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Events Throughout America

USA-eVote would like to start a new section featuring events throughout America. We want to ensure the nest generation learns about our past. There are Civil War shows, Military Shows of all kinds, Veterans Parades, and others we would like to feature in this section. If you know of an upcoming event, or organize a website that features events throughout America, send USA-eVote an email and we will network with your site to help pass the information along. Working within iFrames seems to be the most effective. If your site is secure (Https) we can work with an iFrame for your events throughout America. If not, we can post a picture with a link to your published events throughout America.

Let’s not let this country forget what it took to make America great and what it will take to keep us free.

Here is an example of an iFrame. This site has pictures and a video of the 2018 Sheboygan Air Show. The event does not have to be big. All it needs to be is interesting and unbiased. 

[iframe src=”” width=”700″ height=”500″ scrolling=”auto” ]


Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!