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This isn’t the first nor will it be the last time the devil relied on sex to attack God’s people. In 2020 the devil is using a new twist on an age old deception. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. When it happened during the wilderness crossing, God told us how the devil will use sex to confuse, distract, and deceive people in the future. That future is here today.

This story begins with a rather well known deception. The devil used women to target men. It is a basic deception everyone should have seen through. The problem is, when it comes to sex, people don’t think. Common sense flies out the window and base desires take over. We are also shown how brazen and fearless people are when controlled by sexual desires. People were not afraid to display their desires in the open. People want others to accept their choice and live with it. In the back ground others who are following God are working to win people over to their side. This is where God supplied the answer we should pay attention to today.

Numbers 25:1-18 NLTse While the Israelites were camped at Acacia Grove, some of the men defiled themselves by having sexual relations with local Moabite women. (2) These women invited them to attend sacrifices to their gods, so the Israelites feasted with them and worshiped the gods of Moab. (3) In this way, Israel joined in the worship of Baal of Peor, causing the LORD’s anger to blaze against his people. (4) The LORD issued the following command to Moses: “Seize all the ringleaders and execute them before the LORD in broad daylight, so his fierce anger will turn away from the people of Israel.” (5) So Moses ordered Israel’s judges, “Each of you must put to death the men under your authority who have joined in worshiping Baal of Peor.” (6) Just then one of the Israelite men brought a Midianite woman into his tent, right before the eyes of Moses and all the people, as everyone was weeping at the entrance of the Tabernacle. (7) When Phinehas son of Eleazar and grandson of Aaron the priest saw this, he jumped up and left the assembly. He took a spear (8) and rushed after the man into his tent. Phinehas thrust the spear all the way through the man’s body and into the woman’s stomach. So the plague against the Israelites was stopped, (9) but not before 24,000 people had died. (10) Then the LORD said to Moses, (11) “Phinehas son of Eleazar and grandson of Aaron the priest has turned my anger away from the Israelites by being as zealous among them as I was. So I stopped destroying all Israel as I had intended to do in my zealous anger. (12) Now tell him that I am making my special covenant of peace with him. (13) In this covenant, I give him and his descendants a permanent right to the priesthood, for in his zeal for me, his God, he purified the people of Israel, making them right with me.” (14) The Israelite man killed with the Midianite woman was named Zimri son of Salu, the leader of a family from the tribe of Simeon. (15) The woman’s name was Cozbi; she was the daughter of Zur, the leader of a Midianite clan. (16) Then the LORD said to Moses, (17) “Attack the Midianites and destroy them, (18) because they assaulted you with deceit and tricked you into worshiping Baal of Peor, and because of Cozbi, the daughter of a Midianite leader, who was killed at the time of the plague because of what happened at Peor.”

Cozbi means lying. Plain and simple. The devil always uses lies. The problem is, we have take time to examine the facts and recognize those lies so we don’t become victims.

This isn’t half the story. To understand this story we have to look back at how it began. Most Christians are familiar with the story about Balaam and his donkey but only know a little of that story. The main part of that story tells how king Balak tried to destroy Israel using any methods available to him. One of those attacks was a request to have Balaam, a man of God curse Israel. After a number of attempts, that attack was deemed futile. Turn the page and we see how Balak turned to sex as a weapon to use against Israel.

We could look at any number of examples in the Bible where the devil used sex to get what he wanted. Look at Samson and Delilah. Look at how the Jews used sex in an attempt to lay a trap for Jesus. They brought a woman in front of Jesus and accused her of adultery. That didn’t work because Jesus did the unexpected. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. (John 8:7 KJV). We need to learn from that example and do the unexpected. How did Jesus learn to always do the unexpected? He knew how to pray and listen for orders from Heaven. In this world, that is unexpected.

We could go on and on with examples of what the radial left is doing. We already proved they are caught up in sex and using it as a weapon and excuse to cause every conceivable form of harm and destruction. We were not placed on this planet to study the devil and his forms of deception. We are here to learn about Jesus and teach the world about His LOVE.

Russia has been studying antifa and the other radicals. Other countries have also been studying them. All the results point to one thing. The radicals suffer from an extreme inferiority complex. This is why they are against all forms of masculinity, dedicate themselves to silencing people, act out physical vengeance upon weaker people, and only associate with like minded people. Radicals rally around one another because they are looking for sympathy and support. They are emotionally scared because of past experiences. They have been abused and neglected. They have never been loved. They have no idea what love is or how to express love. This is true from the highest ranking official to the thug on the street. Radicals need help. But who is qualified to offer that help?

So what do we do with the radical left? We see thousands of people in need. Most don’t want any help. Most are convinced they are right and the rest of the world needs to change. Jesus had to face that same scenario with the Jewish leaders. Jesus didn’t give up. Jesus put in extra effort. Thousands of those Jewish leaders changed. So why not the left? We are almost to the point where Jesus is going to begin judging the living. This is a life and death situation. I am sure God needs help on every level. Thousands of those radicals could change. What if they received a view of unlimited, unconditional love? We know the most radical leaders are going to reject that love. They will reject every form of love. It is ironic to think those are the people who most want to lead this country and lead this world. Step back and we can see how unqualified they are to lead. At the very least we need their followers to take a step back to recognize the obvious.

You have to think about love. How do you love someone who wants to take away your freedom, house, and your life? How do you love someone who wants to enslave you? How does one even negotiate with a group who wants to totally dominate at any cost? This world has seen this problem as long as history has been recorded. Every generation has seen its list of tyrants. It always seems to be an isolated incident. It always seems to happen to someone else over there. But what about the people who had to face that domination and cruelty? It seems we never hear stories about the people who lived through that suffering. The devil has worked hard to conceal those personal stories.

It seems rather ironic protests all around the world center on eliminating laws centering on sex trades. People confuse sex with love. That is one deception the devil has been rather successful at introducing to this world. Samson fell for that deception. David and his son Solomon fell for that deception. It seems almost impossible to find out what God’s intentions were when He introduced sex to this world. In a nutshell, sex is required for reproducing. It is the first step for creating a baby. Reproduction has been a major target for the devil because he can’t reproduce. Only God has the ability to create. Reproduction is a form of creation God choose to share with the human race. Not only the human race but animals, fish, birds, and insects. Bugs can reproduce but the devil can’t. That angers the devil. It is as if God wanted the devil banished to a world that has a taste of creation but that gift was withheld from the devil. That is why reproduction has been a major target of the devil. He has been trying to focus his hatred upon reproduction since Adam and Eve first disobeyed God and accepted the devil’s suggestion. Satan was able to turn Cain, Adam and Eve’s first son against God, his parents, and his younger brother. Satan’s plan was to turn Adam and Eve away from any thoughts of reproducing. But that plan didn’t work. So Satan tried to conceive new ways of distorting the reproductive system into something with little to no feelings and emotions.

Marriage is one of those topics the devil has been able to hide in the scriptures. The devil has offered tons of explanations, man made theories, and even distortions the world is more than willing to accept. It would take more than a life time to study those deceptions. The truth is lying on the surface, but few people look at scripture for the truth.

And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. (Genesis 4:1 KJV).

The reproduction process, sex, marriage, and love are all wrapped up and defined in one word. A word that is repeated throughout the Old Testament and more often than not overlooked. What do we learn when we look at the original Hebrew meaning for the word, “knew.”






A primitive root; to know (properly to ascertain by seeing); used in a great variety of senses, figuratively, literally, euphemistically and inferentially (including observation, care, recognition; and causatively instruction, designation, punishment, etc.): – acknowledge, acquaintance (-ted with), advise, answer, appoint, assuredly, be aware, [un-] awares, can [-not], certainly, for a certainty, comprehend, consider, X could they, cunning, declare, be diligent, (can, cause to) discern, discover, endued with, familiar friend, famous, feel, can have, be [ig-] norant, instruct, kinsfolk, kinsman, (cause to, let, make) know, (come to give, have, take) knowledge, have [knowledge], (be, make, make to be, make self) known, + be learned, + lie by man, mark, perceive, privy to, X prognosticator, regard, have respect, skilful, shew, can (man of) skill, be sure, of a surety, teach, (can) tell, understand, have [understanding], X will be, wist, wit, wot.

Most people associate the word, “knew,” with sex. And they stop at that. Never taking the time to study the word, “knew.” In essence, people place a one dimensional meaning on a very deep and complicated word God inspired. The simple word, “knew,” covers all the bases. Adam studied Eve. He knew her every like and dislike. Adam knew how Eve viewed God and the devil. Adam knew what foods Eve liked, the animals that most attracted her attention, what her thoughts were when she gazed at the stars in the sky, and everything else about her. Adam knew Eve’s mind, thoughts, and emotions. Adam knew Eve emotionally and spiritually before he knew her physically. The devil saw that process and worked hard to knock that process off course and eliminate the most important aspects of what we refer to as love. In today’s world sex is primary. Some call sex primitive based on the fact sex lacks emotions and knowledge about the other person. The process of what the Bible described as marriage is flawed, mixed up, and for lack of a better term, forgotten. Love and marriage go hand in hand. Without knowing the other person, love cannot exist.

Satan has turned sex into a desire. Satan has separated sex and love. Sex has become nothing more that lust, a drive for self satisfaction. That is what those protests around the world are. A demand to freely indulge in self satisfaction at any cost with no regard for human life or emotions. Protesters in the streets are doing Satan’s bidding. They are turning sex into a selfish desire and forcing that on the world. If you don’t accept their motives, you are branded a racist. If you don’t cave into their demands, you are discriminating against their primitive and selfish desires. Satan’s goal is to eliminate love, which is to know someone and replace it with the selfish desire to use people. Satan’s goal is to make that the law of the land.

“Then you will be arrested, persecuted, and killed. You will be hated all over the world because you are my followers. And many will turn away from me and betray and hate each other. And many false prophets will appear and will deceive many people. Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come. (Matthew 24:9-14 NLTse).

Satan’s plans have reached a boiling point. Satan feels no matter what happens, he wins. If the leftist radicals dominate, the world will be thrust into open sex trade, drugs, and slavery. Life will be worth nothing. The reproductive gift God gave this world will be misused and the spiritual lessons lost forever. No one will ever see how knowing someone leads to love, which leads to marriage. No one will see the connection love, marriage, and sex have with Heaven. If conservatives fight back, they loose sight of what love really is and Satan claims another victory.

We have no need to explain what sex is in the physical sense. In the Bible the physical always leads to a spiritual awareness and lesson. Do you know what the spiritual lesson is for sex? It is rather simple. Knowing someone is only the beginning. A very important part, but knowing someone emotionally is only half the answer. The other half is of course to know someone spiritually. And that is where the union is formed. God defined that union, which is often termed marriage in the physical aspects we often term as sex. But not many people bother to study God’s concept on love and marriage. It is found in the simple word, “circumcised.”

This is the covenant that you and your descendants must keep: Each male among you must be circumcised. You must cut off the flesh of your foreskin as a sign of the covenant between me and you. (Genesis 17:10-11 NLTse).

God could not have explained love and marriage in simpler terms. When a man loves a woman, he puts his entire heart into knowing her. Just like God knows everything about each of us. Humans are supposed to put that same effort into knowing the people they love. That is why casual sex is so dangerous. Once a man knows a woman emotionally and spiritually, the physical act of sex is performed. During that act the man who is circumcised in the physical and spiritual sense is offering his covenant or agreement with God and understanding of God to his wife. The man breaks a barrier and enters the physical aspects of a woman no man has known. A symbol of the emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman he has been able to reach. That is love and marriage in the Bible. It is as easy as that. God summed it up in a few short stories. So there is really no excuse not to learn the aspects of love and marriage that are inspired from Heaven.

We can see why the Bible explains adultery in so many stories and why God used marriage as a symbol of the relationship between Himself and the individual as well as His people. In the Bible adultery is punishable by death because it represents a separation of a husband and wife. In the Bible marriage is between one man and one woman. When that bond is broken, so is the marriage. The agreement and understanding a man has with God is rendered useless. Which in short terms defines a separation from God. A separation in marriage is a symbol of a separation from God. Adultery is being unfaithful to a marriage partner. A person you are supposed to know emotionally and spiritually. And of course have known physically which represents the union of your knowledge and understanding of God with the knowledge and understanding of your life with God. In a sense, adultery says you no longer accept and appreciate that knowledge and understanding and like Eve seeking more knowledge than what God offered, looks in another direction for some advanced knowledge. In short, disobeying God and not trusting God. Trusting in a power you now consider superior to God.

Not to eat fruit from a single tree was a rather basic command. There could have been no misunderstanding. The same is true with marriage. Marriage is knowing someone emotionally and spiritually then offering your symbol of knowing and understanding God to the one you love. And making a life long commitment to them. There is no room for any misunderstanding.

Today we are faced with a choice. We either choose God and His simple terms of love, marriage, and physical sex, or we choose the world’s distorted version. Look at what the world offers. There are millions of books on love and marriage. None of them explains God’s simple plan. They all dive into complicated explanations that get people no where. Look how cold love has grown. Many of those books, talk shows, and Internet sites are run by gay people who have no way of experiencing God’s plan. They miss all the physical aspects of God’s plan. But still attempt to pass themselves off as experts in the field of love and marriage. Common sense tells us their concepts did not originate in Heaven. That leaves only one other option. One other place their concepts originated from. Based on that fact, we have no other choice than to label their concepts lies. But those are lies millions of people have accepted and now want to force on the world.

The question still remains. How do we love the radial left in a Christian manner? How much do we need to know about those people? We know they never experienced real love. Their cries, shouts, and actions in the streets testify to the fact, they thrive on placing people into groups. If you haven’t figured it out by now let me tell you why their world wide movement is to place people into groups. That eliminates the need to know people. The devil doesn’t want them to know love’s first step. The devil wants to place as much distance between them and love as he can. So the devil has trained them to segregate people so they can be easily hated. The devil has been using that concept for a long time. So long the world has accepted segregation as a common instinct.

How do we avoid the mistakes the radials made? How do we stop looking at the left as one group and look at them as individuals? The simple answer is, I don’t know. I have no idea. Like all those misleading books written about love, sex, and marriage, all the books and advice we get from this world on how to reach the most radical people is all rubbish. All that man made information is misleading and will only lead to more problems and the eventual destruction of this world. If we decide to step put on our own to solve this problem without God, we may as well take up arms and solve those problems like fighting every other war against tyranny. If we try to solve this problem without God, or rely on the government to find a solution, we are only fooling ourselves.

What did Jesus do to reeducate this world? Jesus came here in the flesh to show the world who God really is. Jesus came here to fill that void in love no one in this world could ever fill. How did Jesus do it? He touched individuals and small groups. Of course Jesus feed thousands, but when we examine the outcome of those stories we see how many misunderstood or missed the message. The goal has always been and will always be to know God. We can never know God by studying what other people are doing wrong. The only way to know God is to meet God.

By his death, Jesus opened a new and life-giving way through the curtain into the Most Holy Place. And since we have a great High Priest who rules over God’s house, let us go right into the presence of God with sincere hearts fully trusting him. For our guilty consciences have been sprinkled with Christ’s blood to make us clean, and our bodies have been washed with pure water. Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise. (Hebrews 10:20-23 NLTse).

If Jesus died to open that curtain to God’s throne for each of us, why aren’t we taking advantage of that opportunity? Why isn’t the world teaching about that opportunity? What is the world afraid of? There is no way to learn about love without approaching God’s throne. There is no way of reaching out to people without approaching God’s throne. There is no way of knowing their needs or the message they need without first approaching God’s throne.

Jesus prayed long and hard before reaching out and healing people. Jesus declared and explained how His healing power came from Heaven. Jesus promised us that power.

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it! (John 14:12-14 NLTse).

That power has always been there for the asking. All of this is plain, clear, and easy to understand. That was part of God’s plan, to keep things simple so we can understand, know God, and share that experience with others.

To get to this point, I had to do a lot of studying to find out what the left is, what their demands are, and where they want to direct this world. The following links are a small portion of that study which basically shows how the devil prefers to concentrate his efforts on sex. The devil’s plan is to pervert sex and hide God’s lessons on the subject of marriage and sex. The following links help to identify the problem as well as those behind the crime and violence. Some of the information will help us understand where the radical left is and how they got to that point. In all, this is a little portion of the information we need to confront the issues in a logical manner. Remember, the only real solution comes from God’s throne.

California to give into demands, eliminate police and “Abolish all age-based curfews.”

“Children shall have the right to ‘divorce’ their parents.” “Lower the voting age and extend the right to vote and hold office to all politically active youth.” “Children and youth must be provided non moralistic, explicit, sex-positive – including lesbian/gay positive – sex education that includes safe sex education. Condoms, latex barriers and contraceptives in appropriate smaller sizes must be distributed in all schools.”

Is the dam about to break loose? Who is involved? About one week after this interview US and European police arrested nearly 900 people thought to be connected to an underground child pornography network in a case that has drawn criticism from some civil libertarians. These so-called civil liberty groups not unlike the ACLU have dedicated themselves to opposing, undermining and covering-up pedophilia and sex-trafficking rings.

These international pedophile and human sex-trafficking rings are often managed by satanic blood ritual cults entangled in grotesquely abusive practices of pedophilia, ritualistic torture and murder of children and young adults. These bizarre rituals involve those at the highest levels of government and industry.

Their power is used to invoke the protective umbrella of law enforcement, NGOs and publicly funded groups to provide cover for their despicable satanic practices as well as participation in such. These groups have been operating with impunity since the elites have been running government.

Arrests are now starting to occur at the elite echelons of power and why the deep state and government are frantic to depose President Trump who is orchestrating the arrests of international pedophile and sex-trafficking rings. The powers are out to get President Trump and are pushing back real hard. Most of the insanity you see in government and the media aligned against Trump is due to the assault on pedophilia and the take-down of human sex and slave trafficking.

Seven women came forward to recount details of their experiences with Sagynbaev, some of which have been translated to English. The women, some of whom were as young as 14 when they had their experiences with the antifa leader, were all horrifically sexually assaulted. They were used as domestic slaves, forced to shoplift, routinely beaten and threatened into performing degrading sexual acts, and one was even infected with Sagynbaev’s HIV.

Some of the abuses were so unconscionable, “leaving no room for doubt,” that Anarchist Black Cross—a network of activists supporting political prisoners—withdrew all assistance from Sagynbaev during his legal battle with the Russian state. They also removed him from their list of political prisoners.

This is what the riots in Europe are all about and soon the left will open the door on their sexual addictions they are fighting to legalize.

In the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V), the American Psychological Association (APA) drew a very distinct line between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder. Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compulsion and is used in reference to individuals who act on their sexuality.

APA’s decision has given rise to numerous pedophilia-advocacy groups, the chief of them being B4U-ACT, a non-profit grassroots organization based in Maryland. Created in 2003 primarily as a means for “minor-attracted persons” to be open about their sexual preferences in a supportive atmosphere, B4U-ACT is now widening the scope of their organization.

According to spokesperson and registered sex offender Paul Christiano, the pedophilia-advocacy group is “working towards de-stigmatizing the mental health community.” Christiano explained that negative societal attitudes towards minor-attracted persons “trickle down to policy-making and the mental health community.”

Conway Daily Sun reports: Devries’ home was raided by the Jackson Police Department and several other law enforcement agencies after executing a search warrant following a lengthy investigation into suspected child sex abuse activity, JPD said in a news release.

Far-left activist Devries was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Carroll County Jail, the release said.

He is charged with six counts of possession of child sexual abuse images, one count of possession of drugs and one count of falsifying physical evidence.

Riots in Poland fighting the anti pedophilia laws passed in 2019.

Besides seeking to protect children against pedophilia, it also seeks to limit the exposure of minors to content stimulating their sexuality.

The bill was submitted to lawmakers in July, along with a petition signed by 300 thousand Polish citizens, asking to amend the criminal code in the Polish Constitution to increase legal protections for minors. It’s a continuation of previous attempted legal reforms going back to 2004.

On the day parliament passed the law, leftist protesters dressed in black and red, the color used by violent leftist organization Antifa, stood outside parliament in Warsaw and in other cities in Poland.

Lightfoot, who defended a haircut because she is the “public face” of the city, warned arrests could be made earlier this month, saying, “We will shut you down, we will cite you, and if we need to, we will arrest you and we will take you to jail,” FOX 32 reports.

Antifa militant and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe was arrested Saturday following his alleged stabbing of a black Trump supporter during a riot in Portland.

Blake David Hampe has become the latest in a growing number of Antifa members to be exposed as a convicted pedophile.

In 2008, Hampe was sentenced to serve 41 months in prison and 10 years of supervised release. Court documents state that officers from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection who performed a search of his vehicle discovered “a lot of merchandise for children” including sleeping bags, children’s stickers, children’s underwear, children’s towels with superhero prints, and packages of trading cards—alongside 12-15 condoms, lubricant, a camera, a cellphone, and a laptop.

Hampe, who incriminated himself during the search, stated that he was kicked out of his uncle’s home on account of a discovery of child pornography, and that he had also stored the illicit material on his mother’s home computer, and had received counseling for his “problem.”

For some time now, in the United States, any public act organized by groups related to President Trump has been attacked by the far-left, specifically by groups that call themselves “antifa” or “antifascists”, but in reality act with the same violent and mafia methods as the fascists. The Portland antifas had threatened to blow up the conservative march. The organizers of the march refused to cancel it, and went to the Terry Schrunk Plaza at four in the afternoon ready to defend themselves against any aggression, and accompanied by Joey Gibson, Republican Senate candidate.

The ‘antifas’ attacked the demonstrators and they defended themselves The ultraleft mobilized its followers, summoned by the anarchist group Rose City Antifa, with the typical aesthetic of the violent Black Bloc: individuals fully dressed in black, many of them hooded and wearing military boots, armed with pepper spray, stones and smoke grenades with which they assaulted the demonstrators, who were unarmed. Among the far-leftists there were also several skin heads armed with extendable batons. One of them assaulted one of the conservative protesters, but the latter confronted him and ended up knocking him out. The skin head had to be dragged by his colleagues.

The assailants were three individuals who beat him with a wooden stake and, once on the ground, kicked him. The attack took place at 17:20 hours at the Goethe Square in Bremen, and the result was not even worse because a construction worker intervened “bravely” to stop the beating. Judging by the images that have circulated of Magnitz in the hospital after the aggression, it is clear that it was an assassination attempt for political reasons.

They not only attacked the door, but threw the Molotov cocktails into the building, knowing that inside there were City Hall officials, including female police officers who may have been burned alive. Is this how these feminists defend women? You can see the scene in this video, which shows the launch of two Molotov cocktails inside the building and the scenes of panic that caused the attack:

This sums up 2020 in a nutshell. Just when you think you have one thing figured out, a slew of other events occur and we have to take a fresh look at current events and how they are all related. We are seeing the first of the long awaited medial studies into the corona virus. As suspected, the vast majority of hospitalizations are accompanied by underlying conditions. One of the major factors is debilities.

When sick with a viral infection, people with diabetes do face an increased risk of DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), commonly experienced by people with type 1 diabetes.

DKA can make it challenging to manage your fluid intake and electrolyte levels—which is important in managing sepsis. Sepsis and septic shock are some of the more serious complications that some people with COVID-19 have experienced.

A recent large-scale study concludes that both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are associated with an increased risk of COVID-19-related in-hospital death. It finds that one-third of coronavirus-related deaths in hospitals in England are individuals with diabetes.

Diabetes is only one of the factors. Obesity, heart disease, kidney problems, and repository disease are other underlying problems. The most common problem in all the studies to date is hypertension.

Results A total of 5700 patients were included (median age, 63 years [interquartile range {IQR}, 52-75; range, 0-107 years]; 39.7% female). The most common comorbidities were hypertension (3026; 56.6%), obesity (1737; 41.7%), and diabetes (1808; 33.8%).

When we consider recent shifts in the news, we can see how the left has been exploiting this information. If hypertension adds to the death toll linked to covid-19, the entire left has adopted a campaign to add stress to every level in life regardless of ones, race, creed, color, national origin, or political affiliation.

Michelle Obama reveals she is suffering from ‘low-grade depression’ that she says has been triggered by Trump’s ‘hypocrisy’, ‘racial strife’ and the stress of the pandemic

Black Woman Says She Is Fat Because Of President Trump & Racism!

There is Trump Derangement Syndrome, and then there is lunacy. Ever since he moved into the Oval Office, liberals have found a way to blame just about everything on President Trump (during the Obama administration, they blamed everything on Bush #43). But this lady has crossed over the line into frothing from the mouth crazy. Rutgers University women’s and gender studies professor Brittney Cooper suggested on a TV program that racism and President Donald Trump are the reason for obese black women.

A New Jersey professor suggested on a TV program that racism and President Donald Trump’s policies are responsible for black female obesity.

Rutgers University women’s and gender studies professor Brittney Cooper made the argument during an appearance on “Black Women OWN the Conversation” on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

While blacks are attempting to convince other blacks it is okay to be obese and okay to be stressed, we have a president to blame it on, all they are doing is weaking the immune system of their listeners and sending them to an early grave. If it is not covid-19, another virus will get them. Many black leaders have their followers whipped to such a frenzy, they are like ticking time bombs. Other factions of the left are working their own personal angels to add stress to every aspect of life.

New York Attorney General Moves To Dissolve The NRA After Fraud Investigation

The riots on Saturday followed a protest in support of the antifa rioters in Portland, who have attempted to burn down the federal courthouse and Justice Center in nearly two straight months of violent riots. Seattle rioters used a van packed with fireworks, smoke bombs, stun guns, bear and pepper spray, gas masks, and more. At one point, rioters set off an explosive that blew an 8-inch hole through a wall of the Police Department’s East Precinct, the Seattle Times reported. Rioters have injured 59 police officers.

The St. Louis husband and wife who pointed guns at a crowd marching through a private neighborhood in June are facing charges, Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner announced Monday.

Gardner, who was elected in 2016 on a platform of reforming the criminal justice system, reportedly was backed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) told residents they should “be prepared” to hand over their phones, wallets, and purses to robbers.

The MPD has reported a 46 percent increase in carjackings and a 36 percent increase in robberies compared to this same time last year, according to WCCO.

The list goes on and on and as this chapter is being written, leftest democrats are initiating countless other measures nationally and locally to add stress to the life of every American. Day after day they stand in front of microphones to make covid-19 appear to be the most deadly virus in history. Day after day they find excuses to promise to help people but withhold that help and support. The liberal left is playing a game to keep people guessing, to make them feel insecure and make them worry. Here is a short list of the tactics they have been using in the last few weeks of July when the medical reports were released and the first few weeks in August.

A presidential candidate who has trouble putting coherent sentences together.

A past president who insists racism is the same today as it was before the civil war but did nothing about it during his eight years in office.

Riots, looting, murders, rapes, and arson.

Mayors and police telling people to serve and submit to terrorists demands.

District attorneys testing state laws on self defense turning victims of crimes into criminals for defending themselves.

Attempting to dismantle police forces and leave people unprotected.

Threatening to dismantle the NRA .

Threatening to disarm every American citizen and leave them at the mercy of rioters and the radical marxists.

Releasing millions of criminals from prison.

Mandatory mask orders.

Mandatory stay at home orders.

Countless reports claiming covid-19 is the most deadly virus in world history.

Withholding stimulus and unemployment checks and dangling promises in front of people in need while allowing the threat of eviction to hang over their heads day and night.

Concentrate on covid-19 deaths while hiding the recovery rate.

Paid professors conducting in person, online, and television classes that teach people to blame their anxieties on others. Which is the opposite treatment historically used to treat anxiety.

High ranking political figures joining the concept of teaching people to blame their anxieties on others.

The left is using so many tactics to inflict anxieties on the general public is it impossible to keep up with this trend. A casual view of the news, media, and social media censoring will prove beyond any doubt, this has been and is a formulated attack to weaken the immune system of millions worldwide in order to increase the death rate caused by covid-19.

The president is quoting facts and statistics when he says the virus does not effect younger people. He is correct. Children have little to worry about. Children do not suffer from anxieties and rarely experience hypertension. Which brings up a question. Was this virus genetically engineered? Studies show it easily attacks and overcomes those with hypertension. We see how the left is taking to the cameras to discredit those studies and hide the facts as if there is something they know. Something they need to hide. Something high racking officials and their major supporters know and need to cover up.

Every person hospitalized for covid-19 suffered from hypertension and other underlying conditions. Before those studies were released the left has been working over time to fill the American public with fear and anxiety as if they were priming a bomb.

There is an distinct connection between anxiety and hypertension. They are separate diseases and treated as such. Both attack and weaken the heart. Anxiety directly weakens the immune system. Hypertension attacks and weakens the heart system. Together they are dangerous. Anxiety produces chemical changes in the body and is often treated with specific drugs. Those drugs of course produce chemical changes in the body. Was covid-19 designed to take advantage of those chemical changes in the body?

Is all this tied together? Is covid-19 a designer virus designed to attack chemical changes in the body? Chemical changes that could be predicted before they were targeted? To answer those questions we would have to take a closer look at hypertension and anxiety. Then we will see if the left has actually formulated a sinister plan to carry out something that has only existed in science fiction up until this day. A designer virus developed to carry out a worldwide genocide.

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