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Thank You for Your Support

We at USA-eVote appreciate the overwhelming support we received on Facebook from everyone involved. But our main goal is to set our attention on important Bills in front of Congress at this present time. We want to create a platform where people vote on those Bills and the results are sent to Washington. We want to bring America back to the time representatives represented the people who voted them into office and pay their salaries.

Please take a moment to go to our website and cast your vote on those important issues. The more votes we gather the more attention we gain on Capital Hill. And we need that attention. This is only a small part to bringing America back to the Home of the Brave. And Home of the Free. We have to first be brave and wise enough to let out voices be heard, and our votes counted.

You can link to Bills to Vote on from the TOP menu. VOTE ON BILLS will display a pull down of Bills we have posted, links to, the representatives website, and more. On that post you can cast your vote, see the results, and leave comments.

As soon as we begin gathering votes, we will email results to every member of Congress. With enough votes, they have to begin paying attention. And maybe some of the comments will lead to much better solutions to the problems this country faces.

Again, thank you for your support!

You can also link to Congressional Bills from the category pull down.

Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!