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WWII History Intro

Our WWII History logo was designed with the intent to remind people of the horror of WWII.  The Allies dropped bombs that destroyed Berlin, while the Germans dropped bombs that destroyed London. It was the bombing of Pearl Harbor that finally brought the Americans into the war. And it was our bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that brought the war to it’s end. World War II saw the creation of the atomic bomb. 

It is also intended to remind people of the sacrifices that were made by men and women on all sides. Not just by those who flew the planes, but those who drove the tanks, those who navigated the ships, those who marched, those who decoded messages, those who worked in the factories, and those who lost loved ones. Most of us probably have fathers or grandfathers who sacrificed in World War II. This, remember, was a war in which 18 and 19 year olds (some even younger) were giving up their lives for the freedom of others. To rid the world of the dictators and oppression. These men saw the worst of what humans can do to each other and we should forever be grateful.

 We can never forget the lives that were lost during that period in history. Of those who served, of those who sacrificed, and of those who were sacrificed. We can never forget the millions of Jews, Polish, Baltics, and others who lost their lives at the hands of dictators. They must always be remembered.

As people throw around words like “Nazi” today like confetti, it is our duty to recall the actual atrocities that took place during this era in history. We can not belittle the barbarism. We need to be true to this era of history and tell it like it was.

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