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History Is Made: January 8, 2018

This evening, at 9 pm, Eastern time, President Trump made his first address to the nation from the Oval Office. His subject: Border Control.

With a presidential tone, in a very calm, reflective manner, the president explained to the nation his point of view. He explained the Mexican wolves, those that “usher” refugees to the border for a small price – usually somewhere in the thousands. And whether it’s rushing the border in hoards of thousands or a much smaller number, women and children are used by the state. Their lives are put in danger time and time again. They are victims of human trafficking, abuse, assault, and kidnapping.

President Trump discussed how this is about closing current loopholes that allow families to waltz over our border, take advantage of our welfare system, and kill American citizens. Amongst other things.

He explained that the wall will pay for itself, much more quickly than citizens realize. This will be accomplished because the wall will not only make it more difficult for citizens to cross illegally (not to be confused with not allowing them to immigrate at all), but it will greatly reduce the amount of drug trafficking that takes paces across our borders every day. On top of this, a trade deal has already been struck. That will bring even more money into the country.

He also reminded citizens that the Democrats have already approved this bill prior to the Trump Administration – twice! (There is even video evidence of this). Additionally, he has already called for a meeting to discuss this issue – a meeting where they can hash out the issues and come to a reasonable agreement that will include the needed money for the wall, as well as meet other demands – from both sides of the aisle. Vice President Pence has also tried to hold meetings, though unsuccessfully.

But then, Trump dug into the heart of the issue. For it’s not about keeping people out, it’s about those inside. He reminded the nation that the wealthiest people all across America have walls around their homes. Why? To protect the ones they love who live inside.

Simply put: President Trump just wants to protect the ones he loves, who live inside this country. That’s you and me.

Families have been broken apart by illegal immigrants. What if, he asked the nation, it was your child, your wife, your husband, or another loved one? How would you feel then? If you were the one? The families that are currently being hurt by the government shut down have been assured that they will be compensated. They will receive their backpay. However, those families that have lost a loved one by the hands of illegal immigrants will never see those loved ons again. They fathers and mothers and children are not coming back.

He called it a humanitarian crisis.

One that needs immediate attention.

Thursday, he will be in Texas, at the border. And by the end of the week, a bill will be (hopefully) presented to the Senate, a compilation of border security bills that HAVE ALREADY BEEN APPROVED by the Senate under past administrations. If they could pass it then, they can pass it now.

Trump promised: I will protect the people, so help me God.

Watch: President Trump’s Address to the Nation

Note: For some strange reason, it doesn’t start until about 6:00.

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