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Janowska Concentration Camp

In September of 1941, the Nazis set up a factory on Janowska Street in Lvov, Poland for forced labor. This was just the beginning of a network of factories, known as the German Armament Works (DAW). Operated by the SS, Jews and Poles were rounded up and forced into hard labor for the Nazi party, often doing carpentry and metalwork. Some were given the bizarre task of spending 12 hours destroying Jewish graveyards. Still others scrubbed locomotives. In the very early days of the camp – when it was still a “workshop” and not yet a camp – many Jews actually wanted to work here, largely because it meant food and the coveted certificate and pay, meager though it was. What these poor victims did not realize, however, is what they were voluntarily signing themselves up for.

Though the exact date for the opening of Janowska isn’t known, roughly a month later in October 1941, Commandant Fritz “Choker” Gebauer announced that the laborers would permanently stay at the camp. Worse yet, in October, there were not yet any barracks, so the prisoners were forced to sleep in the factories themselves, or in the streets.

Janowska was divided into three separate sections. The first section consisted of things such as the factories, offices of the staff and guards, and garages. The Second section held the barracks. And, finally, the third held the DAW factories. There were no official toilets or baths. Surrounding all of this was two rows of barbed-wire fence, illuminated by searchlights. Watchtowers were placed at 50 meter intervals around the entire camp. Each barrack housed 2,000 inmates. The conditions were absolutely horrific. Sanitation was abysmal. Prisoners that were “lucky” enough to sleep in the bunks, actually slept on planks, and the rest slept on the floor. Disease and epidemics were common, as was starvation. Like other concentration camps, the food was usually watery soup with maybe a pice or two of potatoes, carrots, or beets. Sometimes, the food was so bad, even though they were starving, prisoners refused to eat it. Worse yet, Janowska actually experienced fatalities from the food.

Commandant “Choker” got his name from his horrible habit of suddenly grabbing men’s necks and choking them. But this was hardly the extent of his forms of killing nor torture. “Gebauer buried prisoners alive, and he forbade prisoners to wash but demanded ideal cleanliness of them. According to testimony dating to the winter of 1941–42, he forced naked prisoners during a severe cold spell to wash in a barrel filled with water; they died after this” (

After Majdanek (the next entry), Janowska was second-largest forced labor camp. Upon returning to camp after 12-14 hours of hard labor, it was not uncommon for prisoners to be seen carrying back the bodies of those who died on the job. 130 deaths from one “victim taking” meaning prisoners were tasked with carrying out meaningless tasks such as hauling boards, bricks, or logs.  Janowska has been described by historians as a “university of violence, a higher school of sadism” ( The phrase “hell on earth” appears in many memoirs of Janowska victims.

Nazis tried outdoing each other in each discovering his own form of absurd punishment, thus, Janowska prisoners saw diverse and bizarre forms of killing. Random killings were normal, as were brutal beatings for no apparent reason. Memoirs of Janowska confide that several prisoners were thrown into a cauldron of boiling soup. Some were even shot for not dressing fast enough after showering. Still more were drowned in barrels of water to freeze in the winter. Life in the camp only got worse with Gebauer’s successor, Gustav Willhaus. Willhaus was actually known for standing on the balcony of his camp villa, shooting at prisoners. Willhaus was also known for placing fatigued prisoners between wire rows and leaving them there to die. It grew still worse under Willhaus’s successor, Erwin Richard Rokita. “Rokita’s notoriety rested on his sadistic invention, known as the ‘Tango of Death’ . . . He organized a camp orchestra that was composed of Lviv’s finest musicians and composers” ( If any musician played even a single wrong note, said musician was put to death. But what the “Tango of Death” was, officially, Janowska’s execution melody. During roll calls, both Willhaus and Rokita were known to shoot prisoners at random.

The manner in which a Jew was killed varied, depending on the executioner; shooting, flogging, choking, hanging, fixing to crosses with the head down, cutting to pieces with knives or axes. Distinctive procedures were adopted when killing women. They were mostly flogged to death or killed by stabbing. The Nazis conducted their tortures, beatings and shootings to the accompaniment of music. (Link).

One notorious moment in Janowska’s history came on 16 March 1943, following the shooting of SS man. Punishment came in the form more than 1,000 Jews being shot and 11 Jewish policemen being hanged.

As of March 1942, Janowska began serving as a transition camp, usually for those heading to places such as Bełźec, for gas chambers. In March 1942, fifteen thousand passed through for Bełźec, in August 1942 another sixty thousand, and, finally, in November 1942 another ten thousand. Then, in 1943, Janowska became an extermination camp, itself. The majority of its victims were Jews, Poles, Russians, and Ukrainians. Finally, in the spring and summer of 1944, the camp was fully liquidated when prisoners were forced on a death march. Most died.

[Below: Villa of Commandant Gustav Willhaus]

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Satan in the Capital
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God is Opening Doors

God is opening more doors than we can imagine. Some of us see the obvious doors while others can see doors others miss. Like the Bible teaches, this is going to take team work with one leader, Jesus himself.

One of the most obvious doors opened early in 2021 was what can referred to the Game Stop door. It seems rather ironic to use a video game retailer as a symbol, but real Christians have seen the video game threat for years. What better place for God to open a huge door for witnessing.

The media has been working overtime with demons to slam that door shut. The media is embarrassed because God used them to open that door. They don’t realize, that is the way God works.

The Game Stop story began with a few investors looking at stock investing. They ran across Game Stop which was obviously undervalued. The early investors saw a stock price so low, the companies inventory and property was worth more than the stock. It looked like the perfect investment. Early investors were Game Stop customers. They knew as soon as relief checks arrived millions of people would flood Game Stop stores and buy new games to pass time during the endless lock down period. It made total sense to invest in Game Stop.

Investors spread the news over social media. Thousands bought stock and the price went up. Early investors made as much as 1400% on their investment. But there was a problem.

The top 1%, the super rich had their little club who loved to play games with stocks and companies. No one is sure, but a number of super rich people placed huge bets on Game Stop folding. When Game Stop stock rose, those super rich people lost their bets on Game Stop folding. It doesn’t matter how much they lost, it was the principle that mattered. The top 1% lost to a group of amateur stock investors.

In an act of revenge a few rich people took to the media to condemn the amateurs, calling them radicals, traitors, and everything under the sun. The rich claimed that type of investing would topple the entire US economy. The media followed up with stories and a number of democrat politicians joined in the chorus condemning the Game Stop investors. Going as far as accusing the investors of working with the Russian government.

No one bothered to look at who the Game Stop investors were. It turns out the majority of the Game Stop investors were young people who voted for Biden and the democrats who were now condemning them. They heard all the speeches about taxing the top 2%. When they found out the top 1% lost money on their bets, they thought they would receive the support of the people they voted for. Instead they were ridiculed, scorned, and threatened. In a moment they lost all hope for the political party they voted for.

This opens a huge door to reach millions based on the fact those people lost faith in the people they believed in. That incident left a huge void in the majority of those investors, which leaves them open to people with answers. But we need to be careful. We cannot use the same pointless slogans those people fell for in the first place. They learned a lesson. They learned what empty words and promises are. And will be much more careful in the future.

There is one sure way of reaching people. Either God sends you to that person with a specific message, or that person is sent to you. The fact of the matter is, God has few people He can trust with messages. Ambassadors to deliver messages with the exact words given to deliver. Humans, especially indoctrinated Christians want to model messages according to what they know, and what they understand. More often than not, God’s messages are beyond our understanding. We have little trust in God, and He cannot use us to deliver the simplest message.

The first lesson we lesson we need to learn is, we made the mess we find ourselves in today. We failed and there is no way for us to work our way out of this mess on our own. Most people do not realize, the age group over 55 today is only the second generation to experience the American dream. That’s right. The older generation today was born in the 1950’s. Their parents were born in the 1920’s. They lived through the Great Depression. They grew up hearing stories about WWI and the Spanish flu pandemic. Was that living the American dream? Far from it. A large portion of the government was in bed with organized crime. That generation lived through WWII. They served in WWII and everyone knew someone who died in WWII. Was that living the American dream? Not yet. But something happened after WWII. America fought a war against two of the worst dictators the world had ever seen. One believed he was a deity and the other was not far behind.

After the war was won America’s political arena saw a transformation not seen since the revolutionary war. War veterans who came face to face with evil ran for office across the country. Thieves in office could not use the smear campaigns that kept them in office against war heroes. Finally the US had elected officials they could trust in offices at every level of government. Something not seen since the birth of the nation.

Returning veterans had money. They purchased new cars, washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, and homes to put them is. The industrial revolution set new records. Employment set new records. New homes were built across the entire country. For the first time people could see the American dream come true being experienced by people in their 20’s and 30’s. Those people were the parents of the people in their 50’s and older in 2020.

The older generation in 2020 is the second generation to experience the American dream. What set them apart was what their parents taught them. They were taught about WWII, why it was fought and the heroes who lived and died in WWII. They were taught about the threats socialism, imperialism, and communism pose. The older generation in 2020 lived through the Cuban missile crisis and never forget the threats communist leveled against the US. The constant threats from communist coupled with lessons from WWII shaped their lives.

Unfortunately that generation failed to teach their children about the lessons learned from WWII and a generation of communist threats. That generation raised a new generation who took the American dream for granted. They never saw a depression. They never heard stories about loosing family and friends in WWII. To the new generation a trial was not getting the latest cell phone or video game. Our generation raised a generation consisting of a large number of spoiled little brats who assumed they deserved everything and working for what you wanted was a foreign thought. Not everyone from that generation, but enough for the communist to gain a toe hold.

Now the present generation is beginning to come around to reality. The new generation is finally beginning to see, everything free was a lie. They are beginning to loose faith in the politicians who promised them everything, and big business was going to pay for it. God set up the first test and the politicians failed on all points. God is opening doors.

The 40 plus executive orders signed by President Biden over his first few weeks in office are raising eyebrows. The media can’t deny the loss in jobs some of those orders caused, but the media is not covering the jobs those executive orders created because dozens of those jobs are going out to many involved in the media.

In the first election I voted in 1976, I went into that voting booth, looked at the list in front of me and tried to decide which one was likely to steal the least. That has not changes for years. Political thieves regained power after the WWII heroes retired. Politics was back to basics.

Not many people will look at the long list of executive orders or read them. A quick look at this orders shows, most of them don’t accomplish anything. Most don’t change a thing. What did the person who claimed to have all the answers on the campaign trail do? He created jobs for his family, friends, and biggest donors. Age old politics was back on the map. Job titles, high salaries, limitless budgets, and multi-million dollar retirement accounts for all of the president’s closest friends. Politics as usual.

Establish response coordinators: This group isn’t just responsible for ensuring proper distribution of personal protective equipment, tests and vaccines. They are also charged with ensuring the federal government reduces racial disparities.

Establish a task-force: The task-force within the Department of Health and Human Services is charged specifically with looking at the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on communities of color.

Support studies and assist local areas experiencing a surge of cases: Biden wants to support research that uses clinical trials that include underrepresented people, looks at how the pandemic affects rural areas, and studies the long-term affects of Covid.

Review rules that might make it hard for people to access the legal immigration process: This executive order may make it easier for international students to obtain student visas and for those on work visas to obtain permanent residency.

One executive order after another calls for new committees to study issues Biden claimed he knew how to solve. We’ve see hundreds of committees before. Have any answers or solutions ever come from that endless list of committees?

Another door opening is seen in the impeachment trail. Although some people want to see Trump suffer and see nothing wrong with stretching the law a bit, others are looking at what is happening and asking questions. Some people are actually looking into the court system and the Constitution. Not many people go into that type of investigation, but there are a few. That’s where the lesson is. When we are prepared God can arrange meetings we never expected and can never take the credit for. When we gain experience working with God, we develop the habit of looking back and seeing how God was in control of everything.

The impeachment trail is strange to say the least. No former president was every impeached after leaving office. All those irregularities are going to raise questions in every person still seeking truth and honestly. They begin to see differences, ask questions, and maybe do a bit of research. The easiest person for us to work with are people looking for answers. God will only send those people to His workers who admit they don’t have all the answers, but have something in common with the people He sends us. We have to be smart enough to know we don’t have all the answers and point them to the One with infinite knowledge.

My mother died when I was very young. But there is one thing I remember about her. My mother could instantly tell when I was lying. It was as if she could read my mind. When we watch the impeachment televised live all over the world, we saw a video presentation they put together. We saw the small groups of people inside the capital. To many of us those people reminded us of a group of teenagers who could not help but get themselves into mischief. Then we hear testimonies from people who claim they were there. At first they talk about being locked and barricaded inside rooms. Pictures and videos some of them took with their cell phones show they were barricaded inside rooms with secret service agents with weapons drawn. Then we hear their stories. They describe what happened outside those rooms as if they were eye witness accounts. They described mobs of hundreds or thousands. Some testify they saw those people heavily armed, banging on doors, and shouting, “where is he?” Or, “where is she” Common sense would tell us, if you are being attacked and filmed portions on your cell phone, wouldn’t you have the camera rolling when people were about to burst through the door? Their live testimony disgraces the gift all parents and everyone has to see lies. God wrote a law against lying. Doors are open to discuss differences between actual videos of people inside the capital and testimony from people who claim to be victims.

No trial like this has been held on American soil since the 1600’s. In school they were referred to as witches trials. Top government officials looked at individuals as a threat. Those politicians paid someone to act like they were possessed by a demon. The actor would accuse the person the governor didn’t like. The governor appointed the judge, jury, and executioner. The impeachment goes a step further. People who claim they were victims set themselves up as judge, jury, and executioner. People can see that and begin asking questions. That opens doors for discussion deeper that many expect.

This opens doors for a discussion about the trails Jesus faced. Imagine witnessing to someone who has never heard that story.

Almost all Christian share the feeling, we are seeing the last days unfold before our eyes. Before Jesus returns to take His saints to Heaven, the major phase of the judgment process or trial process in Heaven has to be completed. The impeachment trial opens doors to discuss the trail in Heaven with some people. Based on the fact we know there are at least a dozen different Christian beliefs on the judgment process we should see how important it is to reply on God to direct us in such conversations.

Other doors are opening everyday. They all have one thing in common. People are realizing the people they believed in don’t have the answers they are looking for. A spiritual view of this situation shows us, most people don’t know what questions to ask.

How do we direct people to answers and teach them how to study with Jesus on their own at their personal pace? Introducing them to Bible Study is one way.

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Today in History: September 1, 1939 – Germany Invades Poland

On September 1, 1939, despite having already taken over Austria, despite having been handed land in the Sudetenland (by British PM Chamberlain), Hitler – having decided that simply wasn’t enough – had his troops invade Poland.

Now, England and France had already promised Poland that if Germany attacked them that it would mean war. However, even after the inevitable attack on Poland took place, the two countries were wary of getting themselves into another war.

However, they couldn’t continue to sit back and do nothing while Hitler (*ahem* and Mussolini and Stalin) invaded country after country. 

Stay tuned to WWII History to see how Britain and France handled the situation with Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini.

[Below: German troops marching through Warsaw]

Image result for germany invades poland


Note: A full article is on it’s way about Germany’s invasion of Poland. But before that comes, we have more ground to cover. Before Poland, Hitler invaded other countries. Then, there was the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Hitler is setting things up for another world war – and for world domination. Watch the story unfold here, at USA e-vote WWII History.

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Today in History: October 24, 1951 – Truman Officially Ends War with Germany

Six years after VE-Day (Victory over Europe) on May 8, 1945, President Truman signed  Proclamation 2950, declaring that war with Germany was officially over.

“Most Americans assumed that the war with Germany had ended with the cessation of hostilities six years earlier” (Source). Same is true today. However, it is interesting to note that at the end of the war, a treaty hadn’t even been signed! Complications prevented it, namely the territory that Germany had been taking over since 1938 (although, it is a bit surprising that he waited a whole 5 years before invading).

Although, in this case it had more to do with how Germany was divided, split between the British, Americans, French, and Soviets. Essentially, this meant that it was actually divided between the democratic Allies and the communist Soviets. What resulted was a bit of tension. Each side claimed the other had violated post-war treaties. Tensions rose.

Finally, in 1948, Stalin ordered a blockade of Berlin, despite the fact that the other Allies still controlled the Western half.

As a result, Truman was forced to order an airlift to fly much-needed supplies into Berlin, such as food and fuel. While tensions were being worked out, the treaty was put on hold. Tensions only grew worse on October 3, 1951, when Stalin began an atomic weapons test.

But, on October 24, 1951, almost 10 years after the declaration of war with Germany, Truman announced that war was over.

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PT-109: The Story of a Miracle

75 years ago today, in the midst of WWII, a tragedy happened in the Solomon Islands. It took place in Blackett Strait, south of Kolombangara. On the night of August 1, the inky blackness was disorienting.

The Patrol Torpedo boat (PT 109) “stood at her station, one of fifteen PT boats that had set out to engage, damage, and maybe even turn back the well-known ‘Tokyo-Express'”  (Source).

In the ensuing battle:

“Thirty torpedoes were fired without damaging the Japanese ships. No US vessels suffered hits or casualties. Boats that had used up their complement of torpedoes were ordered home. The few that still had torpedoes remained in the strait for another try. PT 109 was one of the boats left behind” (Source). 

At about 2:30 on the morning of August 2, a Japanese destroyer loomed out of the darkness on the starboard side. At first, the young lieutenant, Jack, thought it was just another PT boat. But then, as it loomed even closer, it became clear that it was not an American PT boat, but a Japanese destroyer. Jack attempted to turn the PT 109 out of the way of the destroyer. But there just wasn’t enough time.

The Japanese destroyer, Amagiri, rammed into the PT 109, cutting it in two. The crew of the PT 109 were thrown around, most of them into the water. At the same time, “spilled fuel ignited on the water, causing crews of the other PT boats to assume there had been no survivors” (Source).

[Below: The PT 109 crash]

Image result for PT 109


Of the 13 crew members, 11 of them survived, while the other two were never recovered. Jack and some of the other crew members who weren’t thrown overboard swam around, helping their crew members climb back onboard what was left of the rapidly sinking PT 109. Patrick McMahon, however, had been badly burned by the exploding fuel and couldn’t swim. So, Jack – who had ruptured a spinal disk in the collision – towed McMahon by the life-vest strap all while cajoling an exhausted Charles Harris to keep swimming. Meanwhile, Leonard Thom pulled in William Johnston, who had “accidentally swallowed the heavy fumes that lay on the water” (Source).

At this point, their boat was sinking and the men were all exhausted – many of them were injured from the collision, and even more were sickened from the fumes. Rescue didn’t seem too likely. There were no American boats in sight and firing a gun could mean altering the Japanese.

Despite being in Japanese-infested waters, they had no choice but to abandon the boat and try swimming for the nearest island.

While Jack was an experienced swimmer, with so many men injured – and some even unable to swim – it was quite the ordeal. However, with Johnston and Edgar Mauer strapped to a plank, everyone else pulled and pushed their crew members through the dangerous waters.

Jack swam up to Plum Pudding Island, after some 16 hours in the water, still pulling McMahon by the life vest strap. Exhausted, Jack “had to be helped up the beach by the men he had towed. He collapsed and waited for the rest of the crew” (Source). He then got sick from the amount of water he swallowed during the swim.

Unfortunately, he had more swimming to do. There was too big a chance that this island, much like the waters, was infested with Japanese. And Jack’s men were in no condition to face a well-armed battalion of Japanese. Therefore, it was imperative that they find rescue quickly.

So, Jack set out again, this time into the Ferguson Passage, knowing that his fellow PT boats passed through when operating in Blackett Strait. Jack spent the night island hopping and bobbing in the water, hoping to track down a friendly boat.

But none ever showed.

Jack had no choice but to return to the island and his crew. But, “the return voyage nearly killed him as strong currents spun him out into Blackett Strait and then back into Ferguson Passage” (Source). Jack was forced stop on Leorava Island, “where he slept long enough to recoup himself for the final leg of the trip” (Source). He had spent roughly 30 of the last 36 hours in the water.

For the next two nights Jack and Ensign George Ross took turns swimming out alone (or sometimes together), trying to spot an American boat. 

On August 4, again hauling McMahon, Jack “led the men back into the ocean, striking out for Olasana Island in hopes of finding food and fresh water, but also trying to get closer to Ferguson Passage” (Source). However, they found the island to be a bit of a disappointment. While it may have had more coconuts, the coconuts made the men sick. Additionally, the island had no fresh water.

The next day, Jack and Ross set off for the last island in the chain, Naru Island. Here, they found an abandoned canoe along with Japanese candy and fresh water.

But there wasn’t time to rejoice in their great find, because they also discovered two islanders. They tried to call the men over, but the islanders, frightened by the men’s presence, escaped, paddling away.

That night, Jack was on patrol again in the Ferguson Passage. The next morning, he traveled back to Olasana, this time alone. It was here that he ran into the two natives again, discovering that they had made contact with the rest of his crew. Biuku Gasa and Eroni Kumana, island scouts for the Allies, agreed to go back to Naru with Jack the next morning (Aug 6) and to help him get a message to the Marines.

As Jack was struggling to figure out just how to send a message via these men, Gasa retrieved a coconut and showed him how to scratch out a massage on its husk.

Jack’s message read:

POS’IT . . . HE CAN PILOT . . . 11 ALIVE

[Below: The coconut message.]

Image result for john f kennedy coconut

Now, after four nights since their ship was sunk, all the PT 109 crew had to do was wait for the rescue ship. Per Jack’s insistence, he and Ross set back out into the Ferguson Passage one last time, despite the heavy seas that impeded their return.

Then, on the morning of August 7, eight islanders appeared on Naru loaded with food for the crew and instructions for Jack. He was to return with them and report to an Allied coastwatcher, Lt. A. Reginald Evans. 

Jack and the natives stopped back at Olasana to deliver the food to his crew members, then headed on to Gomu Island, with Jack hidden under a pile of palm fronds to keep him out of sight of any Japanese they might pass.

Late that night, the rescue boats, PT 157 and PT 171, came to pick up Jack. Their prearranged signal had called for four shots. However, Jack’s revolver was down to only three bullets, meaning he had to borrow Reginald Evans’s rifle for the fourth. Unfortunately, Jack hadn’t quite anticipated the rifle’s recoil, “which threw him off balance and dumped him in the water. A soaking wet and thoroughly exasperated Navy lieutenant climbed aboard PT 157” (Source).

It was early in the morning on August 8, that the PT 157 finally arrived to rescue the crew of the PT 109.

But the crew was still asleep.

So, Jack decided to yell for them, “much to the chagrin of his rescuers, who were nervous about the proximity of the Japanese” (Source).

But the rescue was successful, even with Jack’s yelling. And, at 5:30 am, on August 8, the crew of the PT 109 had been rescued, after six days.

As the rescued men settled on the PT 157, they told their story. The marines were so impressed with their story of survival, that one suggested the situation called for a victory song. And he began to sing:

“Jesus love me, this I know . . .”

Everyone joined in, including the natives: “For the Bible tells me so.”

The marine stopped them, shocked. “How do you know that song?”

“Easy,” one of them explained, “Some Christian missionaries came to our island. They taught us that song.”

“Well, that makes the song all that more appropriate!” the marine declared.

And the men continued to sing: “Little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong. . . .”

Alone, later, Jack would weep for the two lives he had lost.

For his courage and his leadership, Jack was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. For the injuries he had suffered, he received the Purple Heart. Furthermore, his father was able to get ahold of the coconut shell that held the scratchings that led to their rescue. He had it encased in wood and plastic. The coconut paperweight would sit on Jack’s desk for the rest of his life.

But a word about our friend, Jack. See, the last line of his coconut message was left off the quote. Jack was just his nickname. His real name was John. 

Lt. John F. Kennedy.

John, who was saved from the Japanese and rescued, along with his crew, after six days of living off of coconuts. John, who would survive the war – unlike his older brother, Joe, who would die in a plane crash almost exactly a year later – and become a hero of sorts. It’s clear here of the miracle. That God had plans for young Jack Kennedy. God had handpicked him for an important job. A job that, while it would cost him his life and his brother’s life, would save the lives of people, the world over. 

It just goes to show how God works in the lives of those he’s handpicked for high duty long before they ever consider that role for themselves.

[Below: Lt John F Kennedy receives the Navy and Marine Corps Medal]

Image result for john f kennedy purple heart


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