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Did you know a medical study confirmed and published by JAMA in June of 2020 showed that people confined to homes, experienced loss of jobs and income due to shut downs and closing were twice as likely to suffer from exposure to covid 19 than people who socialized in the community and at work. In simple English, shut downs and confinement doubled the chances of suffering sickness requiring medical attention for sever complications caused by covid 19.

The study shows how shut downs, confinements, loss of jobs, and income result is increased mental problems. Which is perfectly logical. Lock downs and business closing cause people to worry. Which in turn effects sleep, the immune system, and cause other physical ailments. This study shows what common sense should have told the world before they jumped to such drastic measures. The question is, why didn’t governments use a measure of common sense before following the harsh recommendations given by self appointed experts who should have been reading this study and monitoring similar studies.

For months we have been told, “to follow the science.” Since June of 2020 we have only been told bits and pieces of that science. Recommendations, executives orders, shut downs, and stay at home orders have been issued across the world. Studies like this show how those measures do little to nothing to curb the spread of covid. On the contrary, they accelerate the number of sever cases caused by covid.

Prevalence of and Risk Factors Associated With Mental Health Symptoms Among the General Population in China During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

Findings In this survey study with 56 679 participants across all 34 province-level regions in China, 27.9% of participants had symptoms of depression, 31.6% had symptoms of anxiety, 29.2% had symptoms of insomnia, and 24.4% had symptoms of acute stress during the outbreak.

Importance People exposed to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and a series of imperative containment measures could be psychologically stressed, yet the burden of and factors associated with mental health symptoms remain unclear.

The present study identified several population groups who were likely to develop mental health symptoms. Compared with uninfected people, those with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 were 2 to 3 times more likely to report mental health symptoms.

Individuals with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 had at least twice the risk for the mental health symptoms compared with those not infected with COVID-19

The present study also found that people with occupational exposure risks reported greater symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and acute stress. People who work in high-risk environments often report more fatigue, health worries, and fear. COVID-19 may be symptomless during the incubation period, and its clinical manifestations can be easily confused with those of normal influenza.

Another prominent finding was the substantial impact of quarantine experience on mental health, which is consistent with prior studies. Quarantine can contribute to poor mental health in both children and adults. People may experience fear of infection, frustration, and boredom during quarantine. Insufficient basic supplies and disruptions of information flow can increase both fear and anxiety.

A high probability of symptoms of depression and anxiety was found among people who had not yet returned to work. Among people who had returned to work, those who worked at home had a higher risk of mental health symptoms compared with those who did not work at home.

Accepted for Publication: June 8, 2020.

The surprising thing is, this study was conducted in China. Another surprising fact is this study was released on July 1, 2020 and no one has shared this study with the public. Has anyone followed up on this study? Do other studies exist? Do people in the government know about this study but are waiting for the proper time to end shut downs, watch sever symptoms of covid 19 disappear and take credit for saving the world? What about all the covid deaths between July 2020, and when the government puts an end to shut downs and lock downs that have been accelerating effects?

This study raises more questions than provides answers. Early studies showed covid-19 is triggered by chemicals released in the body under stress. Which points to covid 19 being a designer drug. Are studies looking at the effects of stress on covid 19 and how they interact?

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