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Peloci on Healthcare

Pelosi herself tells us how out of touch she is as the unchallenged Democratic leader. She talks about lowering the cost of prescription drugs. Sounds good. But that is not even the surface of the problem. The problem is not the $20 to $100 prescription drugs, the real problem is the $20,000 to $150,000 tests that are conducted before doctors can administer those $20 drugs. I find it rather insulting to see a Democratic leader my age take advantage of this younger generation all because she hates the sitting President and will stop at nothing to take him down at any cost.


America still has millions of voters who remember the old healthcare system and doctors who were free from politics to use their skills. In the old days a 10 minute visit with the doctor was all most cases required. The doctor took a few vital signs, asked a few questions, took out his prescription pad and wrote the prescription. Simple. But today with a government run healthcare system there are more rules, regulations, laws, and procedures than there are patients, diseases, cures, and drugs combined. For what? To create jobs and management positions for family members and friends of members of Congress who voted for Obamacare.

Let me share the experience I just had to endure with Obamacare. It used to be a call to my insurance agent, answer a few questions, and get a list of options for healthcare insurance. Now we use a website. Sounds simple. That snowballs into phone calls with eight different government agencies around the country to answer questions. I am self employed like millions of Americans my age. The government wants to know my income for 2020. To get insured I have to be able to predict the future. Each of those agencies collects one little piece of information, Those agencies have no idea the other agencies exist or what data they are collecting. In short, the government needs 8 agencies to do the job of 1 insurance agent. Does that sound about right?

After a string of phone calls and visits to the website, I finally talked to someone who knew what they were doing. My guess is, if they put him in charge of the system, that one person could cut medical costs by 25% in the matter of a few weeks. But Pelosi has no plan to cut medical costs anywhere beyond the cost of drugs.

My guess is Pelosi will introduce more restrictions and laws on the already stressed medical field and increase costs even more. While she talks about cutting costs, take a look in the mirror and she will see the cause of those high costs.

In the long run, Obama put total control of the healthcare systems in the hands of one insurance company who collects all the money and decides how to split the pot after taking out an enormous service fee. Service and administrations fees are charged as every dollar makes its way down the ladder. Healthcare costs rose an amazing 4000% months after Obama made healthcare a national law. Talk to doctors and nurses. None of them received substantial raises. The increased cost are all administration costs what will never cure or help a single person.

Fixing this system will require a lot of work. The work has to be done by an outside source with the skills to run a business and cut costs. The people in charge today are not qualified to run a hot dog stand much less a trillion dollar industry. The thing is, a lot of friends and family members related to our representatives will loose their jobs. That is why we CANNOT trust government to clean up this healthcare system.

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