Liberty or death
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It really doesn’t matter what your favorite classic battle between good and evil is, we are living through the final battle real life. The last time we faced a war between good and evil on US soil, people road on horses and crossed the Atlantic in boats. Looking back no one can deny the Revolutionary War centered on business and trade. It was a classic war over capitalism. The colonies in the new world were controlled by big business out of England. Major business owners paid the king of England tons of money to gain the right to rule over colonies. Those business owners controlled all the imports and exports to that colony. In short terms those business owners paid the king to run monopolies. They determined what was imported and how much they charged for everything from nails to wheels, grease, tools, everything people in the new world needed to survive. Colonies grew their crops and fashioned products for sale. There was one place they could sell their goods. You guessed it. They could only sell to the business owner, or the governor assigned to run that colony. Trying to sell to any other source met with punishments, including seizure of goods, property, and executions. Things were serious. The governors controlled everything.

Today we are in an advanced society. Computers and a handful of tech companies have major control over every aspect of life. Like it or not we are being watched. Every step we take is being recorded and stored. Many of us think only God has that right, but tech companies don’t seem to be concerned about religion or what is right and wrong. The question is, if Biden and the communist win the election, what will change? We’ve already heard the cries to end capitalism. Exactly what does that mean? This world and country will always have businesses. Every country free and communist has businesses. What is the difference? The difference is, capitalism allows individuals to run businesses. That was what the Revolutionary War was all about. The right for people to own their own business, land, set prices, decide what to buy and search for the best price on the products the purchase. Simple. The only other alternative to capitalism is a monopoly. A monopoly run by the government. A return to the exact same circumstance that sparked the Revolutionary War.

What does this mean in this highly technically controlled world? We’ve already seen how big tech has censored the news, influenced an election, spread fear about a virus, closed businesses, put numerous people out of work, closed churches, and dozens of other details. We have yet to see the tip of the iceberg. How far will big tech and a communist government go to control the American public? Let’s take a look at how deep their plans go.

Links between social media and government have already been engineered and initiated in China. Search engines and programs scanning social media activity are recorded, sorted, and shared with the Chinese government to identify subversives. In the US we call those people patriots. In this big tech world that information can and will be used against patriots in a variety of ways.


Loans are applied for and approved online. When linked to records from search engines, sites viewed, and social media content, patriots can be directed to higher interest rates or denied loans.


License fees can be controlled or denied.


Tuition fees can be controlled or denied based on social views.


Tax rates can be levied by social views.

Patriots will face tax audits.

Court Hearings

Patriots will face district attorneys, judges, and trials with predetermined verdicts.

Smart Cars

Government will have the ability to control smart cars through WIFI. They can stop your car from starting, send erroneous codes, in addition to tracking all your travel.


Government will control Internet access and deny access to patriots.

Government will control what you can and can’t watch on smart TV.

Internet searches will be controlled.

Information you are allowed to view on the Internet will be controlled.

They have already used equality as an excuse to begin control.


Government will control all stock trading. Who can trade, what and when they can trade, and even set the prices stocks are traded.


Patriots will pay higher premiums, receive reduced services, and be denied basic health coverage.

This short list shows how it is possible for the left to make life a living hell for whomever they choose. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and others have already compiled lists of people they consider subversive. A simple task with a computer and the right program a 6 year old could write. Gathering information, spying, and tracking have been a way of life before 2020. Today we are beginning to realize how that information can and will be used against us. Radicals on the left have already used social media to threaten those on the lists they have been compiling. Hints exposed by the media show us, the list here is only the tip of the iceberg. Soros is already calling for sanctions against and the over throw of countries with Christian values such as Poland and Hungary. All Christian values are a threat to the left. A threat we have to seriously consider. We’ve already seen laws passed to close churches, levy fines against churches, and arrest those who refuse to comply. First Amendment rights have been ignored for what the media has called, “the greater good of all of us.”

The left remains highly divided. We see divisions in Biden’s party surface after the election. Those supporting the new green deal want the spot light, first priority, and superior control over the other factions. For the most part radical groups like BLM have been rather quiet after the election. Leaders are enjoying the billions of dollars in donations received before the election and want nothing more than to blend into the woodwork and enjoy their booty. To think those were the people calling for an end to capitalism a few short months ago. Today their minds are set on enjoying every part of capitalism they can. We’ve seen how much they believed in their cause. Others like antifa remain active. They are set on world domination, war, violence, and a world without laws. We see how they live in a fantasy world driven into their heads through video games, speeches by the radical left, and a false concept of glory. Most of the organizers have long arrest records and they would be happy to lead the new national police force and even the military. Plans communists governments have followed in the past. What chance does America stand when those plans begin taking shape? We’ve seen it happen around the world. Today we see it happening on American soil faster than any of us ever expected.

We know voting is gone in America. Propriety rights and copy rights on computer software used to fix the election have been given precedence in courtrooms over the sacrifices of millions of people in uniform who have served this country since the Revolutionary War. Since the election we have been given glimpses of how deep and broad communists have been able to infiltrate every fiber of society. They are in our government at all levels. They run elections in many key states. Communist control is the school system at all levels. And of course major media networks fully cooperate in efforts to brainwash the America public.

We close out 2020 with the promise to build back America better and a cold, dark winter.

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