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Legends of America

If you are planning a trip, BOOKMARK this website. Legends of America has more pictures, stories, and facts about some of the most interesting sites in America I’ve seen. I’m not talking about a website. I’m talking about the REAL THING. The actual experience of seeing unusual, interesting, and historic places for yourself. If you can’t afford to visit all those places, Dave and Kathy have done it for you. Their website is an accumulation of dozens, maybe hundreds of interesting places to visit. If you started a bucket list, this site may add so many items to that list, it may take 100 years to accomplish every one.

Legends of America is well laid out. Has pictures, well you just have to see them. The top menu drops down to show more viewing choices than you can imagine. And they are all wonderful. If you want to get lost in the Internet for a time, this is the PLACE to be.

Their stories and pictures are phenomenal. I don’t have the words to describe this site. If you are into old time collectibles, you are going to love this site. Old buildings, tools, artifacts, and more. There is also a great collection of really old pictures. Enjoy!!! And don’t forget to SHARE!

I’ve included an iframe for you convenience. But click the link to view this site in all its glory. Keep up the good work of SHARING. Legends of America has Social Share Buttons for your convenience.

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