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The Current Decline of America

This is one story about the decline of America viewed from an aging single man in the Midwest. I’m sure there are a million other stories to share. What caused the decline of America? I’ve seen a lot of factors contribute to America’s current decline. What is the current decline of America? One main factor is seen in the divisions America is facing today. America is facing social divisions based on race, national origin, religion, and of course sexual preferences. In addition to the ever increasing income on the corporate level. The world of the haves and have nots. Or in this case can we call them the have knots? People on the bottom tied up with taxes, bills, worries, and influences we should not be facing as a modern nation.

Let’s take a serious look at America today and compare our current situation to the past. Like it or not America is at war. Radical religious fundamentalists are trying to force their distorted views on the world. They attacked America and we were forced into a fight. Or shall we say another war. But a war with little to no front. But a war anyway you want to look at it. We send our young people to foreign lands and too many come home with flags draped over their coffins. No one wants to report that scene. Today that scene may offend someone. In the previous generation pictures of that scene were shown whenever a TV station signed off the air by playing, “America the Beautiful.”

Look at the past. What happened in every war? Propaganda hit high speed. The country was rallied under a common banner and we presented a United States that could stand up to any fight at any time. But today we see the opposite happening. Why?

The war America faces today sounds like something out of a movie. We are up against a faceless enemy. It sounds more like a secret agent movie where one man or a small faction of fanatics reek devastation on this world wherever they choose. The problem is, America has no superheros to defend it. One ingredient seems to be missing from the plot. But other factors are taken straight out of a history book. Some obvious factors have been taken straight from the memoirs of a mad man who almost took over the earth. I’d hate to say this, but America should go back and read Mein Kampf. That is German for My Fight. I’ve read a few articles comparing a few recent changes in America and ideas Hitler introduced in his book. Are there parallels? Talk to the older generation. Many of us had to read that book in school. You should be thankful we did. At least the older generation can see mistakes taking shape, and what is about to come. But who wants to listen?

Schooling is one of the major factors adding to the decline of America. A few presidents ago and idea was introduced and laws passed. The concept sounded good and the steps seemed rather simple. The No Child Left Behind Act was designed to eliminate discrimination in school systems by standardizing education on a national level. It seems some states were trying to segregate their school system. A nationally run school system may have sounded like the answer to one problem, but what happens when you place all your eggs in one basket? Whenever anything is standardized on a national level, power is transferred from the states, which we refer to as the people, to federal government control. In other words, common people loose control and special interest groups have a field day.

About 20 years ago we had no choice but to take your child out of the public school system. As soon as the No Child Left Behind Act took effect, special interest groups crept in to prepare the next generation of voters for their hidden agenda. Small books like, “My Daddy and my Other Daddy,” were distributed through the public school system. Other books about enhancing sexual experiences while using drugs were also distributed to children from first grade on up. Combine a little brainwashing with a few select laws designed to protect drug pushers. I mean the pharmaceutical business. And what do you wind up with? Don’t forget the Ritalin epidemic introduced to the school system. Some people had fears every student in the classroom was treated for ADHD, if they need Methylphenidate or not. Students at a very young age have been trained to pop pills with no questions asked. What was that generation being prepared for?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different people from many different cultures. It didn’t matter where those people came from, they all had one thing in common. Well they all had a few things in common. They wanted to live in peace. They wanted to be left alone to raise their children they way they saw fit. And of course, they took care of their elders. In America we have no elders. No wise people to look up to. In America we have the elderly. A group of old people posing an enormous financial burden on the younger generation. Or at least that is the way the situation was presented.

At age 47 I walked into a company meeting. The healthcare company was there to explain the latest price increase. The healthcare insurance representative got straight to the point by telling the company, “until you decided to get rid of the older workers, you are going to see more and more price increases. This latest price increase is only the tip of the iceberg.” Well the healthcare insurance spokesman was right on one subject. That price increase was only the tip of the iceberg. We couldn’t imagine what was coming down the road. Or in this case, out from the halls of Congress.

Which brings us to one of the major problems I see today. Try to get a job when you are over 50 years old. Companies don’t want to touch you. Companies have already been warned about hiring older workers. The healthcare costs are way to high. And they are still on the rise. The National Healthcare system was supposed to solve those problems. But like the National School System, plans and laws from the Federal Government have only made the situation worse.



Here are some of the major problems America faces today.

  • High taxes
  • Higher Healthcare costs
  • Low self esteem
  • Social divisions
  • Major drug problems
  • A war without a defined front
  • Poor leadership in the National School System
  • Special interest lobbyist with deep pockets
  • An increase gulf between the rich and the poor
  • A generation with visions of an enabled society with total government control

There are too many problems to focus on in one article. So far we have only written an introduction. Like my dad would always say, “don’t complain unless you have a better idea.” We may not have all the solutions but we are going to add a few editorials containing a few good ideas. Ideas designed to solve a few of these problems. Here is a short list of articles to look forward to.

  • Taxes. Do not dump taxes into a single general fund. Designate each tax for its intended purpose. I.E. License, tire, and road taxes to repair roads.
  • Return Social Security and Medicare to its original intent.
  • Where did this healthcare system some from and who is behind it?
  • Where did ISIS originate and how have they remained hidden in this computer age?
  • Placing small business back on the map.
  • And others
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