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History Forgotten:

Iran Still a Threat

The problem with news today is, it is not only biased, but fails to put together the complete timeline of facts so the average reader can reach their own educated conclusion. Each event in history is made up of a series of events leading to an action or reaction. What is happening in Iran today has been building for years. We could go back to the 16th century and even the 6th century to see the entire picture. But here USA-eVote will only look back a few years to see what led to today’s headlines.


Head shot of Trump smiling in front of the U.S. flag. He is wearing a dark blue suit jacket, white shirt, light blue necktie, and American flag lapel pin.President Trump ordered the execution of top Iranian leader Qasem Soleimani after attacks on military posts in Iraq. It was a surgical strike carried out by a drone. This latest news brings out a few questions. Who was Qasem Soleimani? Why did President Trump order the attack? Part of the reason links to the attack on the American Embassy in Iraq where Iranian backed supporters stormed the embassy.

Tehran shot down a U.S. military surveillance drone and seized oil tankers. The U.S. also blames Iran for a series of attacks targeting tankers, as well as a September assault on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry that temporarily halved its production.

The breach at the embassy followed U.S. airstrikes Sunday that killed 25 fighters of the Iran-backed militia in Iraq, the Kataeb Hezbollah. The U.S. military said the strikes were in retaliation for last week’s killing of an American contractor in a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base that the U.S. blamed on the militia.

It appears tensions between Iran and the US have been escalating since President Trump pulled out of nuclear talks with Iran in 2016. Reports on the compliance of that treaty have two sides. Some say Iran has been complying with the treaty. Others say the treaty falls short. And others insist Iran has not complied and never intended to comply.

In the middle of the nuclear arms deal was the transfer of billions of dollars to Iran. Some think that was nothing more than a bribe. Others think those payments were more or less ransom paid to Iran. And others think that money paid by the Obama administration was a revelation showing close ties between former President Obama and Muslim states.

Following is the actual transcript from a Senate hearing on the matter. Here is a direct link to the government website.

After reviewing those reports and the government transcript, there is no doubt funds passed between the US and Iran. Why? Excuses were offered. The fact of the matter is, Iran has been and continues to be a threat not only to the US, but to the world. Democrats in the US insist those payments were owed to Iran. Why did the US give a known enemy billions of dollars? Do you think the US would have paid Germany or Japan funds during WWII? No way. There would have never been an excuse to supply the enemy with funds during WWII or the time leading up to US involvement in WWII. Any transfer of funds would have been viewed as treason. No questions asked. There could never have been any excuse in the world to supply Germany or Japan with funds before or during WWII.

Why would the US make payments to Iran when dozens of other countries still owe the US money as far back as WWII and nothing has been done about collecting those funds? Countries owe the US billions of dollars. The US does nothing about collecting those funds. But the US insisted it was following some obscure world law and had to pay that money to Iran. That must be a really obscure law if it only applies to American enemies, but not their allies. I wish someone could explain that one. When we look back on history and apply the trends we seen in this scenario with Iran, what would have happened in WWII if we had today’s Democrats making decisions and deals in 1942? Would today’s Democrats have given Hitler the key to the atomic bomb before using that weapon against Japan? Would today’s Democrats have tried to payoff Hitler, or answered Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor by paying tribute to the Emperor of Japan? Based on the deals made with Iran, we have to ask those questions.

It seems Democrats couldn’t wait to condemn President Trump’s actions against Iran. It seems Democrats either chose to ignore history, or have never learned from history. We still have a generation in this land that remembers stories about WWII. One of the topics often discussed was the fact, if someone could kill Hitler, the war in Germany would have reached an early end. Millions of lives could have been saved. During WWII it seems every American and ally knew, if they could cut off the head, the snake would die. People knew, Germans as a whole did not support the war nor Hitler’s ideals. The world didn’t judge Germans as a whole thinking every German was set on world domination. People knew it was a concept of one crazy man who had influence over Germany for a time, but lost that control over time when his real plans were revealed. Today Democrats seem to think every Iranian has the same mind set and share the same motivation as Qasem Soleimani. Let me remind you. There is much more to this story than meets the eye. President Trump made that decision while on vacation at his golf course. May I point out, President Trump was vacationing at his own golf course. It was not a vacation paid for by some special interest group. When an unprecedented 17 billion dollars is transferred to a major enemy, questions have to be raised.

Democrats now want the US to believe every citizen in Iran thinks like Qasem Soleimani and we will have this problem forever. Germany learned a lesson from WWII. Japan learned a lesson from WWII. It seems today’s Democrats missed that lesson. As a whole, citizens all around the world want peace. When the mask comes off socialists, the majority of people do not agree with socialists motives or methods. So what is the Democratic plan? My dad always said, “don’t complain unless you have a better idea.” What is the Democratic plan? Give Iran more funds? Lift sanctions? What are their plans? Do they have any plan or are they back to playing politics? Here is a look at Democratic reactions.

Cutting off the head may or may not have worked. The fact of the matter is, President Trump gathered enough information on the situation to make an educated decision. In contrast, Democrats condemned the action and at the same time demanded Trump share the facts that lead to his decisions. Is that what politics has become today? Run off at the mouth by condemning of all people, the President of the US, and in the next sentence admit, you don’t know a damn thing about the situation at hand. People making such foolish statements should not be running for office in any capacity.

We also need to look at the part Qasem Soleimani has played in history.

We can see how Qasem Soleimani has been involved in plans to overturn a number of governments in the Middle East. Iran has been trying to invade and take over Iraq, Syria, and other countries. Looking at WWII, the US was criticized for delaying any military involvement in Europe and the East. That was a lesson we all should have learned. If we allow militants to walk over one country after another, the task of stopping them becomes more and more difficult as time marches on. Militants will not stop. They will not negotiate. They will enter into treaties to buy time, and break them when convenient. History shows how the world has tried to deal with militants of all types. We should have learned by now what works, and what will fail.

Iran Talks Vienna 14 July 2015 (19067069963).jpgThat nuclear treaty with Iran shows a number of countries were involved in that agreement. Has any other country tried to step up to defuse the situation? This appears to be another case where the US stands alone. Everything was left up to the US. The US had to do all the checks, write all the reports and pay for everything. But as soon as the US reacted, the criticism pours in as usual. We have one thing going for us. We have a President who takes full responsibility for his actions. And has initiated a back up plan alerting US troops all over the world. Shortly after the holiday season, US troops are once again on alert. Once again Muslim militants used an important date to launch an attack. This time they had to pay a decisive price. Our President and military need your prayers and support.

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