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USA-eVote Editorial Section

The Editorial Section on USA-eVote is not intended to vent, complain, or sway the ideals of its readers. The Editorial Section on USA-eVote is designed to make America think. To open a forum designed to introduce solutions to the many problems America faces.

The staff of USA-eVote is striving to keep things simple. We have problems. Let’s suggest a few solutions.

Some of the main topics we plan on tackling include:

  • Taxes
  • Education System
  • Laws favoring BIG Business
  • Healthcare System
  • Divisions Among Americans
  • Welfare System
  • Drug Problems
  • Pharmaceutical Issues
  • Voting
  • Lobby System
  • Modern Slave Trade in America
  • Jobs
  • Media
  • Fake News
  • One Sided News

Feel free to add to this list of topics. Feel free to comment. Share this forum with your friends and family. Register for updates via E-mail.

We have no intentions of collecting or selling any information like E-mail addresses. Nor does USA-eVote have any intentions of sending out spam E-mails to anyone who resisters. USA-eVote does of course use third party software designed to automate certain features on this website. If you feel one of those third party suppliers is taking advantage of our hard work on this website, let us know and we will take actions to rectify the situation.

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