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Beyond 2021

Beyond 2021 is a section of stories looking into America’s future. Not fictional stories, but a collection of stories geared to make America think. To think – you need facts. You ask questions. The people you are paying with your tax dollars should answer these questions. But are they? Government will never answer a question it is not asked.

What do we need to ask congress? Does anyone have any idea what questions to ask? Ask any American what they think about the political atmosphere in America today and you are likely to hear something like, “it doesn’t matter who we elect, things are never going to change.” Some people may add, “things are only going to get worse.” Is that what America has become, or has it always been this way?

We are approaching a time in world history where we are loosing all the great leaders and veterans who survived the last world war. WWII was a fight against socialism. A fight against mindless societies led by governments who placed their leaders on a pedestal. Leaders who were not questioned. Leaders given ultimate control in a society brainwashed into thinking change was impossible and questioning the government was treason. The unspoken motto in Germany and Japan was, “follow or die!” There was no choice. Those who stood behind the distorted minds of their leaders were promised, “special roles in the society.” Other people who were different would be enslaved. The idea society consisted of the upper crust, and workers. Not much different than a colony of ants.

We see similar trends today. Tax laws favoring the rich. Talk about how the rich will secure the economy. Talk about how rich people know how to invest. They really mean two societies. One to work, the other to reap the benefits. Workers without hope and the rich led by endless greed.

Beyond 2021 will look at current events and compare their trends to historic events. When we fail to learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. We see history repeating itself over and over again. Hitler may have failed, but to a lessor degree Pol Pot succeeded. Pol Pot didn’t seek world conquest. But Pol Pot’s actions proved how a deranged leader can and will sway a country. Pol Pot created what he believed was the perfect socialist utopia. Like all deranged leaders, eliminating the rich rake all their treasures into government coffers. Killing the educated is the next step. Eliminate any thoughts or ideas that may hinder the plans of a single man. That may sound like the ultimate definition of insecurity, but that is a historical fact repeated In almost every generation. Somewhere in this world a leader steps in, has a plan, and replaces common sense and thought patterns with fear.

Over half of the world’s religions believe in an end time. A time this world will cease to exist. Some believe in a reborn world. The slate is wiped clean when the Creator steps in to create a new and perfect world. Many believe the world will be controlled by a one world government. The Bible points out four world powers. Babylon was the first followed by Medo-Persia, Greece, and the forth kingdom believed by some to be the Roman empire. The forth kingdom is surrounded in controversy. The forth kingdom is to survive until Jesus’ return when the earth is destroyed then made new again. We will not speculate on this forth and final kingdom. Some believe it is a future government being formed by a secret society. Search the Internet and you will find hundreds, maybe thousands of speculations about that final one world government. Scholars cannot agree on who that final one world will be or how they will come to power. USA-eVote wants to ask, does that thought of a one world government effect people we send to Washington? We may never know the answer to that question. But we can look at the steps involved in creating a one world government. We do know this. A one world government will not happen over night. We also know people have tried to conquer the world to set up their idea of a one world government. Hitler tried and failed. Hirohito tried and failed. Both had plans. Both had steps they had to carry out to first of all, secure the loyalty of the people they led. Then those leader took away the freedom their countries once had. How did those leaders convince their counties to give up basic rights and freedom in exchange for the perfect society? History provides detailed accounts.

The fact of the matter is, America is undergoing a series of changes. Socialized healthcare is not new. Socialized education and healthcare was part of Hitler’s plan. Having one set of rights and laws for one group and another set of laws for a different group was also part of Hitler’s plan.

Today we have an education system in America controlled by what? The federal government. What changes have been initiated and what changes are on the way? Today we have socialized healthcare in America. What portions of society benefit from socialized medicine and which suffer? What changes are taking place to widen that gap? Are there parallels to Hitler’s socialized healthcare system?

Today we see Bills passing through Congress designed to chip away at our freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution. (Defending American Secuity from Kremlin Aggression)

We all know we are facing a media war in this world. What is that media war? Don’t we have the right to know?

We’ve all heard on how the Democrats and Republicans accused Russia of trying to disrupt the presidential election in 2016. So what did Russia do? Who has the proof? If Russia attempted to break into computers, there would be proof. Computers automatically keep logs. Every key punch, mouse click, and correspondence with other computers is recorded and stored on the hard drive. Where is that evidence? If the problem was as wide spread as reported, there should be proof. Cold hard facts showing exactly what computers were effects, the exact time, location, and origin of the attack.

Hitler had a habit of staging mock attacks to draw attention to certain groups. Then created new laws to take away that groups freedom. We have those stories posted on USA-eVote.

The Night of Long Knives

Hitler also staged mock attacks from other countries to insight a war. (The Reichstag Fire)

That is proven history with facts, dates, and eyewitnesses. Today we receive nothing but hearsay. We need to demand answers. Especially when our rights are at stake.

This section on Beyond 2021 will take a look at current events and compare those events to past events recorded in history. Maybe to pose warnings. But more or less to get the American public to demand answers before Congress even thinks about altering our rights, collecting more taxes, or fighting an enemy that may or may not exist. Beyond 2021 stories will contain links to both historic events the stories are based on as well as Bills Congress is considering in the present time. USA-eVote wants people to research what we post and engage in some positive comments and conversations on everything we post.

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