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This makes no sense. We can see how the younger generation has been completely brainwashed thinking communism is the only answer. The answer to what? Interviews with the younger generation show they have no clue what the problems are. They publicly use cliches like racism or black lives matter. But have no cognitive thinking ability to identify any problem, collect facts, gather ideas, and formulate any solution. Their concept of a solution is to leave everything in the hands of a government that somehow uses magic to find a answer. And that is the exact mindset communism wants. People believing the government has all the answers and uses magic to solve problems is the fairy tale society every communists dreams of. We have the perfect example of that society when we follow the debate on how to reopen schools in 2020.

Teachers unions, administrators, and government committees are obviously concerned about reopening schools with the corona threat lingering and increasing in many areas. What is their plan? At the end of July with the start of the school your around the corner educators and the hundreds of committees developed to oversee and control school systems all over the US have only one answer. “We need money.” They are taking that demand directly to the President. When we take a look at President Trump, we do not see a typical politician. We have a businessman in office with years of experience developing major construction projects. President Trump thinks along logical lines. The first step in any project is planning. A timeline has to be developed. A punch list has to be developed. And a budget has to be written. Those are the basic steps every businessman and woman follow at the beginning of every project. No exceptions. Without those first steps, every business person knows the project is destined to fail.

This covid threat has been present since March of 2020. Five months later, public school administrators have no plan. They have no timeline. There is no punch list. They failed to submit a budget. Highly paid public school administrators submitted a demand for money to a very successful businessman who now holds the office of President. The really funny or frightening thing about this whole situation is, democrats agree with the school administrators and see nothing wrong with a demand for money with no plan in place. To the democrats it is business as usual. Somehow a plan will be formulated as soon as enough money is thrown at the problem. No written plan. No timeline or punch list. Those would make people responsible for the funds. In the democrats world, we can’t have responsibility thrust upon highly paid administrators. Not in any field.

Why is the Trump administration facing so much opposition to common sense? Why are democrats fighting change taxpayers demand at every turn? We’ve seen how politicians are isolated from the people they were elected to serve. They have no idea of the pains and challenges businesses and individuals face in everyday life. Democrats have shown they cannot imagine the trials faced by millions of businesses and individuals trying to live through the riots, looting, and arson in major cities today. There is a parallel between democratic leaders and public school administrators. Neither one spends any time on the ground floor to observe the issues, listen to those involved, and collect data from those living and working at ground zero.

We see majors and governors in the US reducing police budgets, giving into demands from protesters, restricting police, then turning around and ordering police to protect their personal residence 24/7. Democrats see nothing wrong with double standards as long as it serves their purpose. Why democrats decided to listen to protesters but refuse to gather ideas, concepts, and answers from businesses and individuals trying to survive that living hell is beyond comprehension. Mayors and governors were not elected to pick and choose what problems to solve, who to listen to, and who to ignore. They were elected to gather all the facts, listen to every voter, and serve the public. Not assign police and other organizations to serve them.

Public school administrators and those democratic mayors, governors, and those in Congress are casting a spotlight on the problem. They either refuse to plan or don;t have the ability to plan. Everything they lay their hands on is destined to fail.

Taxpayers deserve a written plan. Taxpayers deserve transparency and responsibility from those in charge of every project. Taxpayers deserve representatives who gather ideas, concepts, and solutions from businesses and individuals trying to survive in the major cities democrats have ruined over the past 50 years.

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