To Own or Not to Own
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Misguided Firearm Control

Seriously listen to the politicians today. Listen to their comments on gun control. They talk about kids buying guns. Which doesn’t happen. Then they try to make people believe gun problems originate in the countryside with kids driving around in pickup trucks drunk and with guns. Which never happens. But they never talk about gun problems in the city, where they happen every minute of everyday.

In the countryside more people own guns. They are registered firearms. They are legally owned and many people have carry permits. But no one carries a firearm. Why? Because outside the city people feel safe. They don’t have hundreds of gang members running around with unregistered firearms. They don’t have the drug problems seen in the city. The sheriff knows the bad apples by first name and if they get into something stronger than pot, they go to jail. In the country someone breaks the law, everyone talks about it. In the country they don’t have that, “don’t tell attitude,” they have in the city. Afraid to turn in the criminals because of fear. There are no home invasions in the country. Criminals know there is likely to be a 9MM or 40 caliber on the other side of the door. Or the neighbors will send over their dog followed by more firepower most thieves are willing to carry. In the country neighbors look out for one another. Because they are not controlled by fear. There is no way they are going to allow criminals to take over any neighborhood. But the politicians don’t talk about that. They want people to believe threats originate in the countryside when in fact, people in the country know how to live in peace and security. Exactly what those politicians want to take away.

In the countryside people respect weapons as much as they respect one another. They learned firearm safety from their parents, hunting, and military service. They know the laws. Not one drop of alcohol is allowed when carrying firearms. That is the law and they respect the law. Not so in the city where people with guns are high on everything under the sun all day long and long into the night. In the city people live in constant fear of being confronted by someone on crack with a gun. Out of their mind and out of control. With no remorse and a revolving door local policy.

Now we have to ask why politicians are after firearms in the countryside while obviously ignoring problems in the cities where the problems really exist. Why are politicians who never visited the countryside or lived in the country concentrating on fabricated stories they know are not true? Why aren’t those politicians concentrating on the root of the problems inside the cities? Why are politicians making jobs harder for law enforcement, forcing police to leave, and giving criminals free reign in the cities? Are those politicians afraid of the criminals in the cities? Politicians know they have nothing to fear by attacking gun owners in the country. They can talk trash all they want with no fear. But what would happen if they started speaking the truth about inner city gangs? Could they safely walk the streets of the cities they are paid to serve if they told the truth? Sure – slam the people you know are not going to harm you and stick up and defend the people you fear. That is human nature when that human is motivated by fear.

Have problems in the cities grown out of control? There has to be another alternative than to surrender cities to criminals. That’s the only plan we hear from politicians today. Just let the criminals go. No one talks about the taxpayers living in fear everyday and every night. No one talks about the businesses robbed every week or the cost of insurance. No one talks about car jackings. Today they call them joy rides. What about the victims? They loose their cars. Loose time at work. Politicians don’t want us to talk about that because the criminals don’t want people talking about that. What about the cost of insurance in the cities? Taxpayers are spending thousands of dollars more a year for insurance because politicians are afraid to address everyday threats. The list goes on and on.

Politicians want to sound like they are big and fearless but look who they pick on. They pick on peaceful people in the country who just want to be left alone. There are a number of reasons why politicians act like that. Ignorance is number one. Politicians with the biggest mouths never ventured out of the city. So their comments are easy to see through. They have their statement then can’t answer a single question in any logical manner. Fear is another factor. They know the code of the city. They know what happens to snitches. So they avoid all accusations and truth at all costs by shifting the problems from the city to the countryside. Then we have politicians on the take. They know the gangs. They work with the gangs. Like Al Capone and gangsters from the old days, they are getting their palms greased to turn the other way. To cast a blind eye and cast blame in another direction.

So what’s the solution? We have more than enough laws on the books to deal with the problems at hand. Get caught with illegal firearms and do the time. Get rid of those revolving door policies. Stop placing color and race on crimes. Stop blaming society for the actions and choices of individuals who chose a life of crime as an easy way out. Bring back a real education system. Get rid of the, “everyone is a winner attitude.” Stop letting the socialists and communists dictate steps you should know where they are leading you. When prostitution rings are broken up, stop treating the slaves as criminals. Go after the pimps and ring leaders and make them pay. Offer assistance to the people they enslaved. Offer them counseling and restore their dignity. Many of them were immigrants coming here looking for a better life but were enslaved by the worst people any of us could imagine. Work with inner city people who want to learn a trade. Why did Biden end funding for apprenticeships? That was a step in the wrong direction. People want to contribute. They want to make something out of their lives. People want a safe environment to live in. And all politicians want to do is take that away from them. Why? Is it fear, control, money, or all of the above?

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