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Chapter 17 The Perfect Republic

We can only imagine what President Kennedy had in mind when he set out to improve education and motivate American voters to cast an educated vote. We do know that is why President Kennedy was assassinated. Some think it may have been socialist or communists. We cannot overlook American political figures hiding in the democratic and republican parties. Both parties have their share of power hungry individuals with supreme power on their minds and agenda. They fear educated voters.

I live by a set of simple principles. A man is only as good as his word. A hand shake is as good as any signed contract. Government is a necessary evil. The smaller the government the better. A government is only as good as the voters involvement before, during, and after an election. And one more. If the world thought like me, it would be a perfect place to live.

What would a perfect republic consist of? What would it look like? What would a perfect republic have for a government? How would the prefect republic serve the people? We’ve never really seen the perfect republic. The founding fathers of the US had visions. But early US history shows how President Washington had problems with congress. And those problems grew over the years. The authors of the Constitution wrote about their personal concepts and visions for the future. They wrote about the advantages they saw and their fears. We may all have our personal views on a perfect republic. How were those viewed formed? Where did those concepts come from? America had its share of great leaders with unusual concepts of freedom. One detail stood out above all, education.

By far education is the key to a free society and the perfect republic. To be a perfect republic America needs the most advanced education system in the world. That would take revamping the majority of the present education system from top to bottom. In the prefect republic instructors will teach from experience. My dad was an instructor. He was in charge of a company of instructors in the army and always said, “no one can ever teach something they have never experienced.” I know that’s true. I’ve taken classes from both experienced instructors and carrier teachers with no personal experience in life or what they were teaching. Instructors with practical experience go beyond the book into reality and real life experiences. This is especially essential when research is required such as engineering, science, medial, culinary, design, and other carries. Instructors with experience normally posses the drive to see their students advance to a higher level than what they have been able to achieve. In the perfect republic top people in every position of every business would consider it an honor to pass their experience onto others. Because the teaching profession would be a secondary carrier, education costs would be low. The majority of teachers would be semi-retired professionals from all fields. With their retirement funds secure, the teaching field would be another wrung on their carrier ladder. Teaching would be a way of giving back to the community. Of course teachers would undergo vigorous training to prepare them for the classroom. Quality would be second to none in this world. Low education costs would eliminate the need for middleman lenders and school loans. All educational costs would be tax deductible and to attract the brightest and most promising work force, companies would offer education assistance programs. For the most part the education system would see little government involvement.

In political circles the perfect republic would feature low taxes. In a perfect republic there would be no wasted spending, no special interest groups, and absolutely no theft from US taxpayers on any level. In a perfect republic every elected representative would strive to offer the best services, the best products, and complete every project to the highest level of qualify in every area from road maintenance to defense. Every person along every phase of every project would work to eliminate over spending, waste, and less than quality work, services, equipment, and products. In the perfect republic every vendor and supplier would consider it an honor to serve their country in every capacity they are involved. In the perfect republic it would be an honor to serve in public office. Such an honor, every elected official in America would limit their service to one or two terms. Respect for their fellow Americans would call them to step down and allow others to share in that honor. In the prefect republic new representatives at every level would have an deep pool of knowledge and experience to draw upon. Because in a republic, elected representatives rely on the input of those they represent. Any republic that fails to take advantage of that fact is doomed to fail.

The perfect republic would require few new laws. All the people would live their life guided by honesty, fair play, and helping their fellow Americans. It would be the duty of each citizen to help their fellow American. Trust is worth more than gold. No one would be caught dead taking advantage of another person. Scammers would not exist. Elected officials would never have to spend countless hours going over new laws and measures that take the place of common sense. More time would be spent mingling among the people who elected them. In the perfect republic the world would see the true definition of a public servant.

In the prefect republic prisons would be few and far between. The individual conscience and fear of social isolation would keep everyone in check. Committing a crime, any crime would be looked down upon by every member of society. Lies would be as great a crime as murder. Jails would be local. Of course there will always be judgment errors in society. But in the perfect republic, individuals among the educated masses would never commit any premeditated crime. The results of any premeditated crime would always lead to more shame than any human is able to bear. Local jail systems would work hand in hand with the education system. Those found guilty of crimes would have access to the best education in the world to ensure time spent in prison would be time spent rebuilding a better life.

In the perfect republic the media would be known as a trusted source of information. Every story would be checked and double checked to insure the facts are unbiased and backed up by reliable sources. In the prefect republic the media would follow its own ethics code to ensure the service they supply to the public is second to none. No politician would ever dream of using the media to sling mud or hurl baseless accusations at an opponent. In the perfect republic politicians would not rely on advertising to win an election. Their track record, beliefs on policies, and public life would be open records for all to view. Elections would be determined by facts, not by the amount of money one candidate would be able to spend. In the prefect republic money would never form a connection between candidates and the media.

Business would be quite different under the perfect republic. When justice, honesty, and trust prevail, businesses of all types would rely on practicing those qualities to compete. When one slip up could cost an individual their business, you have to believe every business owner would fall in line when it comes to general business practices. The government model emphasizing local government would be followed by businesses. Local independent businesses would be present in every community. Independent businesses would flourish. Car repair, doctors, dentists, construction, maintenance, and repairs of all types would be trusted to the local professionals. The revamped education system would guarantee the latest knowledge, know how, and technology in all areas of business. The prefect republic would eliminate corporate greed and the problems that follow. To understand the concept of business under the perfect republic, we have to review the conditions under which the US was formed.

Before there was a United States, America was made up of colonies. In short those local colonies were controlled by English businesses who paid the king fees to gain total control of a particular area in the new land. No one was allowed to buy or sell without permission from the local governor, a man appointed by the owner of the English company. Everything the colony needed was imported by the English company that of course set prices. All exports went through the same English company who of course set the purchase price of every product grown and manufactured in the colony for export. The same was true for every good and service traded within and outside the colony. Bartering for goods and services was often deemed illegal by the English company. In essence, the colony had to deal with a monopoly. Governors had total control over everything that was bought and sold. Based on what we’ve seen during this corona crisis, many US governors don’t know their US history. As we can see, many of the protesters who were against emergency laws imposed by governors knew US history and felt it was their duty to remind the governors about the repression that sparked the revolutionary war.

The United States sprang from the idea and concept that every person was free to establish and run their own business free of government control. Not everyone was going to own their own business, but when enough businesses were established people had a choice on who they wanted to work for. An increase in businesses opened up opportunities for everyone. That was a concept our founding fathers saw. The prefect republic would follow that idea and take it to the next level.

The perfect republic would have minimum government involvement in business. Supply and demand would set and establish prices. Public image would mold corporate decisions to protect the environment. Everything draws back to education. Education to produce products as safely as possible for the employees and environment. In the perfect republic negligence on any level would spell disaster for any company. We would not need government rules and regulations to control every facet of business. Private organizations to promote worker safety and environmental protection would cover the majority of issues. Of course, mistakes and negligence would spell doom for any company. Business owners with blinders manufactured by profit would soon find themselves without workers and customers. Moral standards would shape the entire economy.

This all sounds like a dream. But a dream that would soon become a reality if people trusted one another, respected one another, and learned to work together. The perfect republic is not built upon votes, broken promises, taxes, nor laws. The perfect republic is built on morals. If everyone shared the same morals and worked in the same direction, anything could be accomplished and everything would be accomplished. Take out the senseless laws, taxes, and greed that chain down America and what would we have? A totally different world. A world people say is an impossible dream few have shared. Martian Luther King, John Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy all shared that dream. They talked about it. The wrote about it. They tried to pass laws to make it a reality. All three have one more thing in common. They were all killed by greed. And the nation has been engulfed in that greed for over 60 years. Are we going to allow three bullets to control America, or are we the people going to shape the American dream and make it a reality?

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Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!

The Political View Verses the Moral View

Let’s face the facts. On the political side we do have opposing factions who insist they follow God. Some insist they hear God and are following God’s commands. Others insist they are guided by moral convictions established by religious beliefs. And of course we have a vast majority of Americans who believe we need a President, and of course a government guided by God. The vast majority of Americans believe we need a government who is going to make the right decisions, and somehow make the United States a country that looks after the interest of its people, treats everyone fairly, taxes fairly, has a strong defense, helps other countries, and is wise enough so other countries do not take advantage of our generosity. Is that asking for too much?

When we mix religion with politics in an election year, we know there will be reactions. This is nothing new. John Kennedy addressed that question when he ran for President.

John Kennedy discussed some rather valid points. Religion is personal. Each candidate has the same right to worship as they choose. Candidates have the same rights as every US citizen. John Kennedy went on to point out, if one religion is persecuted by the media or special interest groups, which religion will they persecute tomorrow? One of the best points John Kennedy pointed out is to vote for a President based on their personal convictions, not based on their religion. But that takes research. My dad taught us how to research a politician. Back in the 1960’s we had politicians to look up to and use as a measuring stick to compare others. Bill Proxmire was one of those rare politicians.

Proxmire was one of those rare one of a kind politicians with ethics nearly beyond belief. Proxmire lived and mingled among the people he represented. He won elections by a landslide. His biggest campaign expense was to pay for stamps to send campaign contributions back to people. Proxmire was a rare breed in Washington always pointing out wasteful spending. Not just millions of dollar on huge projects, but instances where just a few thousand dollars was wasted. Proxmire was a guy who told it like it was and didn’t back down from anyone. Today Proxmire would be labeled a whistle blower. The people in Wisconsin considered Senator Proxmire a man doing the job he was sent to Washington to do. I grew up in Wisconsin being rather naive thinking we always had a group of politicians like Proxmire in Washington battling another group of crooked politicians from elsewhere in this country. But I was wrong. Proxmire was a rare breed. One of a kind.

We can take a look at what the 2020 political scene has to offer. A strong contender for the White House was an open communist, or socialist based on the particular policy. Communists are typically anti-religion, which suggest threats to rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Historically socialists restrict religions to state approved religions. The fact a number of US voters approved of socialism and communism during primary elections should be a real concern for all American voters. Bernie Sanders was brought up Jewish parents, but his interest in Hitler and the Nazi government he installed and how he was elected is not only strange, bazaar, but alarming. Since we should be learning from the words and advice of former Presidents, I cannot see how so many voters missed the messages about the religious persecution past Presidents had to face. We’ve gone through three Presidents who have sent troops overseas to protect people from religious persecution. It is rather shocking for so many voters to look at those sacrifices as unnecessary. Warnings repeated by those last three Presidents included the fact, “it may be one group today. Will it be you tomorrow?”

John Kennedy had his facts straight when he told voters to judge a candidate by their moral convictions. How are we supposed to determine a person’s conviction? Is it by the promises they make? We have seen too many lies from politicians to accept promises. We should be smarter than that. How do those promises align with their life style? Using Sanders as an example, we see a politician telling the public, “rich people will pay for your essentials.” Does that include his millions? Sanders also teaches us another important fact. We need to check out the facts and figures they discuss and post on their websites. Sanders proposed 11 trillion dollars worth of programs. A figure equal to the combined income of every taxpayer in 2018. A figure and fact the media was either too lazy to investigate, or knew about and wanted to hide from the public.

Joe Biden is a little tough to gauge on convictions. He is a Roman Catholic and practices his faith.

Joe Biden lost members of his family over the years and faced more than many of us will in a lifetime. As with most candidates, his voting record varies.

The fact Biden goes against religious convictions on some issues raises a red flag with some voters, but to other voters it tells them Biden is a man who thinks on his own and makes his own decisions.

The socialist factor with Biden should raise some red flags and call for caution. Joe Biden called his installation of a Democracy in Ukraine his greatest accomplishment. Biden actually experimented with a democratic-socialist government in Ukraine that was over thrown in 2014. Investigations into his son’s business activity in Ukraine are now on hold until after US elections. Time will tell what those investigations reveal.

Another key figure in the political arena today with a strong religious conviction is Nancy Pelosi. Based on the fact she refers to herself as the most powerful woman in America, and at times, the world, urges us to look at her moral convictions. We have to consult a number of sources when we look into Pelosi’s life.

Pelosi, who had been walking away from the podium, exploded. She pointed a finger at Rosen and said, “I don’t hate anybody. I was raised in a Catholic house. We don’t hate anybody.”

Then she added, “And as a Catholic, I resent your using the word ‘hate’ in a sentence that addresses me. I pray for the president all the time. So don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.”

When we compare basic Catholic values to Pelosi’s political views and career, we see two completely distant worlds. The focus being on Catholic views dealing with homosexuality, marriage, and abortion. Pelosi has chosen to cast away religious views on those subjects and take on, for lack of a better term, a completely radical view. To some this shift in moral conviction indicates a strength in a woman. One reporter compared that strength to a motherly figure. Although that reporter did no agree with Pelosi’s political views, he did appreciate her fierceness. The individual voter has to decide between that fierce attitude and her talk about moral convictions, religious guides, and actually performance. Do opposite poles indicate an imbalance in moral convictions, or an attitude that attracts votes.

Pelosi never liked President Trump and has had no problem making that fact public. “Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States,” Pelosi said on the latest episode of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher. “Take it to the bank, I guarantee it.” She said that she is urging her Republican friends to “take back your party.” In response to the proposal that Trump uses social media better than other politicians, Pelosi blamed ratings-hungry media outlets for amplifying his visibility.

“Social media has democratized elections even further,” she added. “People hear things that may or may not be true, but nonetheless, the democratization of communication is good for a democracy.”

Pelosi may be the best of the best when it comes to a politician, saying one thing, doing another, accusing a person of something, then taking that crime to a whole new level. On one hand she condemns Trump for using social media, blames the press, then turns around and takes social media and fake news to a whole new level to accomplish her goals. If nothing else, an examination of Pelosi’s life and morals shows a deep conviction of double standards. Perfectly acceptable to herself, but an unforgivable sin and the high crime of treason when used by anyone else. To understand Pelosi’s mindset and motivation, we have to look at her modern day concept of a democracy.

We can scan the internet, study 30 articles on the definition of a democracy and walk away with 30 conflicting concepts. This is a ploy used during the French Revolution when the conquering class executed the ruling aristocrats, installed a new government, and made reason their god.

The main point to learn from that revolution of reason is, the French rewrote their dictionary turning the definitions of a number of words upside down. A new form of political control was born. When people believe right is wrong, and evil used for the good of the people is acceptable, those people of course become confused with no where to turn for answers but their leaders. The moral convictions of people as a whole is destroyed. With no real moral compass to follow, the people put their trust in leaders who in essence have free reign to constantly contradict themselves while leaving the impression their questionable actions are somehow, someday, going to benefit the people they represent. Which is basically the definition of a democracy.

The French revolution set up the acceptance of an anarchy to achieve the perfect society. The belief that good will eventually spring from the bowels of total darkness was a political tool this world has learned to live with, accept, and sad to say, believe in. The world has learned to accept political figures whose actions never seem to reflect their words and promises. Voters all over the world have learned to sit, wait, and hope someday something good has to happen. And voters all over the world have learned to accept the fact, nothing will ever change. No matter what we do, we are at the mercy of the people we elected. And they are not who they say they are.

Today we can take the two terms, liberal and conservative. Both have lost their meaning because they are applied and misapplied at will. The two political parties in the US use the terms liberal and conservative at will to serve their purpose at the time. No one really knows what each of those words mean. People apply their own definitions and like politicians, often flip flop the definitions of those two words to suit the circumstances of the moment.

Democracy is a word that has been misapplied, reapplied, and for all intents and purposes, redefined in conflicting manners to confuse the average voter. Voters all over the world have accepted the fact politicians apply one meaning to a democracy, then apply a completely different definition when they formulate and vote on policies and laws. Politicians tell people a democracy defines freedom. Then they apply laws, restrictions, taxes, and policies to restrict and control basic freedoms. Within their private chambers a democracy takes on a completely different definition. Behind closed doors a democracy is a form of government where elected officials rule the voters. We see that belief rear its ugly head in the new, emergency stay at home laws and orders. For all intents and purposes, the world is under martial law. In the eyes of politicians, no one is able to protect themselves. Politicians actually believe they are the only people on earth able to examine the situation and make a decision. Governments on all levels treat people like children unable to protect themselves, or make a rational decision. Then politicians pass laws and set restrictions to protect the general public from the minority of people unable to follow directions, protect themselves, have any rational thought, and have no respect for others. In essence, politicians today are showing the world how easy it is for them to abuse their power and justify their abuse of power by actually thinking it will somehow turn out for the good of all people. Politicians have blurred the definition of a democracy by shifting it to a totalitarian government. Mixing the two for what they believe is the greater good of the people. To further their control, politicians have convinced themselves, the public does not understand. They convince themselves they need to seize total control because they are the only people alive who understand the situation, and they are the knight in shinning armor placed on the throne to save the kingdom. Today we can see what to expect when a democracy is defined as, the decision of those in control is final and punishment must be inflicted to get the point across. Today we see what a democracy is when unquestioned control is necessary to guarantee a safe and secure society.

The sum it up in my own terms, the modern definition of a democracy is when people are elected to determine the direction of society as a whole. The people are directed by those they elect. In traditional terms, a republic is when elected officials are still bound to the will of the people. In a republic, after elections, decisions and policies are still shaped by the people.

John Kennedy offered a unique vision of a republic. Faced with one major issue, segregation and the prejudice it comes with, Kennedy, the youngest President ever elected, was faced with a daunting task. Knowing prejudice and segregation sprang from the evolutionary theories conjured up in the late 1850’s President Kennedy knew he had to reeducate a vast number of Americans who used the evolutionary theories to fuel segregation. It may have been Kennedy’s religious background that fueled his desire to overcome the social issues his administration faced. Knowing evolution was a theory, Kennedy looked at how man made theories and concepts shaped opinions. Some called evolution a science. Although evolution did not fit the definition of science. Evolution could not be proven. There was no evidence, nor was there any way to conduct any scientific tests. So evolution was never anything more than an opinion. An opinion people used to justify segregation and a host of crimes against humanity and establish a double standard of freedom in America. Kennedy had no choice but to follow his convictions and the only solution to those issues. To dispel any belief in man made theories and rely on cold, hard facts. Education and science were the only weapons Kennedy had to fight with.

In a way, everything was in place for Kennedy to spark a new, progressive scientific revolution everyone could benefit from. Kennedy was a WWII war veteran. He was surrounded by a political atmosphere of WWII veterans who took the battles against inequality to the home front. Opposition was high, but a few footholds were gained. During and after WWII blacks as well as Asians, and other nationalities were still looked down upon. The main excuse was evolution. Many whites believed they were a superior race. Sure the US just defeated Hitler and his dreams to create a pure Aryan race to rule the world. But that mentality was still alive and thriving in the US. Another double standard of thinking widely accepted by you guessed it, those who benefited the most. Somehow Kennedy had to change the mindset of the average American white person. Education and science were the keys.

Equal education was the first step. Whites implemented separate but equal education out of fear and ignorance. Ignorance because evolution told them blacks will never advance as far as whites. Fear because one black man could disprove the entire evolutionary theory.

John Kennedy was in the right spot at the right time. He had to first get the American people to focus on science. An idea is a theory until proven. Then it becomes a fact. John Kennedy put all of his eggs in one basket by announcing a plan to send a man to the moon. At that time, a man on the moon was a concept, an unproven theory. Kennedy had infant computers and a host of scientists to work with. Rockets were in their early stages and to create and launch a rocket of the size required was at that time, basically unproven. A few satellites later and that stage was set. In the 1960’s a trip to the moon was on a rather fast pace. They also had to deal with the theory of weightlessness in space. Another theory science needed to prove. One after another science showed the world exactly how to prove a theory. Science fed into the equal rights movement as if God had a hand in taking the minimum and turning it into a world changing event.

On the political front President Kennedy had a vision of the perfect republic. A government founded on the idea of educated voters. To achieve that goal, the American public had to accept President Kennedy’s concept of continuing education and the concept that every living being has something to contribute. President Kennedy summed up his moral convictions in a few words.

Only an educated and informed people will be a free people. John F. Kennedy’s Remarks in Nashville at the 90th Anniversary Convocation of Vanderbilt University (18 May 1963).

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961

Almost 40 years later people are still speculating on who shot President Kennedy. We may never ever know who was behind President Kennedy’s assassination, but we do know why he was assassinated. The concept of a total republic not lead by elected officials, but an educated and motivated society struck fear in the hearts of every crooked politician waiting for things to get back to their idea of normal so they could get back to making money the old fashion way – steal it.

President Kennedy used the moon trip to define science, establish the difference between fact and theory and give evolution a black eye. With that accomplished, his administration turned its attention on the two concepts of freedom closest to his heart. The reeducation of America was kindled. From the hearts and minds of educated Americans a new government structure was on the horizon. A government where every elected official not only depends on but thrives on input and ideas from the people who pay their salaries.

Based on the fact those concepts cost President Kennedy his life, we can see how far politicians will go to protect their interests. Interests that are threatened by well educated voters. I often wonder how John Kennedy’s concepts, ideals, and moral conviction would be accepted today. President Kennedy was lucky. He was President in a day and age of professional journalism was expected and demanded by the general public. Quite the opposite of today.

Update May 9th 2020

May 8th marked the 75th anniversary of VE day. Today most people have no idea what VE day is. VE stands for Victory in Europe and marked the end of WWII in Europe. President Trump held a few ceremonies to commemorate the day. They were not covered by any US media. A few European newspapers covered the event. But nothing in America. It is as if WWII never happened. Has fakes news infected the US media that badly? Has socialism gotten such a grip on the US that it is no longer politically correct to celebrate a day that draws attention to the fact the US fought a war against socialism. To socialism ignorance in bliss. A republic relies on education to survive.

Monday, February 19th, will be celebrated as Presidents’ Day. One of the recurring themes of most presidents of the United States is the absolute necessity of making sure our people are educated. They have varied opinions on how that is to be accomplished, but most have seemed to agree that a free society can only survive as a republic if the people maintain a program of general education. Can we not hear our first three presidents say this? “A primary object should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?” – George Washington “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. Enable them to see that it is their interest to preserve peace and order, and they will preserve them. And it requires no very high degree of education to convince them of this. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people…. They have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge — I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers.” – John Adams

Parts of Europe have banned VE-DAY celebrations. America forgot VE-Day and Europe banned it. Has it become political incorrect to celebrate the end of a war when socialism got their asses kicked?

Today we can clearly see which politicians really believe they were elected to carry out the will of the people and which think they were elected to rule over people. View a few of Pelosi’s videos and you can tell her idea of the perfect government is an ant colony. There is one queen, guard ants, and worker ants. Today many consider an ant colony as the perfect example of a democracy.

Imagine what this country would be like today if President Kennedy was able to follow his mission in life, to create a country with well educated voters having their voices heard between elections. We still have that system. It is called town hall meetings. Elected officials travel from town to town to hear what people think. I’ve been going to those for years. I have see the attitudes of politicians change over the years. I also noticed something else. It is rare to see a young person in those meetings. And if you do see a young person, their questions and comments are normally along a socialist lines. And always based on some less than reputable website. That was not the vision President Kennedy had.

Kennedy’s narrow election victory and small working margin in Congress left him cautious. He was reluctant to lose southern support for legislation on many fronts by pushing too hard on civil rights legislation. Instead, he appointed unprecedented numbers of African Americans to high-level positions in the administration and strengthened the Civil Rights Commission. He spoke out in favor of school desegregation, praised a number of cities for integrating their schools, and put Vice President Lyndon Johnson in charge of the President’s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity. Attorney General Robert Kennedy turned his attention to voting rights, initiating five times the number of suits brought during the previous administration.

On May 25, 1961, Kennedy addressed a joint session of Congress to announce his decision to go to the moon. He backed up this decision with remarkable financial commitments. In the immediate aftermath of his speech, NASA’s budget was increased by 89 percent, and by another 101 percent the following year. To carry out Apollo, NASA became the large engineering organization centered on developing capabilities for human space flight that it is today.

Scholarships — Eligibility

S. 539 — Public Law 87-153, approved August 17, 1961

Permits legally classified American nationals to qualify and receive financial assistance under the Fulbright Act for advanced education abroad.

The Kennedys decided to submit civil rights legislation to Congress, and they began a series of meetings with congressional leaders to see what might have a chance of passing. After Birmingham, Jack realized that the “terrible problem” was “going to get worse and worse and had to be dealt with.”

Jack was also undoubtedly responding to a harsh public attack by Martin Luther King, who said that Kennedy had been as ineffective in civil rights as Eisenhower. Above all, King declared, the president should start talking about integration in moral terms, showing him capable of rising above politics.

Jack announced that he would soon be submitting far-reaching legislation to Congress that would integrate public accommodations, hasten school desegregation, and add protection for the right to vote.

Appeals were made to the Golden Rule. “In short, every American ought to have the right to be treated as he would wish to be treated, as one would wish his children be treated.”

Americans have regarded education as the keystone of the American democratic

experience. Indeed, federal involvement in education pre-dates the Constitution. It was

explicitly encouraged by the Congress of the Confederation in the Survey Ordinance of

1785 and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.

In a Special Message to the Congress on Education, delivered on February 6, 1962, Kennedy laid out his argument that education in this country is the right—the necessity—and the responsibility—of all.

June 11, 1963, President John F. Kennedy gave a televised address to the American people and announced that he would be sending a civil rights bill to Congress. His bill would become the most-far reaching act of legislation supporting racial equality in American history. Beginning in the 1950s, African Americans had been engaged in peaceful demonstrations to protest segregation and discrimination, but had encountered violence and resistance. The turmoil through the South prompted the president to take action. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed racial segregation in public accommodations including hotels, restaurants, theaters, and stores, and made employment discrimination illegal. President Lyndon Johnson signed the bill on July 2, 1964. This exhibit summarizes some of the historical events that influenced the passage of this legislation.

Kennedy focused in three major areas, education, the space program, and civil rights. This seems like a rather odd combination of interests. Although a man would not step food on the moon until 1969, we have to ask the question, did President Kennedy use the space program to advance civil rights?

We know the theory of evolution was looked upon as fact by those who needed an excuse to execute wide spread prejudice over the land. It was the only argument they had to stand on. On paper slavery had been abolished for nearly 100 years.

Strange as it may seem a man named Charles Darwin published his book on evolution only a few tears before Congress passed a law abolishing slavery. Darwin’s book gave slave owners what they needed, an excuse to act as masters over one section of mankind.

Although nothing is specifically written on the subject, did President Kennedy have a plan to use the space program and the science behind it to teach America the difference between a theory and fact. When we look at what it took to send a man to the moon and safely return him, we can see how science had to prove one theory after another. Calculations to launch a rocket and capsule of that size was a theory until proven. Gravity on the moon was a theory until proven. There was no way to get the amount of fuel needed to leave earth’s atmosphere onto the moon. Scientists had to rely on theories to calculate the moon’s gravity and the amount of fuel required to lift off from the moon and propel that capsule back to earth. The trip to and from the moon was based on theories science had to prove as fact. Was President Kennedy planning on using the space program to show mankind the difference between theories and facts? It was going to take a miracle to change minds on civil rights. For a hundred years mankind had been using the theory of evolution as a crutch to limp trough their excuses for segregation. Although President Kennedy was the youngest President in the US, he had visions few people possessed. Sad to say, his visions were what killed him. What would have life been like of President Kennedy was able to achieve his dreams?

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Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!

Battles Over the Constitution

Time to call out the white elephant in the room. Let’s take a look at where people are protesting, what they are protesting, and why they are protesting. There is no big surprise that when we examine the issues, there are few common factors. First we look at the leaders in those hot beds.

Bill de Blasio is an American politician who has served as the 109th mayor of New York City since 2014. A member of the Democratic Party, he was New York City’s public advocate from 2010 to 2013.

Andrew Graham Beshear is an American attorney and politician. Since December 2019, he has served as the 63rd Governor of Kentucky. A member of the Democratic Party, he is the son of Steve Beshear, the 61st Governor of Kentucky. Beshear was elected attorney general of Kentucky in November 2015.

Roy Asberry Cooper III is an American politician and attorney who has served as the 75th Governor of North Carolina since January 1, 2017. A member of the Democratic Party, Cooper had previously served as the elected Attorney General of North Carolina since 2001.

Anthony Steven Evers is an American politician and educator who has served as the 46th governor of Wisconsin since January 7, 2019. A member of the Democratic Party, Evers previously served as the Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Gretchen Esther Whitmer is an American politician serving as the 49th governor of Michigan. A member of the Democratic Party, she served in the Michigan House of Representatives from 2001 to 2006 and in the Michigan Senate from 2006 to 2015. Whitmer was born and raised in Michigan.

Thomas Mark Barrett is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who has served as the 44th Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 2004. He served in the United States House of Representatives from 1993 to 2003, and the Wisconsin State Senate from 1989 to 1993.

Philip Dunton Murphy is an American financier, diplomat and Democratic Party politician who has been the 56th governor of New Jersey since January 2018. He served as the United States Ambassador to Germany from 2009 to 2013, during which time he dealt with fallout from the United States diplomatic cables leak.

It’s no surprise they are all democrats. All of them have another thing in common. They all believe they have the right and duty to cease total control when it is in the best interest of the people they serve. The only thing is, they are far from serving the people who elected them. They all believe in a strong centralized government. We can see how that concept of a strong centralized government eliminates every opportunity of being represented. They all ignore the protests. They all call the protests a political move blaming it on the republicans. Every attempt to regain the balance of power guaranteed by state constitutions is called a political attack. In essence we have a group of democrats who believe executive power is supreme power and should not be questioned. We have a group of people who oppose the constitution they swore to uphold and protect. In reality we have a group of democrats who are fighting against the constitution and the balance of power it guarantees. After looking at a number of stories we gather a number of views from different angles.

I have to note, I did not include links to sites that require a paid subscription to view the article. When we look at the general claims from those who are protesting we see a few common threads. People are telling the press, they are exercising their right to assemble and freedom of speech. We also have a story where people are showing up carrying arms. They are drawing attention to the second amendment which has been under attack for some time. People are protesting because they are not being heard. People are protesting because they live in cities and states led by democrats who refuse to listen to the voice of those who elected them. Demonstrators believe in a republic where elected officials listen to the people who put them in office. But that system is not working in particular areas in the US. This is not an isolated incident and is not restricted to COVID rules and regulations. This is a problem that has been around for years. The virus only magnified the problem.

Of course we have a number of news reports that people are holding Trump signs and the media has joined those democratic leaders in an attempt to ignore the core issue and turn the nationwide protests into a political battle. A quick look at the signs and and few interviews with the protesters tells us, people are taking to the streets because their rights are being denied and they see leaders ignoring and defying the constitution. That is the real threat America faces and no smoke screen will cover that up. Protesters all over the US are drawing attention to the constitution and the treats we face today.

Let’s take a logical look at the accusations leveled by those democratic leaders and the media who has chosen to support them. First of all, news is biased. The news we see is controlled by the highest paying advertiser. If the democratic party is the highest bidder for advertising, the media will go out of their way to write and post stories that support their advertiser. Today it is more difficult to dig deep enough to find the truth on any subject.

We have a group of powerful democrats who call protests supporting and defending the constitution a political move. They call it a political battle. Let’s take the democratic view a step further. Isn’t it rather alarming when one party calls an organized protest supporting the constitution a battle? Of course those democrats chose to ignore and over ride the constitution. This has been going on long before this virus crisis. Democrats have led fights against the second amendment. Democrats are constantly introducing bills that give special privileges and funds to minorities. Which is often viewed as buying votes but can also be viewed as a violation of civil rights when one group, any group is given special favors, funding, and privileges and other groups are denied those privileges, loans, and funding. It does not matter which minority group is given special privileges, it is a violation of the basic fundamental, we are all created equal. In the long run, granting special privileges to select groups is one item on a long list of excuses democrats are using to challenge the constitution. Their plan is to chop away at the constitution one article and one amendment at a time.

Democrats have been trying to under mind the judicial branch of the government. Recent court decisions across the US pointed out how executive powers have been abused during this crisis. Democratic leaders shunned those court decisions calling them political attacks. It doesn’t matter if protesters in the streets or supreme court judges point out violations against the constitution, democrats claim they are political attacks. That should answer the question for all Americans. Democrats across the US have declared war on the constitution and America’s civil rights. It doesn’t make sense to call every attempt to uphold and defend the constitution an attack. Support for the constitution is viewed as an attack only by those who intend to alter, change, or destroy the constitution. And that is what those protests have been about and what the will continue to be about. Protecting the constitution is primary.

We don’t need a new Constitution. We need to elect people who take their oath to support and defend the constitution seriously. Our rights and liberty depend upon it.

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Wisconsin: The Governor Verses the Constitution.

Over this past week we have seen a lot happen in Wisconsin. We had to wait what felt like an eternity to hear the State Supreme Court decision on stay at home orders during this virus crisis. Within hours of the decision, Governor Tony Evers recorded a live phone interview with CNN. During his interview with CNN Evers was allowed to voice his opinion on a 161 page Supreme Court Decision. The majority of the claims Governor Evers made were completely contrary to the written decision released a few hours before the governor’s live interview.

Governor: “Overturning stay-at-home order puts Wisconsin ‘into chaos’”

Decision: ¶65 “Therefore, I conclude there is a legal basis upon which to consider the Legislature’s extraordinary request. I too am appreciative of the concerns raised by COVID-19 and the possibility of throwing the state into chaos. Accordingly, although our declaration of rights is effective immediately, I would stay future actions to enforce our decision until May 20, 2020.”

Governor: “Wisconsin Republican Legislature and those 4 Supreme Court Justices decided …”

Decision: Wisconsin Legislature, Petitioner

In its last act of judicial activism, the majority takes it upon

itself to immediately overturn Emergency Order 28, a remedy neither

party asked for.”

¶167 “Some would like to characterize this case as a battle

over the constitutional limits on executive power——can an

executive branch officer really shut down businesses, limit

travel, and forbid public gatherings? These are important

questions for sure, but they are not what this case is about. No

party has raised or developed such a claim. Some would also like

to frame this as a challenge to the government’s potential infringement of certain constitutional protections like the freedoms of religion, speech, and assembly, and the right to hunt and fish. But these issues are not before us either. No party

has raised or developed a claim along these lines. ”

¶254 “First, in what is a recurring theme, this argument was

not developed by any party. This is raised sua sponte by this

court without the benefit of adversarial briefing. We risk serious

error when we issue broad rulings based on legal rationales that

have not been tested through the crucible of adversarial

litigation. When accepting an original action, this danger is

even greater.”

Court records show the lawsuit was not filed by one party, or only by Republics on the State Legislature, but by both parties in a unified effort to ensure the security of the State Constitution they took an oath to defend. Evers wants people to believe this court case was a battle between Democrats and Republicans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Judge ROGGENSACK went out of his way to prove this decision was not a political move or one party attacking another. Evers wants people to believe every Democrat in Wisconsin supported his move to place the Constitution on hold, completely ignore it, and the Constitution needs to be modified. That is not the opinion of the Supreme Court nor the Legislature made up of Democrats and Republicans. As a whole the majority of the judges in the Wisconsin Supreme Court as well as the State Legislature agree, one man should never stand above the State Constitution establishing checks and balances to protect the rights of all Wisconsin citizens. Evers claims 69% of Wisconsin supported his decision to seize total control and pass that control onto those of his choosing.

Governor: “Today absolutely Republican Legislatures and those four Supreme Court justices decided that facts don’t matter, statues don’t matter, and frankly it puts our state into chaos. There are no regulations out there. Period.”

Reporter: “Does this mean all businesses in your state can open tomorrow or right away?”

Governor: “Yes. The Tavern league of Wisconsin sent a message to all the people in their organization saying you can open now. And that’s happening all across Wisconsin as we speak. So this is the wild west now.”

This clearly indicates, the governor did not read the court decision. Evers’ statement shows, his moves are 100% politically motivated. It also shows Evers has zero concern for the people he was elected to serve. By implying the Tavern League now sets the laws and standards in Wisconsin, Evers single handedly created a state of chaos. Which of course was his intent.

As governor, Evers is sworn to uphold the laws of Wisconsin. He had the opportunity to educate the public on the court decision but instead chose to turn the decision into a political battle, drive a wedge between democrats and republicans not only on the political field but throughout the state, and imply the court decision opened the door for any organization or individual to interpret the law they see fit. To imply one court decision removed all laws from Wisconsin is dangerous and naive statement beneath the dignity of any elected official in any capacity. What did motivate Evers to make such a statement?

After reading the court decision no one can argue the fact, this was a case of one person challenging the state constitution in what everyone agrees a national crisis.

¶69 “Endowing one person with the sole power to create,

execute, and enforce the law contravenes the structural separation

of powers established by the people. Through the Wisconsin

Constitution, the people confer distinct powers on the

legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.

“Three clauses of the Wisconsin Constitution embody this

separation: Article IV, Section 1”

What was Evers’ motive to change the State Supreme Court decision centered on the State Constitution into a political battle between parties? The detail that should come to every educated voter mind is the fact Tony Evers was in charge of the state education system since 2001.

After working as a schoolteacher for several years, he became a school administrator, serving as a principal and, later, district superintendent. Evers first ran for Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1993 and again in 2001, losing both elections. Evers was instead appointed deputy superintendent, a position he served in from 2001 to 2009. In 2009, he ran for Superintendent of Public Instruction again, this time winning. He was reelected twice, in 2013 and 2017.”

There is no better expert on the Wisconsin school system than Tony Evers. Before making that phone call to CNN, Evers had to decide to gamble on the presumption that no one would read the actually court decision. Having a clear insight to the Wisconsin educational system, Evers felt secure enough to do a live interview, present his view of the facts knowing CNN would never question nor research his claims, and few if any individuals in Wisconsin would fact check his claims. Evers also banked on the idea that voters supporting his party would accept a pack of lies because it damages the reputation of the opposing party. Voters supporting Evers would accept statements aimed at damaging the reputation of Republicans without checking the actual facts. Evers comments achieved their goal. News agencies all over the country chose to air Evers comments, presenting them as facts without ever reading the actual court decision. Here is one random example of the fake news Evers sparked.

Wisconsin Is a Warning

On Wednesday night, the state’s highest court issued a hyperpartisan ruling that endangers thousands of lives.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court invalidated the state’s stay-at-home order on Wednesday in a 4–3 decision that condemned the public health measure as a grave assault on citizens’ constitutional rights. Two justices compared the order, which closed nonessential businesses and limited large gatherings of people, to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Even though the plaintiffs and defendants agreed the court should put its ruling on hold, the majority of justices refused to do so, instead implementing the decision immediately. As a result, Wisconsinites flocked to reopened bars Wednesday night during a pandemic, in a state that is nowhere close to flattening the curve.

Like the governor, the media neglects to cover news in an unbiased fashion or provide a link for readers to further research the reasoning behind comments and the decision as a whole.

Decision: “We mention cases like Korematsu in order to test the limits of

government authority, to remind the state that urging courts to

approve the exercise of extraordinary power during times of

emergency may lead to extraordinary abuses of its citizens.”

Meanwhile, Kelly’s concurrence displayed a remarkable lack of humility for a judge who was just soundly rejected by the people he serves. He proposed new, far-reaching limitations on the executive branch’s authority, carrying forward the Legislature’s crusade to strip the Democratic governor of his powers. Oddly enough, both Kelly and Bradley rooted their theories in the Wisconsin Constitution—but they repeatedly cited three opinions involving the federal Constitution: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s dissent in Gundy v. U.S., Justice Antonin Scalia’s dissent in Morrison v. Olson, and Justice Clarence Thomas’ concurrence in Department of Transportation v. Association of American Railroads. None of these opinions actually carries legal weight. Yet it appears that Kelly and Bradley will transform them into Wisconsin law if they get the opportunity.”

That news story did provide a number of links to back up its story. The majority of links supplied take the reader to other biased articles written by the same news agency and other news agencies with articles that agree with their false statements. In other words, their reporting is biased and as any reader with an open mind can tell, is dedicated to changing state constitutions and our federal Constitution. Why do media outlets and a small minority of politicians want to change the Constitution? And why does the media go out of its way to hide any logical conversations about the Constitution from the public and throw up smoke screens to redirect public attention to senseless battles over just about every word in the Constitution?

So far we have a debate over rights preserved in the state constitution redirected into a political battle. And we have a governor with nearly 2 decades of experience in the state education system. Add to that certain media outlets who neglect to check the facts he presented. The first detail we need to consider is, what kind of educator in their right mind would teach a generation to accept opinions without gathering and examining facts? Socialist do. Communists rely on that type of thinking.

Is there a link between Governor Evers comments on the Supreme Court decision, the failing education system, and the democratic-socialist movement across the US? There is another leading indicator to consider. Every socialist movement relies in two main details, the ability to control people and taking away their ability to defend themselves. How does Governor Evers stand in gun control?

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers says Republican legislative leaders who oppose gun control bills that polls show enjoy broad public support are essentially telling the public to “go to hell.”

Evers made the comment Monday after calling the Republican-controlled Legislature into a special session — which will take place Nov. 7 — to take up a pair of gun control measures that GOP leaders have been unwilling to debate.

The governor had called on lawmakers to take up an expansion of background checks and a so-called “red flag” law, which would allow gun rights to be temporarily revoked from individuals who are deemed by a court to be potentially harmful to themselves or others.

Republicans have argued the bills violate Second Amendment and due process rights. They declined to advance other gun-related proposals during the special session as well, though Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, argued the Assembly’s work on suicide prevention and attempted veto overrides related to mental health funding would address the root cause of gun violence.

The governor has cited strong public support for both expanding background checks and the red-flag proposal. According to recent polls from Marquette University Law School, both measures have at least 80 percent approval from Wisconsin residents.

To examine this piece of evidence, we need to consider a few facts. What was Evers’ motive in introducing those bills. I think the majority of people agree on back ground checks and the fact we need to get guns out of the hands of individuals who pose a threat to themselves and others. Wisconsin along with most other states have laws on the books that do just that. Legislatures told Evers his laws would be a violation of Constitutional rights. Another example of Evers attempting to under mind the Constitution.

Some accuse Republicans of catering to voters. Let’s check out the facts on that accusation. Wisconsin does have a bunch of hunters. Are they enough to sway a vote?

A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion:

There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin …. Allow me to restate that number: 600,000!–Pretty-Amazing

The State of Wisconsin had 3,397,693 active registered voters on May 1, 2020.

Hunters account for less than 20% of general voters. Hardly a number to be concerned about at the polls. So we would have to accept the fact, the Republican majority in the Senate along with the majority of Democrats in the state legislature do not agree with Governor Evers’ quest to change the State Constitution. Not for far reaching gun laws going beyond laws already on the books. The legislature does not agree with changing the Constitution to open the doors for the confiscation of guns by any agency the governor decides to name in the future. We’ve seen that fail with the COVID orders. We can thank the Wisconsin legislative branch for putting a stop to that type of power grab in other areas.

After the court decision was released, mayors and county executives threatened to impose stricter restrictions in their cities and counties. Did you see what just happened? State gun control laws allow cities and counties to pass their own local laws. Every business in Wisconsin has the right to ban guns on their property. State law contains a list of properties where firearms are not allowed. Cities and counties have forearm ordinances on the books. If they wanted a total ban on guns, or certain types of guns, they have the right to pass ordinances in their cities and counties. Why do they refuse to pass local ordinances on guns, but want the state to pass state laws and the federal government to pass federal laws enforced throughout the country? If you have a problem in your backyard, handle it. But don’t make my problem your problem.

That was the problem we saw with the COVID laws. The entire state was made to suffer equally. If one city has people who refused to follow orders, stricter orders were put in effect for the entire state. And now we have cities and counties saying they will address local problems. In some areas that may be a good idea. I would suggest caution. If the State Supreme Court just told us those orders were unconstitutional, what good is it going to do when mayors and county executives begin passing local ordinances that are unconstitutional? The Supreme court already warned the door is open for companies and individuals to sue the state for damages. In the long run, lawmakers could cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Which would be nothing new. If you did a little research it would not take long to uncover one example after another of special interest groups demanding special treatment for one group or another. Shortly after a law is passed and certain groups receive special assistance based on sex, creed, color, or nationality, the same group that demanded that special treatment rushes in with a host of lawsuits representing groups who claim discrimination. Actions like that cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Much of that money is funneled into political campaigns promising programs for every minority under the sun. People are elected. New laws favoring one group above all others is passed. Lawsuits are filed and the wheels keep turning, driving the average taxpayer into the ground. This has to stop. This will continue until the average American voter takes on the responsibility of becoming an informed voter. Do not allow the media to deceive you.

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Fear is the Real Crisis

Since we already know the devil is living in fear and can only lead through fear, how does that attitude transfer over to those he controls? We all know the devil has different degrees of control over people. Some are totally controlled by his evil powers while others drift in and out of the devil’s control in what appears to be a matter of convenience. Some of the worst offenders of that convenience excuse are Christians and churches who use their own form of fake news to instill fear while increasing numbers and of course income. Then we have the obvious, major corporations and corrupt political figures who always seem to have a plan to get ahead, gain more money and more control. If nothing else this coronavirus crises has shown the US who not to trust with power.

During his live news updates President Trump has repeatably said how he wants the states to exercise their authority and the federal government is in charge of overseeing those moves, gathering and examining the data, and of course making a decision when required. President Trump has called in hundreds of leaders and experts from many different fields. It is obvious no one is an expert in what has been called, “an unprecedented crises.” President Trump has exhibited his organizational skills and when required, his negotiation skills. Both of which depend on gathering and examining data. President Trump has put together large groups of experts in the medical field, logistics, computer modeling, and business to name a few. President Trump has been able to cross party lines in his meetings with governors and mayors across the US. For the most part they are united in the effort to put an end to this virus and get America back to work and back to normal. Of course there is a small minority who oppose every effort and blatantly oppose President Trump and his collection of experts at every turn. My dad would always say, “don’t complain unless you have a better idea.” That saying has its roots in the fact that some people are poor leaders. They have an inferiority complex and are not happy unless they put everyone down. Their natural knee jerk reaction is to find fault in everyone and everything, but never come up with an original idea or solution. To hide that fault, they strive to be the loud mouth in the group dominating every conversation and oppressing the thoughts and ideas of everyone else involved. In short, those are the type of people this world would be better off without. But for some reason they tend to attract large numbers of people. Mostly people with the same attitude and dysfunctional personalities.

In the middle of this war on the coronavirus we have to ask ourselves why a handful of politicians and major corporations decided to protest against plans to deal with this virus and reopen business in the United States. Minutes after a news briefing where the President’s plans are clearly laid out, Democratic leaders instantly condemn those plans. This is one fact I find impossible to understand.

Pelosi also said she hasn’t watched Trump’s daily briefings, in which the president often contradicts himself or offers false or inaccurate statements that his own team of health officials then have to rebut in real time.

I don’t watch them. I sometimes see inadvertently or just by accident some of the news reporting on it,” Pelosi said of the briefings, which sometimes stretch for more than two hours. “But I just don’t have time for that. I am a busy person. I have a day job, and it’s not to watch the president contradict himself on TV.”

Pelosi admits she has not watched any Presidential news briefing. She admits she knows nothing about plans to reopen the country. But Pelosi does not hesitate to condemn any plan to reopen business in the United States. We have to ask why? Pelosi and other Democratic leaders condemn every plan without listening to those plans. That indicates a serious inferiority complex most people instantly see through. Those Democratic leaders have not offered a plan of their own. Their only plan is to criticize any and every plan to reopen business in the United States. That is not a plan. That is treason in its highest form.

When we look at a problem, any problem, anyone with common sense would examine what information is available, and what information they need to solve the problem at hand. That is why the President brought hundreds of people together with skills in dozens of different fields. President Trump and his staff know they have to gather data on a scale the world has never seen before. It has to be gathered quickly, accurately, and placed in the hands of the best experts in the world to examine. That group of experts has to put aside their pride and have an open mind to examine every detail from every angle. If nothing else, President Trump has the skills and experience putting such groups of people together and motivating them to place the success of the project in front of personal interests. That is a skill few people have. If nothing else, everyone should see the contrast between Pelosi’s leadership skills and President Trump’s.

The project of opening up American business is very complicated. We all agree, this is going to require a large amount of data. While the people President Trump appointed to the task are working long hours in a race against time to formulate a plan, Pelosi has come out acting the part of the expert without offering a single detail, plan, or logical step.

How is this data going to be collected? Will states be in charge? What part will city, town, and village governments play? What about well organized charitable organizations? Will the military play a part? If so, what is the military role and how will the nerves of the average American citizen be calmed? During all of this, America has to fight fake news. Much of that news originating from overseas. Or worse yet, the Speaker of the House and other House members.

Somehow the testing has to be done. Where to begin? Data collected so far shows states in which the virus has little effect. Some counties have not been effected. Is it safe to reopen businesses in some counties and monitor the spread of the virus? Will the country reopen for business on a state by state basis or do we have to reduce that to a county by county basis? Maybe a city by city, or town by town basis. No one has ever had to formulate such a plan.

What about testing? How is the information transferred from the streets to those all over the country networking together to find a solution? Someone has to develop a database. I’m talking about a database everyone involved can use. A database that allows the information to be arranged in dozens of different ways to examine details the average person would miss. That database has to be fluid as well as reliable. The information, studies, and models have to be shared. The database has to be compatible with modeling programs already in place and used by the experts who have been studying the effects of this virus for months. The database has to be compatible with different operating systems. And of course the database has to be secure.

A system has to be in place to track who is tested, when they were tested, retested, the results of that test, and hundreds of other details. Sooner or later details on underlying conditions has to be gathered and examined. All of those facts have to be compared to systems like the latest census data.

While President Trump’s team is working on details to overcome the threat this virus poses, Pelosi has nothing better to do than complain that no one knows what they are doing, and whatever they are doing is wrong. Looking at all of this, there has to be underlying factors involved. Why do key Democrats oppose the obvious with no rhyme or reason? We could write their reactions off as pure political moves. But when we look at that aspect, opposing progress in the manner key Democrats are following is more like political suicide. If the Democrats today opposed President Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor was bombed, how would the average American react? If today’s Democrats opposed President Bush after the 911 attacks, how would the average American react? In either of those cases, I am sure the American public would demand that those people would immediately be removed from office. How did America reach this stage where we see so many people openly opposed to a united front to defeat the threat America is facing today?

Since 2016 America and the world has been engulfed in fake news. After four years obvious patterns have developed. When we put the facts together we see one obvious pattern. Two major groups insist on using fake news to sway the American voter. Actually fake news is being used all over the world to sway votes. Once we examine the facts something far sinister than lies floats to the surface.

We have to ask why Youtube decided to place an anti-Trump ad at the beginning of every news briefing. The average American voter is not afraid to tell the world if they support Trump, Biden, a third party, or as undecided. That is not the case for those anti-Trump ads. Whoever paid for those ads is going out of their way to hide their identity and main contributors. If you support a cause, and you believe in that cause, you are not afraid to put your name on that support. That is not the same case for the anti-Trump movement. They prefer to remain anonymous. To get at the bottom of this, we have to demand why. That is the logical course of action.

When we make a list of those involved in the anti-Trump movement we come up with a list of key Democrats. Not all Democrats, but those who always seem to gain the news spotlight. We also have a short list of mega companies that for the most part control Internet advertising, searches, and have in the past displayed their own brand of censorship. We also come up with the usual influence from overseas. Most of the overseas contributors are from the Middle East and communist countries. The obvious question is, why are key Democrats and major US corporations working in conjunction with overseas organizations the average American voter views as enemy forces? The obvious answer is politics. That raises a number of other questions.

Bernie Sanders ran for President as an open socialist and communist. Surprisingly that didn’t raise a red flag with many American voters. Which shows how misinformed many voters are and how easily swayed some voters are.

Biden is not far behind in socialist and communist influences. To understand those influences we have to look at Biden’s influence and accomplishments in Ukraine. We need to look much deeper than the speeches and promises made. We have to couple the actual facts and history in Ukraine to follow and then see who was involved in what, and get a glimpse into situations that are obviously hidden from the public’s eyes and ears.

First a glimpse into Ukraine’s history.

Modern history of Ukraine

This is important to understand the big picture. Especially today because a majority of the US has forgotten their roots. They have either forgotten or not been told why their parents of grandparents came to the US. It was of course to begin a new life. They came to the US to escape control by oppressive governments. In Ukraine’s case, we can see a history of control by foreign governments one after another. For the most part Ukraine is like many other European countries. They believe in a small federal government with the majority of control at the local level. The people want to be able to face those in charge of making decisions and spending tax dollars. They want to sit in the same room with the people elected to make decisions and discuss the options. In the long run, for the most part Ukraine is like many in this world who want to live their lives in freedom and security with as little government influence as possible. That’s what they wanted when they revolted from Russia. Freedom from big government is what they want today.

After declaring Independence from Russia, Ukraine had to undergo certain changes. Under communist rule all the companies were state owned. A plan was formulated to privatize those businesses.

History, goals of the reform and possible future policies towards privatization in Ukraine

The Revolution of Dignity of 2014 raised the expectations that more enterprises would be privatized as transparently as the Kryvorizhstal back in 2005. However, the major companies’ privatization attempts have been blocked either by vested interests of the incumbent management or by the oligarchic lobby.

The plan was simple. Sell companies to individuals and use the funds for government operations like the military. But it wasn’t as simple as that. Ukraine had to deal with corrupt officials in their own government as well as hundreds of outside influences.

You say 33 countries were represented at the forum. You mean the laundered Ukrainian money is now on the accounts of 33 countries?

Thirty three are the ones that accepted the organizers’ invitation and came. For example, there were representatives from the Isle of Man and the island of Jersey. The 33 do not necessarily have anything to do with Yanukovych’s money.

But it became clear to us from backstage chats that even the insular countries that imposed no sanctions on our ex-officials brought some information on their accounts, property, and assets.”

And what did Ukraine bring?

My impression is that our law-enforcement bodies are making very slow progress in solving economic cases. There are several factors that cause this. These crimes are very complicated indeed, and one must know how to tackle them. Our side does not have this experience. Moreover, the investigation of these crimes needs proper coordination, whereas in Ukraine the Interior Ministry and the Prosecution Service stay out of contact.”

The press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine released the other day a statement of the Acting Prosecutor General Oleh Makhnitsky that Ukraine knows how to speed up the recovery of billions-worth funds stolen from the Ukrainian people and criminally smuggled out of this country. He allegedly said this in London at a joint press conference with US Attorney General Eric Holder and British Home Secretary Theresa May. What is it all about?

I don’t know about the ‘summary procedure’ Makhnitsky spoke about. I have a record of his final speech – either I missed it or it was not there. He delivered a message, as all the others did, that the recovery of funds is a long and difficult process.

In theory, Ukraine can recover the money quickly. Other countries are ready to render prompt assistance in recovering these funds. But the reality is that if Ukraine fails to supply information about the criminal origin of funds, even the money now frozen on European banks’ accounts will have to be unfrozen.”

I have pages of links and data collected. It would take a volume of books to gather all the information on Ukraine, the problems they face, who is involved, and what steps are being taken to overcome the corruption they have seen. To keep this as short as possible, here is a list of articles, references, and sources.

Joe Biden Forced Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor for Aid Money

Joe Biden visited Ukraine six times in eight years while vice president

Biden bragged in 2018 that, as vice president, he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees if Ukraine did not fire its top prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani alleged for months that Biden wanted Shokin fired because Shokin reportedly undertook an anti-corruption investigation into Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma Holdings, which employed Joe Biden’s lobbyist son Hunter as a board member starting in 2014, reportedly paying him $50,000 a month. The Biden camp countered that Shokin was widely seen by the U.S. and Europe — and inside Ukraine — as ineffective, corrupt, and a hindrance to Ukraine’s progress. Ukraine’s parliament removed Shokin in 2016.

Two days before he fled Ukraine’s capital, President Viktor Yanukovych huddled on the phone for more than an hour with Vice President Joe Biden

Hunter Biden was a member of the board of directors at Burisma in 2014-2019.

As a result, as I travel across the country, I observe a collapse of the law-enforcement system, when the law-enforcement agencies do not even register thefts.”

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed that the Obama Administration had been working on the dismissal of the then-prosecutor general of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin. “All of us in the Administration were trying to get rid of that prosecutor. From Obama to the secretary of state, to the vice president – all of us were working on that – the ambassador…” Kerry said, according to the Voice of America.

Read more on UNIAN:

UNIAN memo. Ukrainian authorities have been probing into money laundering in the amount of over US$33 million during the acquisition of a group of companies of Kherson oil transshipment, in which Wirelogic Technology AS, Digitex Organization LLP, and ex-Minister of Ecology, businessman Mykola Zlochevsky’s Burisma Holdings Limited were involved. Hunter Biden, son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, was a member of the latter’s board.

Read more on UNIAN:

Beyond any shadow of doubt the sale of state owned companies in Ukraine met with nothing but closed door, backroom deals. Funding had to come from somewhere. The people in Ukraine who purchased those companies on paper didn’t have the funds. In most cases the sale price was pennies on the dollar. When you are dealing with companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars, you are still talking about billions of dollars. Money no individual in Ukraine had after declaring independence from Russia. Where did those funds come from?

Let’s take a look at the investment opportunities. Doors were open to purchase companies worth several billions of dollars for a few hundred million or less. The opportunity to see returns of 1000% and greater were on the table ready to be divided. Who do you think were attracted to that table to feast? Those with bank accounts large enough to make cash offers and close the deal fast.

After weeks of pulling up public information it became evident that individuals and companies who purchased those companies in Ukraine took every measure to conceal their identity. They hid behind holding companies, trust funds, and created a paper trail between Ukraine and themselves spanning a number of companies in numerous countries making it nearly impossible for anyone to link the purchase to the actual source of funds.

In April 2014, the Serious Fraud Office of the United Kingdom launched a money laundering investigation against Zlochevsky and accounts of Burisma Holdings and its parent Brociti Investments at the London branch of BNP Paribas containing US$23 million were frozen. That money was transferred as a result of complex transactions by a company controlled by a Ukrainian businessman Serhiy Kurchenko, a subject of the European Union restrictive measures.[39] When the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office failed to provide documents needed for the investigation, a British court in January 2015 dropped the case and ordered to unfreeze the assets.[40] In September 2015, then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt gave a speech in which he called out Ukrainian prosecutors for failing to cooperate with the investigation.[40]

This is highly unusual unless there is a good reason for individuals and companies to create the maximum amount of distance between themselves and the companies in Ukraine they purchased. To name a few reasons, organized crime was involved. That brought in arms dealing, drug dealing, and human trafficking, the last thing predominant politicians and businesses want to be linked to. Billions of dollars of US funds and funds from other countries were funneled through those companies into the bank accounts of major investors. Initial profits were not enough for some of those investors. How do we find out who those investors are? How to we trace them down?

The links above show how Ukraine has made it a top priority to clean up its reputation and prove to the world Ukraine has a government for the people and by the people. Investigations have been going in since 2005, escalated after the 2014 Ukraine revolution, and continue today. When we look at those investigations we can’t help but realize President Trump was being impeached over investigations that began a decade before he took office. Which brings us to the most obvious point of all, how to identify those involved in the purchase of Ukrainian businesses. To construct a list all we need to do is pay attention to those who have been going out of their way to put a stop to investigations in Ukraine. Everyone around the world can see who those individuals and companies are. Facebook is one of those companies who has gone out of their way to remove reports, comments, and links that demand on investigation. The ad giant Google has been more than one sided in it statistic placement of ads aimed at destroying President Trump and swaying the election. Many US news agencies have gone out of their way to confuse the issue muddy the waters, add fake news stories, and to be blunt, become perfectly biased on the 2020 election. Why did those news agencies abandon their code of ethics? Everyone involved in the corruption in Ukraine is running scared.

We have to ask the logical question, why are news agencies, US politicians, and major corporations backing a socialist candidate for President? Sure Biden is socialist. Look at the government he helped install in Ukraine. A government that was over thrown by the people in 2014. The people Biden hand picked and supported with US funds have been arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced. Some fled the country and face outstanding warrants. Those are the type of people Biden associated with and worked with to arrange those sweet deals when Ukraine sold those companies.

Why would individuals and companies back a socialist? Are there backroom deals we will never hear about? Do those companies and politicians really believe they will be safe once socialism reaches the White House? Can they really trust a socialist or the next socialist to gain power in the US? Socialism is a real threat in the 2020 election. What makes those individuals and companies willing to back up a socialist with their check books? To the average person there is little to gain and a lot to loose. In the blink of an eye a socialist government can cease businesses, bank accounts, and every asset and freedom we have as Americans. What would force people to take that chance? Nothing but fear.

If Biden wins the election, their secrets of what happened in Ukraine are safe. If President Trump is elected, those backroom deals stand a pretty good chance of being exposed for the world to see. Politicians who have been mouthing off about gun control in the US will be linked to arms deals in Ukraine. Politicians who have been spouting off about their concern for immigrants and minorities will be linked to human trafficking. Politicians who have been promising tax cuts for decades will be linked to money laundering in Ukraine including US tax dollars. If President Trump is reelected we may see the political system in the United States implode. If Biden is elected President we can be assured, the truth will be buried.

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$1200 Stimulus and Social Security

Just talked to an aid for one of the Congressmen here is Wisconsin with an update on stimulus checks for those on social security. What seemed like an easy task, send out $1200 stimulus checks to everyone on social security turned out to be more of a task than first expected. The plan was to create a computer program to cross reference those on Social Security with those who filed taxes and develop a list so every eligible person received 1 check. After the initial system was developed, other features had to be added. Veterans had to be included in the cross reference check in addition to another list of all those deceased, and a few others who would show up on more than one list as well as those who are not eligible for the stimulus check. The IRS system data had to be cross referenced with social security system data as well as veteran’s system data, and a few others. As the programming progressed, some funds were transferred to bank accounts while others were mailed. The new program also has to cross reference data on bank deposits and mailed checks. Which means a lot of checks and double checks to ensure every eligible person receives one check.

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One Spiritual View of COVID-19

Updates April 9, 2020

Reviewing the last few days of the Presidential news conferences, the US witnessed President Trump doing what he is best known for, training and encouraging people to be the best at their jobs. April 6, 2020 we saw President Trump basically attacked by news reporters. Those reporters were using the nationally televised conference to market their fake news stories. At times President Trump blasted those reporters for attempting to use such tactics. Other times the President simply refused to answer their questions.

On April 7th we saw President Trump initiate a new plan. The President and his entire staff were very careful to identify sources and provide information and locations to study additional information. I other words, the President and his staff were training reporters how to properly investigate and report on the news.

The press conference on April 8th was a completely different story. On April 8th reporters asked questions, identified their sources, and offered statistics and data uncovered during their research. President Trump displayed the same skills used during his TV show The Apprentice where he outlined a project, provided basic steps, set goals, and allowed the contestants to display their skills. The show was based on teams competing on a project to show organizational and creative skills.

It is rare to see anyone use everyday situations to educate people much less direct and encourage people to be the best at what they do for a living. President Trump displayed those skills and passions on national TV. On April 8th the President and his staff praised reporters for investigating the questions at hand and offering information they were able to verify. We’ve seen President Trump blast fake news in the past. Instead of condemning those reporters, the President proudly displayed his passion for bringing the best out of people and making them the professionals they long to be.

On a side note. If Hydroxychloroquine turns out to be a vaccine for COVID-19, it just may be a cure for the common cold, another variant of the coronavirus. Imagine a President putting a team of researches together to not only discover a vaccine for COVID-19, but cure the common cold. This may only be a personal opinion at this point, but it is something to consider.

One more thing happened. I called a very spiritual friend who sent me a video. In the video a young man claimed to hear God’s voice. He warned there was something strange going on, but could not place his finger upon what was happening. I can tell you for a fact, that is how the Holy Spirit works. He can only share what you are ready for. Based on where we are in our spiritual walk, how much we rely on doctrines, what those doctrines are, and hundreds of other factors, we can hear a message, but who we are and what we believe limit the information we receive and or understand.

I can tell you for a fact, there are a hundred ways to explain what is happening today from a spiritual aspect. How do I know this? I was an instructor in the army where we were required to explain the same detail in a number of ways because different people learned from different examples and explanations. On the spiritual sides all we need to do is look at the Gospels where Jesus taught the same lesson by telling three or four parables. There were two reasons for that. Some people caught onto the first explanation, some the second, and some the third. The serious student of the Bible caught onto the fact that a deeper spiritual interpretation could be seen when all the details from each of the parables was combined. Almost two hundred years ago a man named William Miller wrote a set of Bible Study Rules that were widely accepted throughout the world by most Christian denominations. One of those rules applies here.

To understand doctrine, bring all the Scriptures together on the subject you wish to know;

then let every word have it’s proper influence, and if you can form your theory without a

contradiction, you cannot be in an error (Isaiah 28:7-29; 35:8; Proverbs 19:27; Luke

24:27, 44, 45; James 5:19; 2 Peter 1:19, 20).

Of course the other rules also apply, but this is one we need to concentrate on. What does it take to gather all the facts on a subject?

It was not by accident that President Trump took the time and put in the effort to teach reporters how to study a subject by collecting all the data. If that is important for a news story, how much more important is it to gather all the details on the spiritual subject at hand?

While watching that video with the young man with a burden to deliver a message he did not fully understand, I could see how he brought up some valid points to consider. The government displayed some rather insightful control over the population we have not witnessed in this generation. There are socialists and communists openly running for President. The young man exaggerated a few points like the possibility of people being herded into camps after contacting the virus. We all have to admit those lock down laws to curve the virus have been put into effect and for the most part obeyed by the majority of people. Is that a sign of things to come? According to that video those lock down and stay at home laws were a warning God wants us to pay attention to. The main purpose of that video was to warn the world something much bigger is coming.

Then the man got into some comments based on doctrine. He started talking about the rapture. Basically the rapture belief is based on a single verse from the Bible. I can tell you, that goes against all Bible Study rules and for the most part, common sense. There is no way anyone can take a single sentence out of any book and explain the entire book. There is no way they could possibly explain the different scenes in the book, people, events, or timelines. But someone, actually a number of groups took the same sentence, actually a few sentences out of the Bible and constructed a number of stories and concepts.

There are dozens of views and doctrines on the rapture theory. None of them agree on all the points. All the concepts have different timelines and events. How can that be? God is only following one timeline and series of events.

To understand what events lead up to and occur in the last days, you have to understand the Book of Revelation. It is a rather simple book to understand. I’ve written a series of books on Revelation and the judgment process. I’ve looked at and studied a number of beliefs and doctrines on the judgment process from different religions in the world and a host of Christian denominations. There is one thing they all have in common. There is one mistake they have all made. Not one of them accepts Revelation as a book. A literary book recorded in the proper sequence. The sequence that was given by Jesus to John the apostle.

People like to brand Revelation as a book of mystery. A book that can only be understood with years of education. Education from where? An institution that teaches people to measure, judge, and interpret every verse in the Bible according to their standards we refer to as doctrines.

Let me make this perfectly clear. You cannot interpret the Bible, a spiritual book based on worldly doctrines. Those doctrines basically establish a barricade between the reader and the Holy Spirit. The man in the video testified to that fact. He did hear a spiritual message. He did try to deliver a spiritual message. A warning. But then he made the mistake by taking a message and attempted to interpret that message according to the doctrines he has been taught to believe. Those doctrines tell him to accept events and timelines based on interpretations not found or verified by scripture. Like the President asked those reporters, what is your proof? What are your references? If those basic questions cannot be answered, the question or stated facts are based on nothing more than a personal opinion backed up by nothing but imagination.

Jesus did not take John to Heaven to give him a book, take it back to earth, withdraw the Holy Spirit, then later send a few men to a college to learn how to interpret that book. The sequence in Revelation is simple to understand. Jesus dictated the book to John in a series of visions. One following the other. John recorded those visions in the order they were given. The beginning of the book of Revelation actually teaches us how to study the book and the Bible as a whole. The first chapter in Revelation contains a description of Jesus. That description is broken up into seven parts. Each part is given to each of the seven churches. Take every description of Jesus given to those seven churches, put them together, and you have all the information about Jesus given to the churches, the world. That agrees with William Miller’s Bible Study Rule.

That is one lesson in Revelation. The other is to accept Revelation as a book written by Jesus. A book any eight year old could read and understand. All you need to do is pay attention to the details in the stories. Look at how those stories are introduced. You will see an undeniable pattern throughout Revelation. John sees a vision. John of course does not understand that vision because portions of that vision deal with the future. A future John of course does not understand. After the vision is given, we see an angel standing next to John ready, willing, and able to explain that vision to John. Naturally the angel backs up in history, progressed into John’s time, then proceeded into the future. After the explanation of that vision was finished, another vision followed. Visions were explained to John one at a time. For some people that makes it difficult to follow the timeline Jesus gave this world. But if you take time to study Revelation the way it was written and pay attention to who and how John received information, Revelation can and will explain itself with no outside sources. That is when Revelation becomes its own reference book. The way it was written and meant to be understood. We will look at one example about the end of this world here.

Revelation 14:15-20 NLTse (15) Then another angel came from the Temple and shouted to the one sitting on the cloud, “Swing the sickle, for the time of harvest has come; the crop on earth is ripe.” (16) So the one sitting on the cloud swung his sickle over the earth, and the whole earth was harvested. (17) After that, another angel came from the Temple in heaven, and he also had a sharp sickle. (18) Then another angel, who had power to destroy with fire, came from the altar. He shouted to the angel with the sharp sickle, “Swing your sickle now to gather the clusters of grapes from the vines of the earth, for they are ripe for judgment.” (19) So the angel swung his sickle over the earth and loaded the grapes into the great winepress of God’s wrath. (20) The grapes were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed from the winepress in a stream about 180 miles long and as high as a horse’s bridle.

We can see how the end of Revelation chapter 14 describes the end of one step in the judgment process. The swinging of the sickle is repeated four times. Jesus teaches using repetition to point out key points. In this case it is the harvest which is ripe for what? Judgment.

When we review a few of Jesus’ parables we get a better understanding of one phase of that judgment process we gather more information on the subject.

Matthew 13:27-30 NLTse “The farmer’s workers went to him and said, ‘Sir, the field where you planted that good seed is full of weeds! Where did they come from?’ (28) “‘An enemy has done this!’ the farmer exclaimed. “‘Should we pull out the weeds?’ they asked. (29) “‘No,’ he replied, ‘you’ll uproot the wheat if you do. (30) Let both grow together until the harvest. Then I will tell the harvesters to sort out the weeds, tie them into bundles, and burn them, and to put the wheat in the barn.'”

Matthew 13:36-39 NLTse Then, leaving the crowds outside, Jesus went into the house. His disciples said, “Please explain to us the story of the weeds in the field.” (37) Jesus replied, “The Son of Man is the farmer who plants the good seed. (38) The field is the world, and the good seed represents the people of the Kingdom. The weeds are the people who belong to the evil one. (39) The enemy who planted the weeds among the wheat is the devil. The harvest is the end of the world, and the harvesters are the angels.

When we see Jesus telling us the harvest is at the end of the world and the harvest symbolizes the judgment, no one can argue with the point, the judgment is at the end of time in this world. That establishes a timeline many disagree with. But here we gathered information on the subject and allowed the Bible to be its own interpreter. Now that we established one point on a timeline, we can see how that timeline progresses by turning the page in Revelation.

Revelation 15:1 NLTse Then I saw in heaven another marvelous event of great significance. Seven angels were holding the seven last plagues, which would bring God’s wrath to completion.

Immediately following the end of that phase in the judgment process, the last seven plagues begin. Before John sees the seven plagues released on this world, he is shown another vision in Heaven.

Revelation 15:2 NLTse I saw before me what seemed to be a glass sea mixed with fire. And on it stood all the people who had been victorious over the beast and his statue and the number representing his name. They were all holding harps that God had given them.

Were the saints in Heaven at that point in time, or was that a vision using symbols? We have to follow the sequence given in this story to answer that question.

Revelation 16:1-2 NLTse (1) Then I heard a mighty voice from the Temple say to the seven angels, “Go your ways and pour out on the earth the seven bowls containing God’s wrath.” (2) So the first angel left the Temple and poured out his bowl on the earth, and horrible, malignant sores broke out on everyone who had the mark of the beast and who worshiped his statue.

The first plague identifies the people who are lost. Those who have been judged and found guilty. You have to know something about the basic concept of God’s judgment to understand the sequence of events. God’s judgment process is much like court procedures here on earth. Someone is accused of a crime. A court date is set. Evidence is reviewed. A decision is made and the person is either pronounced guilty or innocent. When the verdict is guilty, the punishment or sentence is of course carried out at a later date.

Like Jesus explained in His parable. The angels will know the difference between the saved and condemned. The first plague in Revelation chapter 16 verifies that point. Malachi included a prophecy about that day, event, and sequence.

Malachi 3:17-18 NLTse “They will be my people,” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies. “On the day when I act in judgment, they will be my own special treasure. I will spare them as a father spares an obedient child. (18) Then you will again see the difference between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.”

Not only Heaven, but people on earth will see the difference between the righteous and the wicked. And that is one of the spiritual lessons we have to see and understand about the coronavirus. What happened at the beginning of that virus? As soon as people heard about that virus, many people ran to the stores to hoard, of all things, toilet paper. Toilet paper became a symbol of that virus. Pictures of white toilet flashed all around the world. Toilet paper marked the wicked. People hoarding toilet paper showed their greed. They marked themselves. The world could tell who was looking out for themselves and days later could see those who placed the welfare of others before themselves.

Jesus always teaches in pairs. Jesus always uses repetition to teach. If the first plague will mark the difference between the righteous and the wicked, wouldn’t Jesus send a warning before He moves from judging the dead to judging the living? Of course He would. We have that assurance in the fact, Jesus taught about the end of this world in pairs and sets.

There is one other aspect about those seven churches we have to realize. Not one church received a full view of Jesus or all the details about the other subjects covered in the letters John wrote to those churches. The churches had no choice but to come together with their letters from Heaven and put them together to get the full story.

Of course some people are going to look at those seven plagues and try to explain them. Many denominations already have their personal interpretations on those plagues that of course aligns with their doctrines. Which of course does not fit into the timeline and sequence of events recorded in Revelation. Some people are going to point to one or more of those plagues and use world history to try and prove some of those plagues have already been fulfilled. Now who do we believe? Do we believe Jesus and trust that John recorded Revelation in the proper sequence? Or do we believe college educated theologians who need to convince people those events and timelines in the Bible are wrong? And why do those theologians believe the timeline and events in the Bible were recorded in the wrong order? Because the timeline and sequence of events in Revelation do not agree with their doctrines. Like the priests and Pharisees who killed Jesus, theologians today insist their interpretations had to be written and taught because God, the Author of the Bible omitted important details, and for some reason wanted to hide the timeline and sequence of events from mankind. But as we’ve seen, the timeline and sequence of events has been clearly recorded. It is up to the individual to accept the sequence recorded in Revelation, accept the sequence offered by theologians, or ignore the entire sequence and hope it never actually happens.

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Joe Biden April 8 Town Hall Meeting

Presidential candidate Joe Biden turned to the Internet to offer a virtual town hall meeting. Biden offers his insights to the COVID-19 crisis while listing the steps he would take to overcome this crisis. Joe Biden also listed the qualifications he has to lead this country.


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President Trump Has Accomplished the Impossible

Reviewing the last few days of the Presidential news conferences, the US witnessed President Trump doing what he is best known for, training and encouraging people to be the best at their jobs. April 6, 2020 we saw President Trump basically attacked by news reporters. Those reporters were using the nationally televised conference to market their fake news stories. At times President Trump blasted those reporters for attempting to use such tactics. Other times the President simply refused to answer their questions.

On April 7th we saw President Trump initiate a new plan. The President and his entire staff were very careful to identify sources and provide information and locations to study additional information. I other words, the President and his staff were training reporters how to properly investigate and report on the news.

The press conference on April 8th was a completely different story. On April 8th reporters asked questions, identified their sources, and offered statistics and data uncovered during their research. President Trump displayed the same skills used during his TV show The Apprentice where he outlined a project, provided basic steps, set goals, and allowed the contestants to display their skills. The show was based on teams competing on a project to show organizational and creative skills.

It is rare to see anyone use everyday situations to educate people much less direct and encourage people to be the best at what they do for a living. President Trump displayed those skills and passions on national TV. On April 8th the President and his staff praised reporters for investigating the questions at hand and offering information they were able to verify. We’ve seen President Trump blast fake news in the past. Instead of condemning those reporters, the President proudly displayed his passion for bringing the best out of people and making them the professionals they long to be.

On a side note. If Hydroxychloroquine turns out to be a vaccine for COVID-19, it just may be a cure for the common cold, another variant of the coronavirus. Imagine a President putting a team of researches together to not only discover a vaccine for COVID-19, but cure the common cold. This may only be a personal opinion at this point, but it is something to consider.


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1918 Spanish Flu

One of our goals at USA-eVote is to add information about previous pandemics that threatened this world. The 1918 Spanish Flu seems to be the best choice as the first virus to cover. Since that virus infected the world during WWI, it naturally blends into the concept of American History and fits into the category of WWI articles.

After reviewing this entire video it was a perfect fit for This video follows the USA-eVote trend of providing reference material and backs up information with reliable sources. The publisher of this video did a great job of adding references, providing proper credits, and backing up the information with reliable sources.

This video on the 1918 Spanish Flu tells a story about a world epidemic that quickly spread from one country to another. After watching this video you will have a much better idea of what the experts on President Trump’s staff have studied and why drastic measures had to be taken to curve the spread of today’s COVID-19 virus.

USA-eVote hopes you take one concept from this video. The information on this video is unbiased. This video sticks to the facts and backs those facts up with necessary references. This video displays what investigative reporting is all about and shows how important proper study is. This video highlights the mistakes government made in the early stages of the 1918 Spanish Flu, and covers the learning curve government and individual organizations had to live through to finally control the spread of the 1918 Spanish Flu.

How serious was the 1918 Spanish Flu? After viewing this video you can see why I call it the 12 hour flu. That flu was so powerful, people often died within 12 hours of showing the first signs of being infected.

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