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60 years ago today, President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave one of the most famous Farewell speeches in American history. Ike – like his predecessors Washington and Grant – won office because of his military status. He was one of the most beloved men in the world. And, although Ike was hated by Washington for not being a “politician” he was still loved by the American people after presiding over 8 peaceful and prosperous years.

On Tuesday, January 17th, at 8:30PM, Americans tuned in to watch their beloved Ike give his last speech as president. They willingly decided to forgo episodes of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The Red Skelton Show, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Today, Eisenhower’s speech is mostly remembered for his warning of the military-industrial-complex. Though those weren’t the words he wanted to use. Initially, his plan was to warn of the military-industrial-scientific-complex, but his scientific advisors warned against it. So, he changed it to the military-industrial-congressional-complex. Again, certain parties objected, so Ike was forced to settle for the military-industrial-complex, a term we still use (and warn against) today.

Eisenhower Farewell Address - The 'Military Industrial ...

Eisenhower’s Speech:

Recommended Book: Three Days in January: Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission

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Today in History: August 21, 1959

President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a proclamation that made Hawaii the 50th state of the union.

I guess this means happy 59th birthday to Hawaii?!

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Read his full proclamation here.


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