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WWI Centennial 

Folks, the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI is a mere two months away now. And here at USA-eVote, we’d like to mark the occasion in a big way. But it will take more than just us here at USA-eVote. We, not just as citizens of America, but as citizens of the world, owe these brave men and women.

So, we’re asking your help. Have an idea of how we can honor the men and women who fought in world war one? Have an idea of somewhere we (as in all of us) could donate? Let us know!

We would like to make a difference and show Americans how grateful we are to those who fought in the Great War. 

We CANNOT let this anniversary pass us by without marking it.

It is our obligation to those who served, and most definitely, to those who died, to remember it.

Help us do something.

We beg of you.

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Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!

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