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It’s Back

I actually lived through the segregation, discrimination, and yes, the theory of evolution implemented to justify segregation and discrimination in the 1960’s. I look at CRT today and I can tell you, it’s back. Okay, I was only 10 years old, didn’t know a lot about religion, but the theory of evolution didn’t make much sense to a 10 year old. At that age I didn’t read the Bible, but I knew God created one man and one woman. Simple. Not much there to misunderstand or misinterpret. Then where did evolution come into play? Where was that link between monkeys and men? Not one link was ever discovered. Not one single piece of evidence. Not in a world where some scientist or archaeologist digs up a piece of bone the size of a coin and creates a whole new animal out of that piece of bone that is of course hundreds of billions of years old. Science is at war with God’s story about creation and the age of this world.

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One branch of science has always been at odds with God and creation. Someone looked into space one day, saw nothing and came up with the concept of a black hole. Why? That branch of science is at war with God and trying to explain their other theory, the big bang theory. That branch of science is still at war with God and creation. Other branches of science have joined that battle against God.

As a 10 year old I could see through the theory of evolution. There was no evidence in the Bible to support the theory of evolution. Nor was their any physical or scientific evidence to support evolution. It boiled down to taking the word of one man. It wasn’t by accident the theory of evolution came out at about the same time is Marxism and the Civil War. Karl Marx loved the theory of evolution because it supported his theory on superior beings destined to lead the rest of the people in this world. You can research Marxism on your own, it boils down to a society lead by a group of superior beings and the rest of the population accepting their superior wisdom without question. Marx looked at evolution, disagreed with it, then agreed with it. Marx wrote papers on both rejecting and accepting evolution. Quite strange from someone claiming to be that superior being the world should follow without question. There were others who accepted the theory of evolution with open arms. Of course the South before and during the Civil War accepted evolution and of course used evolution to justify and endorse slavery. One of those believers was Andrew Jackson, the founder of the democratic party. I am not going to look up and arrange a number of links. Most of which are on this site in other stories, but I will include a few links to other stories on this site that include many links for additional research.

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To a 10 year old it seemed impossible to believe in God and evolution. But that didn’t stop people from trying to push the agenda. During the Civil War it was plain to see, money was the factor that drove Andrew Jackson and others to pay for articles and research into evolution as well as propaganda supporting evolution. Democrats needed evolution to justify slavery. Democrats claimed to be the humanitarians looking out for the welfare of an inferior race who could not survive on their own. Not much has changed in that belief today. Listen to democrats. Their pitch may have changed to a degree, but their ideology has not bend to one side nor the other.

Some time ago a number of democrats discovered Marxism, socialism, and other forms of government they chose to weave into a new tapestry of life under their control. One thing needs to be clear to understand the mindset of a dedicated democrat. Their leaders are no different than Karl Marx. Like Marx they claim to have discovered and engineered a better form of government based on a recipe with ingredients from original concepts of the democratic party formulated by Andrew Jackson, combined with basic ideals from Karl Marx, hopes and dreams from Adolph Hitler, and a pinch of this and that from communist leaders such as Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping, Pol Pot, and others. With a combination of socialists and communists leaders, modern democrats are certain their new recipe will result in utopia on earth. With them in charge of course. That aspect of Marxism has not changed. Marxist leaders view themselves as gods, and all opposition must be eliminated. A creed shared by satanists, which plays an intricate role in the modern democratic party.

It is common knowledge Bernie Sanders has dedicated his life studying Hitler, claiming he was able to identify Hitler’s mistakes and now has the knowledge to proceed with Hitler’s plans and make it a success. It is more than sinister to observe a Jew studying Hitler and insist his plans would have led to the utopia he promised if there were a few minor changes. Combine with that, George Soros and you have a volatile combination this world could never live with or under.

The other detail in this plan that clearly points to its ultimate failure is the history of communism itself. There are no two communist countries or leaders who trust another communist country or leader. Common sense tells us, people who believe they are god, will never bow to another. History has verified that fact. A number of countries that fell to communism fell to groups of communists joining together to over throw the existing government. In each and every case, the strongest group eliminated weaker groups. History has shown genocide follows each and every communist takeover.

The Critical Race Theory is an updated version of Karl Marx’s original theory. The problem is, Marxists only mention two classes. The upper class leaders and all those below them. They do not mention the middle class which is people living far better than the lower class, also known as the enforcers. Every Marxists and communist society has their enforcement class or branch. History has shown, communism can never survive without it. Which is how communists recruit. The elite of course are the leaders. They recruit people with promises of a utopia, their dreams of an equal and peaceful society, and then add the hook. If you get in on the ground floor, you will be in charge of specific groups. That promise goes two ways. Many sadistic people join Marxists groups. Those people’s heads are filled with images of freely living out their sadistic fantasies. The other group of people are looking for that utopia and are promised leadership roles to oversee groups of other people with less understanding to lead, direct, and for lack of a better term, take the role of governor and judge in their society. The second group of people are easily convinced they are part of an elite group lead by a vision to change the world. Both groups are promised the freedom to run their little corner of the world their way. They are made to believe they are mini gods.

The democrat elite are convinced they are gods, and their plans are the only plans that will work. Of course money is the key factor. It always is. But settling riches aside for a moment, elite Marxists do their homework. The only way Democratic Marxism will work is to eliminate all classes allowing them to introduce their two class system. Which we know is a lie. When the elite examine society they see a number of classes. The Democratic Marxist plan is to divide those classes to make them easier to conquer. Which is why Karl Marx eventually adapted evolution. Elite democrats need to change society to have one group under their control so they make all the decisions with no questions asked. To achieve that goal, they need to crush a number of middle class groups. When elites take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture, they see a small minority of people willing to fall in line and accept their promises. History and common sense shows us the majority of social groups reject every form of Marxism. To work around that problem, democrats needed to introduce a new combination of evolution and Marxism. A new term was born called the Critical Race Theory or CRT. In a new modern view, democrats put a new spin on evolution, claiming the lower races have been held back and it is time for them to accept Marxism that holds the answers to their dreams.

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When we take a step back and let CRT supporters voice their opinion, we see evolution bubble to the surface. We see them insist, certain races are not as intelligent as others, and are not capable of succeeding without help. In reality, the arguments CRT offers are not much different than the arguments Andrew Jackson and his supporters used to justify slavery. All they did was substitute the word equality for slavery, but the fact of the matter is, CRT still classifies people based on the color of their skin and not as individuals. CRT attacks people of color who are successful. People who prove their theory of evolution is false. CRT is a combination of evolution and Marxism designed to turn classes against one another by first classifying people by the color of their skin and convincing them, people of color have been taken advantage of. Of course CRT ignores the fact half of Europe and the majority of Asian countries in addition to a large number of Middle Eastern as well as African nations have endured slavery at the hands of invading nations and their own governments for generations. People from all over the world have fled to the United States to escape slavery and injustice. Slavery and injustice do not discriminate. Every color of skin, every religions, and every ethnic group has suffered at the hands of tyrants all over the world. In the United States those people have formed a union with others from all over the world under the common banner of freedom.

The success of CRT relies on the support of Marxists, who are better organized in the US than we expected. Marxists hold key positions in federal, state, and local governments from offices of high power to election commissions, to school boards. They are spread thin, but have been able to worm their way into key positions. The success of CRT and Marxism also relies on the support of common people. Democrats have identified that group as people willing to accept a society where they don’t have to work, or worry about applying themselves to live comfortably. People with little to no ambition, but will act in accordance with government orders if it guarantees a comfortable life with little to no effort. Democrats who live by the rule of evolution have identified groups they feel they can easily control with promises and trinkets, until they have served their purpose. History shows us how communists use the poor and lower classes to gain control. Then of course the poor and lower class find themselves worse off than before. By then it is too late to do anything about it.

The problem is, CRT will not work without evolution, and every religion has rejected evolution. The solution, eliminate God.

In 2021 we have seen democrats introduce a number of laws, bills, and executive orders all designed to eliminate God, the Bible, Christianity, and every other religion. Democrats cannot advance to the next step as long as Christianity stands at the door as a watch dog.

History has shown how every form of communism has practiced genocide on every form of religion. Every form of religion is anti-communist. Every form of religion with the exception of satanism which share the same creed. The elite are gods and anyone who disagrees must be eliminated. Communists will not stand for any competition.

Muslims and Christians share the same beliefs on creation. They both have books on Genesis and give credit to God for creation. Other religions have their versions on creation. We are stuck with two stories, creation and evolution. And of course those who live without the use of religion and form no opinion on how this world came into being. Communism and all forms of Marxism have always been at odds with religion and every form of creation and cannot exist in a world where people give credit to any God for creation or any form of control in this world. Marxists, communists, and satanist lust after total control and will obtain that control at any cost.

The virus was the first step to eliminate God. Covid-19 received more publicity than any other event in world history. Covid-19 has been pushed in the media for over a year. The attack on Pearl Harbor took center stage for only a few months before the media focused on troops heading overseas, and updates on the war. Even the atomic bombs dropped on Japan had limited press coverage. But look at covid-19. For months the media focused on death tolls, wearing a mask, washing your hands, and how to cope with what seemed like never ending lock downs. One year later the media focused on the vaccine.

The vaccine has taken center stage across the world. In essence the vaccine introduced an attack on God. Somehow God didn’t see covid-19 and didn’t prepare for it. The vaccine is designed to plant a seed of doubt in marginal Christians, Muslims, and people of all faiths and religions. The vaccine is designed to place science above God. Which is what evolution is designed to do, place doubts about God’s existence in the minds of marginal Christians and people of all religions. If God missed something, if God didn’t see covid-19 coming, if the immune system wasn’t created perfect, how could there possibly be a perfect God? The vaccine is designed to replace God with science. For people to place their trust in science and forget about a God who fell short, and could not exist.

Planet warning serves the same purpose. The elite claim, with enough money they can control the weather and save the world. Planet warming and the new green deal are designed to attack God. Another in a long list of things God did not see coming, problems God cannot solve. If God cannot solve those problems, it is evidence God does not exist. If God does not exist, the world needs that elite group of thinkers to lead this world without question. And those who question the slightest thing must be eliminated.

In addition to the vaccine, global warning, and the new green deal, democrats have been busy introducing new bills, laws, and executive orders to cast more and more doubt on God. A series of bills have been introduced in congress insisting men can get pregnant, money has to be spent so men can get abortions, there are an endless list of genders, and other details attacking creation and God.

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Those bills are designed to attack God. They introduce the thought, God did not see an endless stream of genders, and cast doubt on God’s creation of a man and woman, as well as the explanation of women giving birth. In short, those bills introduced by democrats are designed to call Genesis and all creation stories from all religions into question.

Abortion is also another attack on God. Abortion has always been and will always be a way of making people into their own god by placing life and death in their hands. Abortion places the role of judgment in the hands of common people. Abortion forces the satanic and Marxist creed on people. We are gods. As we see with abortion supporters, anyone who disagrees with them needs to be eliminated.

In short we are in a spiritual war. A fight against any form of Marxism and communism has always been a spiritual war. Their weapons are evolution, which today is renamed CRT. Nancy Pelosi bragged about arrows in her quiver. Those arrows include, multiple genders. A campaign promise spread all over social media. The government will pay for your gender changes, find a way for men to give birth, and allow you to live out the sexual fantasies you experience in video games in real life. A number of those games dwell on conquering, raping, pillaging, and slavery. The slave trade is an essential part of some video games. Money and slaves equal power, the ability to purchase arms, pay armies, and grow your kingdom. Games dwell on magic and black arts including the ability to change shape, and gender. Democrats used fantasies in those games to make campaign promises. It has been going on for years in Europe with protests demanding the right to change genders, at taxpayers expense. Demands from the left are deeper. They want to legalize all forms of sex. They want to legally have sex with young boys and girls. They want all sex trades legalized with no government restraints. They want to legally own slaves with the ability to torture and kill human beings to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Combined with abortion it goes deeper than that.

Full term abortions point to one thing. Satanists will use full term abortion choices to legally offer human sacrifices. To satanists, offering a sinless sacrifice to Satan is the highest honor. They have done it in the last and with full term abortions legal, they can offer an unlimited number of human sacrifices. Thereby gaining an envisioned unlimited favor from their god Satan.

In addition to human sacrifices of sinless new born babies, full term abortion opens the market to the sale of blood from new born babies. A priceless commodity in the field of Adrenochrome.

The Marketing of Children’s Blood: Adrenochrome Goes Mainstream on Turkish TV News

Has the fountain of youth been in our blood all along?

Add to that the sale of fresh new baby organs and you open up a billion dollar a year market. Put that together with former Vice President Joe Biden introducing his son Hunter to members of organized crime in Ukraine and China and you can see how Hunter was well paid for on the job training in the the sex, slave, and organ sale trades.

Vice President Harris has long ties to satanist groups dating back to 2016.

Today we see an open border, woman, boys, and young girls herded into buses by armed cartel and no one seems to know where those buses are headed. The small amount of information shared from Hunter Biden’s laptop show his involvement in pedophilia, trafficking, and the sex trades. Each and every one of those actions depend on religious control or the elimination of religion all together. Which has been the goal of every communist society throughout the world. We are in a spiritual war.

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