Sanctuary City Slums
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Cities Want Businesses and Residents to Leave

We have to ask why major city mayors are not worried about hundreds of businesses and thousands of residents leaving. If you’ve been in the Real Estate business over the past 15 years, you would have seen these changes taking shape. In short, there is a ton of money to be made in sanctuary cities. All you need to do is join the right club.

Do you really think major city mayors create sanctuary cities out of the kindness of their hearts? Come on now. Look at their actions and how they treat people before you judge them. Look at the riots over the summer of 2020. Ask why those riots were out of control in every sanctuary city in the US. Look at the compassion those mayors showed for tax payers they work for and are supposed to represent. Sanctuary city mayors worked on a revolving door judicial system to make sure the worst rioters were back on the streets as soon as possible. Mayors went out of their way to handcuff police. Now ask yourself, do you really trust anyone who sits back watching tax payers suffer during an entire summer? Does anyone really think mayors would support riots, looting, and burning businesses, but have a soft spot in their hearts for immigrants?

If mayors pretend to be concerned about immigrants, there has to be money in it for them. There is. It has been going on for years. Mayors and common counsel members have been buying up city tax forecloses for years. They have been paying pennies on the dollar. The common counsel sets the sale price on tax forecloses and decides who buys the property. The scheme is simple.

Elected city officials buy tax forecloses for pennies on the dollar. Sales records for those properties disappear. Those are supposed to be public records. The city does not want anyone to find out what they paid for those properties. City officials place immigrants in those rental properties. More often than not those properties suffer from multiple code violations. But immigrants will not file complaints. Rents are paid by city, county, and state departments established to support their immigration efforts. Rents are inflated. Mayors and city officials have been making millions of dollars a year on those rental schemes.

It would serve mayors and city officials well if businesses and residents moved out of their cities. When moves like this happen in masses, properties sell much slower. Tax forecloses increase. More properties are available for mayors and city officials to purchase. Biden opens the borders. More immigrants flow in and are placed in rental properties owned by city officials. Sanctuary cities occupied only by immigrants living in rental properties would be a utopia for those mayors. No one would be left to discover their scam and complain.

Sanctuary cities would not be safe to enter. We see how sanctuary cities oppose every investigation. They do everything to keep ICE out of their cities. They do not want any federal agency to see their rental properties. They didn’t want the National Guard in their cities during the riots because they are afraid of being discovered. They don’t want to clean up crime because high crime rates keep people out of the neighborhoods they control. When they turn entire cities into sanctuary areas, they feel even safer to operate. To sanctuary city mayors, that is total security. No wonder why sanctuary cities want to eliminate police forces, allow crime to run out of control, record higher numbers of covid deaths, and demand federal tax dollars to bail them out. They want everyone out of their cities so they can run an immigrant rental business with no outside interference.

The question is, how do we stop sanctuary city scams? The federal government will use federal funds to fund those cities and take their cut. We are facing a future where we will be doing nothing but paying taxes to support people we elected, or fixed machines elected. They will use crime to their advantage, and as old as history, use depressed factions to grow their armies, pay off judges, control the media, and initiate their own brand of justice where the almighty dollar is god.. There is nothing new under the sun.

All of this is happening right before our eyes. But no one is reporting on the immigrants. No one is doing any stories on where they are sent. What happens to the average immigrant once they get here? All we see is the smoke screens staged to divert our attention. The new green deal is a smoke screen. Nothing more than an excuse to send trillions of dollars. The riots were a diversion. An accuse staged to set up requests for unlimited funds to flow into sanctuary cities. The impeachment was another smoke screen. It created the perfect opportunity to show the American public how deeply the judicial system is under their control. If they can do that to the president, imagine what they can do to you or anyone who opposes them. The capital trials are another smoke screen. The opportunity for criminals to repeat over and over again how they are defending a democracy, and how they need more money to conduct investigations into what happened, why it happened, and make sure it does not happen again. The capital trials allow the government to establish groups they are free to brand enemies of the state. The capital trials give the government an opportunity to do exactly what they want to achieve. To have the power to show the public a video, then tell them what they want to public to believe, not what they actually saw. Which was the pinnacle of power in the book 1984. We can see the criminals in public office are not that creative.

Covid-19 is another smoke screen. Another excuse to pass bills with trillions of dollars in funding for everything under the sun. An excuse to throw money anywhere and everywhere with no records, budgets, or accountability.

Sanctuary cities are just one phase in the big steal and this is only the beginning. They are angry because under Trump their goals have been restricted. After ceasing power in 2021, they are working their best to make up for lost time.

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