Detention Center
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Building New Detention Centers

Looking back on details reveals more than we imagine. Let’s look at what’s happening at the southern US border. Biden opened the border and invited everyone in. This is the guy who campaigned on the promise, he had all the ideas and plans. Within 100 days he was going to solve all the problems. So Biden opened the southern border and hundreds of thousands began flowing in. Did Biden have jobs open for those people? No. Not at all. All the businesses have been shut down for a year. Millions of Americans have been out of work for over a year. How is that plan working out? After a few weeks the  are over crowded. The same detainment centers democrats have been trying to shut down for four years. The same detainment centers build by the Obama administration. While America is waiting to see Biden’s plan to bring us out of the covid crisis, suddenly hundreds of millions of dollars are available for building new detention centers to house the flow of immigrants.

Common sense will tell everyone, where was the plan to house hundreds of thousands of immigrants before the borders were opened? Common sense would tell anyone, before you invite guests to stay in your home, you better have a room, bed, and food available. But this common sense seems to be lacking in our nations capital.

Then the question is, where were their minds? Maybe they were too concerned about impeaching our former president. Maybe their minds were focused elsewhere. Maybe there is another plan in the process and maybe those new detention centers are going to serve another purpose.

Are those detention centers for something else? Are those detention centers intended for other people? It appears flooding the US with hundreds of thousands of new immigrants puts in motion the perfect motive to build large detention centers. A look at the news since the election shows us another piece of the puzzle. About half of the new staff of advisers in our capital today made hundreds of public comments calling for reeducation centers. That movement was joined by the voices of a number of those in congress.

The immigration process is out of order. Proper planning would have set logistics in order before bringing in hundreds of thousands of immigrants. That is common sense. But people cannot multitask like they would like you to believe they can. When people try to multitask, they make mistakes. Like letting plans slip out, then trying to cover up those plans by initiating new plans. New excuses to carry out the next step in those plans.

Before the establishment can arrest millions of Americans for reeducation, they need facilities to place them in. It would attract way too much attention if detention centers were being built in the middle of nowhere with no purpose in sight. But if those detentions were build for immigrants, no one is going to ask questions. Then, when the time is right, those immigrants are moved to sanctuary cites all across the US, and those new detention centers are ready for new guests.

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