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Cost of Immigration

For over 100 years organized crime and government have herded immigrants into slums controlling every aspect of their lives for the mere purpose of recruiting new members and control their vote to establish local governments dedicated to their cause. Over 100 years voter fraud has grown in both numbers and sophistication. In 2021 we see a devastating plan unleashed before our eyes. Every taxpayer with open eyes knows exactly who is paying for immigration control and what it eventually leads to.

If you want cold hard facts proving covid-19 was part of an elaborate plan to control votes, look no further than the southern border in the first few months of 2021. Tens of thousands of immigrants are pouring over the border at a record pace. No one knows where those immigrants are being bused or trucked. There appears to be no plan at all, which is part of the smoke and mirrors used to throw the average person off track.

After closing down businesses for over a year, sanctuary cites have been able to grow their stock of rental units. For years city officials have been buying rental units taken over through tax foreclosures. Hundreds of units from single family homes to multi-family units are owned and run by local city officials. Sanctuary cites, boasting about giving immigrants a new life willingly house immigrants in their rental units. Rents, food programs, heat, electricity, and medical coverage are paid for by city and county programs. This alone explains why sanctuary cites have the highest property taxes. Those high taxes also increase the number of tax foreclosures, the number of rental units owned by city officials, and the amount of income derived from those units. It is a vicious circle trapping taxpayers as well as immigrants stuck in that cesspool.

Lock downs forced upon businesses by covid related executives orders dramatically increased the number of city tax foreclosures creating a number of vacant rental units owned by city officials in sanctuary cities. The solution. Open the southern border. Ship immigrants to those sanctuary cities. Process those immigrants through county agencies with years of experience. Immigrants are housed in what average people term slums. Those slums have been run and controlled by organized crime for over 100 years. In the long run, immigrants are kept in open cages with little hope of escape in the interest of controlling elections.

Opening the southern border is only the tip of the iceberg. Other factors linger below the surface. The obvious question is how the border was opened. Since 1952 the United States has been under immigration laws passed by congress and signed by President Eisenhower. No president has power to initiate new laws, alter, or abolish laws passed by prior administrations.

When we take a step back to look at the situation, we have to ask why rooms full of politicians in Washington DC and in every state in the Union seem to be blind to the obvious. President Biden does not have the authority to over ride immigration laws that spell out the number of immigrants allowed into the US, and the process all immigrants need to follow. Why state and federal lawsuits were not filed the day Biden opened the southern border shows how both parties are involved in the profitable immigration business. A court order by any federal judge from any state would have closed the border and everything would have returned to normal within a day or two. But not one person has risen to the task of doing their job.

Actions and relief offered by multi-trillion dollar relief bills have done nothing to support landlords or private homeowners. Federal bills boast a one year stay on forecloses. Most states already have a one year waiting period on forecloses with a redemption period. The federal relief bill does nothing to extend protection provided by state laws. Federal relief bills offer some rent assistance. But that is a long drawn out process involving a number of consecutive months of unemployment caused by covid, medical proof, and a number of other forms required to collect assistance. That assistance is controlled by states, counties, and local government decisions. Sanctuary cites control who receives assistance and who is denied assistance, along with what businesses are closed and how open businesses are regulated. States also control unemployment and assistance. When income and assistance is lost, rents are not paid. Landlords loose income. Taxes are late. The foreclose system is initiated and sanctuary cites increase their inventory of rental units. Open the border and bus tenants in to occupy newly acquired inventory. Increase taxes to pay for the flow of new immigrants. Higher taxes lead to new tax forecloses, which leads to higher inventory, which supply the need for more immigrants, and higher taxes. Which all leads to increased profits for landlords who own those rental units and a new pool of controlled votes for future elections.

Another detail in the plan is to trap immigrants in those rental units so there is no chance of escape. Education and viable employment is the only chance of escape for those immigrants. The solution. End all programs that could possible aid in that escape. One of the first moves by President Biden was to sign a number of executive orders and proclamations to cease all educational aide and aide to inner city businesses.

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Revocation of Presidential Actions. The following Presidential actions are revoked: Executive Order 13772 of February 3, 2017 (Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System), Executive Order 13828 of April 10, 2018 (Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility), Memorandum of January 29, 2020 (Delegation of Certain Authority Under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute), Executive Order 13924 of May 19, 2020 (Regulatory Relief To Support Economic Recovery), Memorandum of September 2, 2020 (Reviewing Funding to State and Local Government Recipients of Federal Funds That Are Permitting Anarchy, Violence, and Destruction in American Cities), Executive Order 13967 of December 18, 2020 (Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture), and Executive Order 13979 of January 18, 2021 (Ensuring Democratic Accountability in Agency Rulemaking).

Here is a link to the list of executive orders signed.

In the swipe of a pen Biden ended support for inner city businesses, students seeking an education in apprenticeship programs, and all federal programs and agencies tracking federal spending and providing open, public reports on federal spending, accountability and transparency. Each of those programs was designed to curve, restrict, and eventually put an end to problems created by and only found inside sanctuary cities. In one election we’ve moved from a series of efforts and programs to solve problems encountered in sanctuary cities to all out support to increase and control those problems with no accountability.

Additional reading on the link between organized crime, immigration, and how government works with organized crime to control election results.

A direct link exists between criminal organizations and illegal immigration, former federal prosecutor Josh Jones says.

While gangs were loosely organized and tended to operate principally to provide immediate wealth or status to their members, a more formalized version of criminal activity sprang up in immigrant communities beginning in the late nineteenth century. What came to be known as “organized crime” was different from simple gang activity in that it took on a businesslike structure wherein those who rose to the top of an organization could achieve a certain social status and often were able to distance themselves from their criminal ties and become respectable citizens in their communities. This was often done at the expense of the immigrant communities from which they sprang, however, as fellow members of the same ethnic groups were usually their first victims.

Many of the routes and enclaves used by the smugglers have become institutionalized; for instance, from Mexico and Central America to the United States, from West Asia through Greece and Turkey to Western Europe, and within East and Southeast Asia. More often than not flourishing smuggling routes are made possible by weak legislation, lax border controls, corrupted police officers, and the power of the organized crime. Naturally, poverty and warfare contribute to the rising tide of migration, both legal and illegal.

Another reason why organized crime matured in Chicago was because the city’s children were often exposed to criminal activity at young ages. Early experiences of law-breaking among childhood gangs often molded the mentalities of participating Chicagoan youth in a way that prepared them for higher levels of professional criminal activity. Thus “the gangster is a product of his surroundings in the same way in which the good citizen is a product of his environment”

The Chicago Tribune declared that the elections were, “marked by shootings, stabbings, kidnappings, and other outlawry unsurpassed in any previous Cook County political contest.”[4]

The Chicago Outfit obliged to a request from Klenha for assistance in securing his reelection.[1] In return for securing his reelection, they would be granted an effective immunity from the law in Cicero.,_Illinois_municipal_elections

In return for helping the Republicans maintain control, Torrio and Capone were given a free hand in Cicero. On Election Day two hundred Syndicate gunmen descended on Cicero to ensure that people voted the “right way.” Conditions were so bad that Cook County judge Edmund Jarecki deputized seventy Chicago police officers to go into Cicero and engage the Capone gang. Frank Capone, Al’s brother, was killed in a gun battle with police at a polling station at the intersection of Twenty-second Street and Cicero Avenue. After winning the election, Cicero Republicans kept their side of the bargain. The number of liquor and gambling establishments controlled by Torrio and Capone in Cicero soon grew to 161.

Once the gangs came into existence it was a whole new ball game. We have a whole new crime scene today than we did before,” said Lombardo.

From January to October 2015 there were 18,929 violent crimes reported in Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune.

It’s quite different today — well in some ways it is and in some ways it’s not,” said Lombardo. “If you were to look at when the mob emerged in the ‘20s they were very violent, but that faded as they got involved with politics.”

There are more than 70,000 gang members throughout the city of Chicago. The most populated gangs in Chicago include the Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, Black P Stones, Latin Kings and the Black Disciples. Most gangs are predominantly located in the south and west sides of Chicago but can be found all over the city. The street gangs are in the business of drug dealing, with heroin being a top product.

Most gangs sell between 400 and 1,000 bags of heroin per day, profiting up to $10,000, according to CBSNews.

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