, shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a comprehensive, multi-year strategy for diplomatic and development engagement with the Government of Afghanistan: Provided, That such strategy shall include the elements detailed under this section in the report accompanying this Act: Provided further, That the Secretary of State shall consult with such committees on the parameters of such strategy: Provided further, That the strategy required by this paragraph shall be submitted in unclassified form, but may be accompanied by a classified annex.

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Today’s Idols

When we look at the Bible we normally get an image of a carved, wooden figure when we think of idol worship. Society has filled our minds with endless images of a person or group of people bowing down in front of a wooden, silver, or gold image of some fictitious god. After our mind reviews those images we are convinced, we are too advanced to fall for that sort of idol worship. Then we go about or lives worshiping new images, more modern gods we seldom see.

What are today’s idols? Where did today’s idols come from? Who invented today’s idols? They come in a variety of forms, designed to deceive the most dedicated Christian. The list is so long, we couldn’t hope to compile a complete list of today’s idols.

Money seems to be the obvious starting point. Most Christians agree, money is the root of all evil. In Biblical times money was gold and silver. Today money is paper, or some numbers on a computer somewhere. Today this world has gone as far as creating virtual money. Cyber money no one knows where it came from or what it really is. Cyber money is nothing more than figures on a computer screen people look at and worship. Sad to say, some people have more faith in cyber money than they do in God. But that is the faith today.

I am relatively sure God understands money. There is no money in Heaven. The devil introduced money to this world as a form of control. And it is working. God knows how the devil’s money system works and how he plans on using it to deceive and control masses of people. Money is the most important thing in some churches and on the top of the list in just about every church. Most churches have their own doctrines on money. Bits and pieces of the Bible cut out and arranged to give the church maximum control over the money their members have. Then we have businesses and of course the government.

Today we have trillionaires. Just a few years ago we only had billionaires. A few years before that millionaires were rare. Somehow someone created all that extra money. Which today is only figures on a computer. Sure there are some people who use their funds for good. But for the most part, they use their money to advance their own personal, distorted ideals. Which are not any different than many church doctrines.

I remember the first time I walked into a voting booth in 1976. I looked at the ballot and tried to decide who was prone to steal the least amount of tax dollars. Nothing has changed. As a matter of fact things have gotten much worse. In the first few months of 2021 the government has spent more money than any time in history. Come on man. Look at Bernie Sander’s website. He had plans of spending 11 trillion dollars a year. Which is about equal to the income of the entire country put together. An idea Sanders copied from Hitler. Sander’s plan promised free healthcare, free daycare, tons of housing assistance, and a host of other free benefits. So far the Biden administration has spend 10 trillion dollars and all we got was $2000 in checks. Which may pay for 2 months of healthcare in today’s market. With that spending came out of control inflation and we are holding our breath on tax increases. Sander’s plan was gauged on a 70% federal tax. Add to that 15% social security taxes, 8% state tax, 5% sales tax, plus property taxes, gasoline taxes, and all the other taxes and we are in a totally state controlled society where the government taxes at or above 100%. Common sense calls that slavery. We are told by the media this is the new democratic-socialist society we need to save the planet. From what? Oh just follow the science and they will supply all the answers. After we give them enough money.

Science is another modern idol. Look at the flu these days. What used to be referred to as a seasonal flu is now a year round experience. Some people decided to turn the flu into a deadly virus threatening the lives of everyone on this planet. So we need to spend trillions of dollars to protect us against the common cold. We are forced to wear masks. We are forced to stay home. Some people were forced to stop working. The government stepped in and offered a helping hand, with a dagger in the other hand. We are told a thousand times a day to, “follow the science, follow the science.” Of course science has all the answers. Look at the flu. Science tells us to wash our hands, wear a mask, and social distance. Which is an oxymoron. Social distancing is the first step in brainwashing to cast fear, doubts, and mistrust. The next step is using people to report people who are non-compliant, or perceived as threats. When science is in bed with government, we can expect the worst. The last time we saw science in bed with the government, we saw atomic energy go from offering an energy alternative to building bombs to destroy this world. Today that same science and today’s government are trying to convince us, we need them to save this planet.

Science is one of today’s idols designed to replace God. It is as simple as that and most people see right through the masquerade. Even the masks they wear do not hide their true intent. Total control of the masses.

Of course science, the government, and money are all tied together. The average person clearly sees the relationship and for the most part where they plan on leading us. If we allow them to take us down that road. But we have to look deeper into that unholy concoction. What is behind all of this? For some reason we’ve seen two groups come out of the closet, communists and satanists. Sometimes people are both, and more. And Sometimes we have communists claiming to be religious Christians, and some satanists who claim to be Christians. Then in 2021 we suddenly saw another mask come off. Israel came under attack by radical Muslim factions in May of 2021. The left media, all of the satanists, and communists jumped on the bandwagon to support the radical Muslim factions. The government went as far as funding the radical factions and cutting aid to Israel. They laid their devilish plans at our feet for all to see.

We are seeing a pattern developing. The same pattern Hitler used to take over sections of Europe. Hitler convinced Germany, the Jews are the enemy. Then he staged aggression from Poland. Hitler told his people one story and the world another story. Then Hitler worked out a deal with Russia to split Poland. Of course everything Hitler said and promised were lies. Which was an idol then and is an idol today. Yes people worship their lies and the lies of the leaders they support. Lies are one of today’s most dangerous idols. We can add to lies the idol of hatred. We are seeing the two walk hand in hand throughout Washington DC.

The devil is the father of lies. Satanist and communists are another idol today. Both are atheists. Communists deny all religion. Satanists admit there is a God, but insist Satan has a better plan. Communists endorse Satanists. Of course communists banned together with other communists and socialists until the took over. After that the strongest communist party annihilated the other groups they used to cease power.

It is difficult to explain what an idol is in the life of an ordinary, everyday person. An idol is like air. Air is all around us. We can’t see it, but we know it exists. We can place a scientific definition on air, but the wisdom of science does not explain the effects of air. We can look at pollution to explain the negative aspects air has on life. Just like the negative effects idols have on life. Both always seem to point fingers in all directions and seldom accomplish anything. Both always want another party to clean up air as well as clean up idols. Seldom does one take personal responsibility for the drastic effects pollution and idols have in daily life.

The most dangerous idol is the denial of idols. A plan the devil loves because it keeps him in the back ground. Add deceptions and distractions to that list of unseen, hidden idols. Denial, deceptions, and distractions unite as one idol to introduce what idol worshipers consider an unbeatable force. The mind of the idol worshiper puts together a plan. The plan usually includes casting blame and accusing someone of the crime they are about to initiate. That is what we refer to as denial. Denial is mixed together with the idol of lies. The idol worshiper mixes in a few planned distractions which pull in a few factions to cooperate with the crime at hand. Promises, payoffs, and power are some of the idols promised to those recruited to cooperate with the deceptions and distractions. Lies are spread. Others accused of crimes on false and misleading charges. Idol worshipers always make one mistake. They assume no one is able to see through their plans or put all the pieces together. Idol worshipers always underestimate the general public. Like Pharaohs in Egypt, those behind idol worship think the idols they create will rule without question. As history has shown, only a small minority actually believe the lies or trust the idols. Like the Pharaohs in Egypt, modern day idol creators have to relay on a fear factor to seize and maintain control. Fear is one major tool idol creators have relied on for generations.

As we can see, idols are alive and well in today’s modern world. They have taken on different images, but the idea behind idol worship is still the same. The basic creed followed by socialists, communists, marxists, and satanists is basically the same no matter which cult is followed. They all believe they are gods, and anyone who disagrees with their ideas must be eliminated. Which is exactly what we have seen exhibited by a small minority in 2021. The detail we need to pay attention to is, combined, those groups make up a tiny minority of the US and the world. History has shown, every dictator begins with a small minority. Just enough people to make promises to, recruit, use to spread fear, and eventually seize control. Most people avoid those major idols. Most people despise those major idols. But for some reason the people we have come to know as dictators have been able to gain power in many parts of this world. It doesn’t seem to matter how much evidence history introduces, there always seems to be that small minority who are easily convinced, their new leader has a new plan that will work. The fatal mistake is giving them a chance to introduce their plan. That is when the mask comes off and the devil appears in all his fury.

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To Own or Not to Own
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USA-eVote on the 2nd Amendment

Saves Money

I can tell you from experience, those who were taught firearm safety and how to fire weapons by their fathers can sight in any riffle in three shots. When they join the military they have their weapons sighted in three rounds. Those who fire their weapons for the first time take 30-100 rounds to fire a 3 round group within a 1 inch pattern. Which is required for sighting in a weapon. Some never catch on and never advance in the military. Those who have hunted with their parents understand the concepts of camouflage and cover. They not only save funds by using less ammunition, they have the basic concepts of survival in the field. In short, the 2nd Amendment as it stands saves money and ensures a much higher survival rate in battle situations, as well as ensuring a better equipped military feared by anyone choosing to be enemies of the United States.

Best Deterrent to Invasion

The only thing stopping an all out invasion from our enemies is the fact, the US has 18 million retired veterans. Many of them are better armed then they were in the military. Add to that a few million hunters, and licensed firearms in the homes of individuals for personal protection and you have the best deterrent in the world. In short, the 2nd Amendment is the best form of protection the country could have. No group of generals would consider invading a country where they are out numbers by 10:1 or more. Especially when you consider the fact millions of those individuals can consistently hit a target at 300 yards or more. No computer program could every simulate the many battle conditions an invading army would face. Common sense tells those generals, secure the cities and you just placed yourself in an automatic siege situation. Your army inside the city with thousand or millions of people to feed while the food is outside in the country, protected by those who are the best shots, best armed, and organized.

When you look at the advantages the 2nd Amendment offers, weapons and ammunition should be tax deductible. A well armed population is the best defense of our freedom.

Gun Laws

USA-eVote supports current gun licensing. A few generations ago elected government representatives looked at gun registration. Gun registration was formulated to protect the general public. Every law abiding citizen was allowed to obtain a gun license with proper training and own a gun to protect themselves from criminals. Everyone with a criminal record was denied a license to own a firearm. The concept of firearm licensing was simple. Criminals were denied the right to own a weapon. Law abiding citizens were allowed to own a weapon to protect themselves from criminals. Laws were also passed that imposed sever penalties on criminals possessing unlicensed firearms. Original laws imposed mandatory prison sentences on criminals arrested and charged with possessing an unlicensed firearm. Bails were either denied or set at very high sums. The US didn’t have a problem until judges began ignoring laws and refusing to enforce those laws. Today mandatory prison sentences are ignored. Criminals are allowed to plea bargain. And worst of all, laws established on bail to take those criminals off the street are now ignored. This created a view in the criminal mind that there is no difference between licensed citizens and criminals. Taking a view of the current situation, there is no difference between licensed citizens and criminals.

The original laws were written and passed by elected lawmakers concerned for the safety of those they are paid to represent. Today we see the complete opposite. Controlling, restricting, and eliminating police forces is nothing short of insanity and treason. That mindset places more security in the hands of criminals, offering them protection that is quickly being denied to law abiding citizens. If firearm licensing laws were enforced, we would not see the problems we see today. Imposing additional restrictions, fees, taxes, and burdens upon law abiding citizens moves our society in the opposite direction form the intent of the original licensing laws. Plain and simple, problems we see today are caused by ignoring firearm laws and the penalties they placed upon unlicensed possession of a firearm. Criminals ignore firearm licensing laws. It does not matter if they are the armed criminal on the streets, the judge on the bench, or the elected representative in the halls of congress.

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Public School in 1996

This video reminded me of a true life story. 25 years ago (1996) my daughter was in public school. They had a reading program with a contest. Whoever read the most books in the class won the grand prize. Smaller prizes were awarded to other students. Well at 6 years old my little girl would read a 100 page book in a day. Needless to say, she read more than anyone in any class in that school. She waited patiently for the grand prize to be awarded, but they gave the prize to another student. My little girls went home in tears. They ripped the heart out of a 6 year old.

Her mother heard the story and went strait to the school. I was smart enough to know, God gave mothers the heart of a warrior to protect their children. Her mother went into that school to win a war.

That made the school react. They called me and my wife into a meeting with the teacher, principal, school counselor, and a few psychologists. It was the 2 of us against 6 of them. I was smart enough to stay out of the conversation and listen while God’s warrior handled the matter. Until we reached the point to ask a few questions that opened a few doors to plant some seeds.

The teacher told us she eliminated all of the books our daughter read because she considered all of them religious books and she had to ensure separation of church and state. It seems the teacher took it upon herself to interpret the constitution on her own. I should have asked if she was also a licensed attorney. The others from the school agreed. They claimed they allowed a much larger kid to pick on our girl to, “harden her up and prepare her for the real world.” They called us poor parents because our daughter was a goody, goody two shoes always going to the aid of other students the bully picked on.

The combination of those two details prompted me to act. I asked if any of them read the Bible. No response. I told them if they had ever read the Bible, they would find stories of battles, massacres where 1 angel wiped out 165,000 soldiers in 1 night. They would find stories of persecution, idolatry, people taking advantage of widows and orphans. Quests for power and glory at any cost. They would read about an innocent man whipped to within an inch of his life and hung on a cross to die. I asked them where they got the idea the Bible is full of stories with happy endings. No response at all. None of those school officials read the Bible but felt fully qualified to judge it.

I told them their school has done nothing to separate church and state but only teaches religion they want kids learn. They asked me where I got that idea from. I told them to look at the catalogs of books they send home. They are telling parents to buy their kids Harry Potter books, and books about vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, and mythology creatures. All of that is religion. All of that is spiritualism.

But how would they know? Not one of them ever read the Bible. So how would they be able to tell right from wrong?

I told them, “this meeting is over.” And we walked out. The next day we enrolled our little girl in the church school.

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Only Selfishness Left

Yes, it is plain to see the left is based on selfishness and greed. We are to the point, there is only selfishness left because the left is based on selfishness.

Countless millions of dollars has been redirected from ethical charities such as cancer research, Toys for Totes, Make a Wish programs, Veteran programs, feeding the homeless, and countless other charities into the bank accounts of radical marxists planning to overthrow the US and dismantle the Constitution. Donations that used to fund noble causes is now being funneled into radical groups to bus professional rioters from city to city to loot and burn businesses to the ground. This generation has seen the biggest contrast in the use of charitable donations this world has ever witnessed. Those responsible are examples of the most selfish people this world has ever seen.

Billions of dollars has been taken from research programs for autism, cancer, birth defects, and countless other programs to fund vaccines for what is actually the common cold. Science has already admitted, only a series of continual shots may help. And it may not help.

Scientists first identified a human coronavirus in 1965. It caused a common cold. Later that decade, researchers found a group of similar human and animal viruses and named them after their crown-like appearance.

No one can count the cost to humanity caused by that virus, and the agenda it served. We can look at how that virus, those controlling the virus, and the radical left has changed America. It is a view into utter dark selfishness.

The left cares nothing about the people they harmed. They care nothing about children with autism, birth defects, or the families struggling with those issues. The left cares nothing about disabled veterans who gave so much for the freedoms the left has been abusing. The left cares nothing about veterans who gave their lives or their families struggling to make it though the month. The radial left are selfish and care nothing about the homeless in America, the businesses they burned, jobs lost, and those who are facing forecloses on the homes they worked so hard for. The left has been blinded by selfishness and helping people is the furthest thing from their minds.

Some heroes on the left have PhD’s and write papers on oppression. They know nothing about oppression. To them oppression is waiting in line at a drive though for an $8 cup of coffee, or living in a home smaller than 4000 square feet and has less than 3 bathrooms. They know nothing about sacrifice. They know nothing about loyalty. They know nothing about the love a mother has for her child she knows will not make it in life and may not live through the night. The left specializes in selfishness and knows nothing more. Look at their lives. There is nothing but selfishness left is their dark cold lives.

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Corona-19 A Warning of What is to Come
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The Shot Forced All Around the World

We all hear about the vaccine. In 2021 it is the shot heard all around the world. And in some countries, the shot forced all around the world. We have to take a step back to look at how this virus was conceived. It was the first virus in history that did not originate in birds, animals, and has not been spread by fleas or mosquitoes of other sources. Some claim it originated in bats. But that was never proven. So did covid-19 come from a lab?

When we take another step back to look at that shot forced all around the world, we have to ask why a vaccine is being forced on people for a virus no worse than the common cold or seasonal flu, which seems to have suddenly disappeared in 2020. So something is up. But what?

Labs involved in the creation of the vaccine and suspected of creating the virus itself are also involved in nanotechnology. We know little about nanotechnology which is a science shrouded in mystery often veiled under the claim of national security. Which is the code word for, military purposes. Are those offensive or defensive measures or both? We have no way of knowing.

What if the covid-19 vaccine contains nanotechnology? What if that vaccine is a method of controlling the human mind? It seems suspicious to see the introduction of 5G at the same time a vaccine is forced upon the world population. Who is funding both? A number of governments in the world of course.

This may sound like science fiction. Look at 2020. Using the Internet to fix an election was science fiction before 2020. Suddenly we see it happening in a number of countries. Look at the mind control and censorship practiced on the Internet everyday today. Before 2020 that was unthinkable. In 2021 we have an updated version of marxism called the critical race theory taught in school systems all over the world. A few years ago no one would have believed we would see any of those things in our generation. The entire world suffered a lock down and laws are in effect to wear masks. Riots and protests are happening all over the world. Riots happened in 2015. The only difference is, in 2015 it was easy to spot the radicals., they were the only people wearing masks. In 2020 everyone was wearing masks as they looted and burned businesses using the death of a black man at the hands or knee of a white cop as an excuse to ruin businesses. Looking back on history, Hitler used Jews as an excuse to loot and burn businesses. Today we see racism as an excuse to shut down small businesses and an open border to create high unemployment that was the key to Hitler’s plan. Eliminate jobs leaving military service as the only option.

No one ever expected to hear reports of 10 year old girls raped by cartel members in front of members of congress or see reports of armed cartel from the other side of the border herding people into vans, trucks, and buses. No one knows who those people are or where they are going. They are undocumented, non-people. Technically, by executive order, they don’t exist. All of this together is far stranger than any science fiction movie or book.

Before vaccines can be used to introduce nanotechnology a few details have to be in place. Number one is a vaccine to protect the elite from the controlling nanotechnology. Science behind nanotechnology control has to guarantee the virus cannot be transmitted my mosquitoes or other sources of transmission. Especially air born cells. Also blood transfusions. There are so many ways a virus of that type can be spread. Science can destroy the human race in heartbeat. Maybe the elite are smart enough to figure that out. But with the poor planning we see today, are they willing to take that risk?

Imagine a vaccine introducing nanotechnology where one shot makes people timid sheep, easy to control. Another shot makes people aggressive. Both controlled through 5G frequencies. Is that science fiction or a plan in the works?

We just saw a video in late April 2021. A police officer answered a call about a stabbing. The officer observed a woman with a knife attacking two girls, and a man trying to kill a woman by kicking her in the head. The officer reacted to a woman with a knife striking out at one girl then a second. The officer shot the woman with the knife. Comments by radicals, celebrities, and key political figures who have been encouraging riots and looting exposed their agenda. According to those radical voices, police officers should allow people kill one another. Police should not interfere. It is the same message we’ve heard for over a year when they cried about rioters, looters, and arsonists being arrested. They set up bail funds for radicals. The majority of them pedophiles coming with long arrest records. Those key politicians and radicals call for abolishing police. Added to that is the recent demand to let people kill one another with no interference. A few years ago comments like those we hear today would have been condemned. In 2021 the media and current administration demand we embrace street rule, street crime, mob rule, and chaos. With nanotechnology they can control attacks on those they disagree with. Abolishing police will open the door to the type of rule the elite lust after. The elite have been using media and the Internet to convince us unrestrained crime is the liberty and justice this country needs.

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