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Out Price Medical Care for All

In 2021 we see a number of bills in congress designed to make inflation far worse than what we’ve seen in the first half of the year. Those bills are designed to increase healthcare cost beyond the reach of every normal citizen. Bill S.1975 is one of those bills in congress.

Among other things, S.1975 gives the right for men to have abortions. S.1975 also makes it easy for any member of its protected organizations to sue any medical institution and individual if those services are refused or cannot be provided. S.1975 contains a list of specific groups and makes it easy for members of those protected groups to sue medical institutions.

Any man who belongs to one of those protected groups can walk into any medical institution, demand an abortion, and if the answer is, “it is impossible for a man to be pregnant,” that man can easily sue the institution for astronomical sums of money.

Men from those protected groups can also walk into medical facilities and request fertilization. If the institution refuses, claims it is impossible, or is unable to fertilize that man, he can sue that institution for large sums of money.

Faith based medical institutions will be targeted. Many will go bankrupt. We will soon find out if Catholic hospitals will be protected or targeted. It won’t take long to prove or disprove if Catholics are working with satanists or standing against them.

S.1975 will introduce attacks on the existing medical and scientific communities with a conscience and morals driving them into debt and out of business at a time the left is pushing their pandemic fears.

S.1975 works along with Biden’s executive orders and congresses other bills to raise inflation, and put the US in a never ending spiral in debt. Taking a step back gives us a clear look at a series of steps to take control over the public like never before in US history. The pandemic has been used to control the military, school system, and businesses of all types. Additional pressure through increased medical care costs in only another step in that process.

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