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Space Force Program


To go along with today’s poll, President Donald J. Trump is Building the United States Space Force – or, more precisely, what inspired the posting of the poll – was Vice President Pence’s speech today on the Space Force program. 

“As Commander-in-Chief, President Trump’s highest priority is the safety and security of the American people.”

In WWII, America answered it’s need to fight in the air with the United States Army Air Corps. Because of their numerous successes during the war, the United States Air Force was created. Then, with the onset of the Cold War in 1947, the Space Race took center stage. It became imperative to reach space before the Soviets. And, today, much like the early Presidents of the Cold War Era, President Trump realizes that space is  “a war-fighting domain, just like land, and air, and sea.” The importance of the Space Race has not diminished over the years. 

[Below: August 8, 2018’s Space Force Speech.]

Image result for Mike Pence URGENT Speech on 'Space Force' Set Up at Pentagon - August 9, 2018


“It is not enough to merely have American presence in space, we must have American dominance in space.”

The importance of space exploration has not been mentioned much in the last few decades. But that has not changed the importance. And our current administration realizes this importance. Other countries are beginning to dominate in space; it is no longer peaceful. It is closer to a combat zone. But guess what? “The United States will not shrink from this challenge.”

Sound familiar? 

It should. That statement echoes some of our greatest Cold War presidents. Presidents who also stood from peace through strength. And that strength still must stretch to space.

So, that begs the question. What is the plan of our current administration?

The United States Space Force.

The sixth branch of the American Military.

Vice President Pence’s speech today outlined the needs to make the Space Force the newest branch of our military. He also outlined their plans and their goals. This act could make a huge difference in our space program. Let’s hope the program becomes a reality.

[Below: Alan Shepard’s Freedom 7 capsule.]


“America will always seek peace – in space, as on the earth. But, history proves that peace only comes through strength. And in the realm of outer space, the United States Space Force will be that strength in the years ahead.”

Watch his full speech.

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History Is Made: August 1, 2018


Today, August 1, 2018, Vice-President Pence was in Honolulu, HI to receive the remains of the U.S. servicemen from the Korean War. A U.S. military plan retrieved 55 cases and brought them home to America.


Watch Vice President Pence’s speech & the full ceremony 


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