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1/3 Of America T-Shirt

Based on the available statistics, only about half of registered voters actually vote in a presidential election. (Source)

1980 163,945,000 86,497,000 52.8%
1984 173,995,000 92,655,000 53.3%
1988 181,956,000 91,587,000 50.3%
1992 189,493,000 104,600,000 55.2%
1996 196,789,000 96,390,000 49.0%
2000 209,787,000 105,594,000 50.3%
2004 219,553,000 122,349,000 55.7%
2008 229,945,000 131,407,000 58.2%
2012 235,248,000 129,235,000 54.9%
2016         250,056,000 (estimated)[10]         138,847,000 (estimated)[10]         55.5% (estimated)[10]

Figures are much lower during other elections. Take the average and we estimate that about 1/3 of voters turn out to vote.

What about education? How many voters are educated beyond election ads, social media comments, and what the news media chooses to report? Overall, elections are controlled by feelings rather than facts. What is the actual background of the candidates? What is their experience, feelings on important issues, general mode of operation, communication skills, are they born leaders, followers, or parrots who repeat what they have been told to say? Do they think on their own? Are they able to solve complex problems? Are they detail orientated or do they think the first idea that pops into their head will solve the problem? Are they aware whose money they are spending and how much the general public is over taxed? What is their religious background? What is their take on the Constitution? There is way too much we should learn about candidates at every level than can be covered on a one minute commercial.

It seems common for one candidate to attack the others. No one discusses their qualifications. Candidates prefer to point out their opponent’s faults. What does that tell anyone about their qualifications? Nothing. America has been fooled into thinking they have all the facts from a one minute commercial and 30 second news story. The once unbiased news is long dead and buried. Major news stations side with one political party or the other. This is further complicated by the now popular fake news agencies that have been storming the Internet. Some of those fake news sites mimic major news websites. (Source)

Fake news is one of two things. Fake news is either a money making machine for an individual or small company, or it is a propaganda machine. Take your pick. Neither one is reliable and both have their sights set on the all mighty dollar. To make matters worse, people make money by reporting fake news. Look at the monkey wrench that throws into the overall picture. Even politicians are gong to figure out, they can either spend over a billion dollars to get elected, or for a few thousand dollars they can create a fake news website and make a few million dollars. Do you think we have politicians smart enough to figure that one out?

Voting is important. Educating yourself before you vote is priceless. Make a check list of the issues that are important to you. Hit the Internet and find out how carrier politicians have been voting on issues. Identify your source of news. Don’t let the enemy fool you with propaganda. Even a small piece of information is worth more than no information.

Only an educated America will truly be a free America.

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Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!

Don’t Complain Unless you have a better idea T-Shirt

This is a T-Shirt dedicated to my dad who served in the U.S. Army for 38 years. His carrier began in WWII while serving under Gen. George Patton. It lasted for several years, finally retiring after serving in the 84th Division out of Milwaukee where MSgt George Herman commanded the Mechanics Committee with two of his sons serving under him.


I could tell you a number of stories about WWII. One of which includes the idea of marching across the Soviet Union to remove that threat. Which of course turned out to be real and worse than the politicians imagined.

The saying, “don’t complain unless you have a better idea,” was often used to keep his soldiers from complaining about how the world was going. Things were much different back in the 1970’s. People stood up for what they believed in and MSgt George Herman believed that changes came from actions. Talk to your elected officials. Tell them what you are thinking. The American worker was in charge. After all, they were paying taxes which of course made the country run. If you didn’t like what the current politician was doing, get involved and get a new one elected. Don’t let the party choose the candidate, tell the party who you want to run.

In the 1960’s Milwaukee had a group of hard nosed elected officials who didn’t mind criticism, didn’t pay attention to polls that were often fabricated, and ran for reelection for a few weeks. Not the moment they walked into office. Not at all like today. Neighbors new each other, voiced their opinions, and in most cases agreed on issues. That was the United States of America those WWII veterans fought for. That was the ideal they thought about on that long cruise back to the United States. 

But things were simpler back them. The average home was about 1000 square feet. The average family had 2-4 children. We never heard about divorce, abortion, and socialists didn’t run the streets or news media. Kids shared a small room. You had 3 bedrooms. So one for the parents, two for the kids. If you had boys and girls, one room for each gender. Kids didn’t have identity issues. Girls took sewing and cooking classes in school. Boys took shop and auto mechanic classes in addition to reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and of course history. Schools taught history the way it happened. Teachers shared stories about WWII, the Korean war, and some about the Vietnam War. We never heard the term, “politically correct.” Teachers didn’t have to worry about covering up or skipping facts because it may offend someone. Cars were made to take a licking and keep on ticking. Safety was covered by common sense instead of lawyers and politicians who have no idea how to change a tire on their car.

Don’t complain unless you have a better idea,” was meant to ensure, the 1% of squeaky wheels who always complained and expected the government to solve all the problems would never be heard beyond the barroom door where they did most of their complaining. How did that mentality spread over this great country of ours? Why do we now cater to people who have little to no sense. Elect people will less sense. Pay higher taxes because we need more laws to protect people with no ability to work themselves out of a mess they got themselves into. Maybe we need those sewing and shop classes back in schools and get rid of those laptops and smart phones.


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