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Corona Virus Information

Here at USA-eVote we are dedicated to providing the most reliable information from the most reliable sources. The standards we maintain demand a high degree of investigation often requiring long hours of research.

Today we are launching a new series of articles on the corona virus that is threatening our country and the world. Few will argue with the point, we are facing a new world war with an unseen enemy.

After conducting initial research on the corona virus we were shocked to find some rather interesting facts. The World Health Organization (WHO) is way behind on data missing major facts and information published on other reliable websites run by some of the most reliable medical institutions in the world. We have also uncovered disturbing accusations concerning WHO and how they have been handling this crisis. If time allows we will post evidence that indicates WHO has withheld critical information in an effort to pick and choose which countries receive that information and which do not.

We know for a fact we are also on a battle with fake news agencies posting inflamed and inaccurate information. We will not cover fake news and I think foe the most part or readers are able to identify fake news sites.

We have uncovered sites providing misleading and sometimes dangerous information that can be more dangerous than the virus itself. In short, we can cover one aspect of that misleading information in one sentence.


You can research the use of bleach as a sanitisar on other websites. As a genera rule of bleach is an effective sanitiser when mixed with water on a ratio of 9 parts water to 1 part bleach. That is a 10% bleach solution.

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