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1918 Spanish Flu

One of our goals at USA-eVote is to add information about previous pandemics that threatened this world. The 1918 Spanish Flu seems to be the best choice as the first virus to cover. Since that virus infected the world during WWI, it naturally blends into the concept of American History and fits into the category of WWI articles.

After reviewing this entire video it was a perfect fit for This video follows the USA-eVote trend of providing reference material and backs up information with reliable sources. The publisher of this video did a great job of adding references, providing proper credits, and backing up the information with reliable sources.

This video on the 1918 Spanish Flu tells a story about a world epidemic that quickly spread from one country to another. After watching this video you will have a much better idea of what the experts on President Trump’s staff have studied and why drastic measures had to be taken to curve the spread of today’s COVID-19 virus.

USA-eVote hopes you take one concept from this video. The information on this video is unbiased. This video sticks to the facts and backs those facts up with necessary references. This video displays what investigative reporting is all about and shows how important proper study is. This video highlights the mistakes government made in the early stages of the 1918 Spanish Flu, and covers the learning curve government and individual organizations had to live through to finally control the spread of the 1918 Spanish Flu.

How serious was the 1918 Spanish Flu? After viewing this video you can see why I call it the 12 hour flu. That flu was so powerful, people often died within 12 hours of showing the first signs of being infected.

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