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Networking for America

The staff at USA-eVote is smart enough to know, we aren’t going to change diddly-squat on our own. On the other hand networking can accomplish a great deal.

We all know the Internet is a great source of communication. At the present time Congress is trying to find ways of controlling negative idealism or at least curving the influence foreign governments exert on the American public. Why doesn’t Congress some up with a plan to use the Internet to do some good? That answer could be a 2-edged sword. Does Congress want to educate the American People? For the moment let’s assume so. The second answer may be the more obvious. What do our elected officials know about the Internet? Most elected officials are lawyers, carrier politicians, and a few are business owners. How many of them have sat down on a computer to design a website from scratch to see ideas and concepts transform into reality?

I can’t think of a better group of people to network with than like minded bloggers. Bloggers have been around since the concept of the Internet was put into play. Bloggers have more imagination and skills than anyone on the Internet. Why don’t we combine those skills to bring America back to its former glory?


The initial concept at USA-eVote is rather simple. To begin, we plan on networking with a number of sites concentrating on the following subjects.

  • American History
  • American Songs
  • Pictures of America
  • US Veterans
  • US Events
  • World History

Feel free to add to this short list of ideas. Networking can be accomplished with any type of cross-link.

  • Iframe
  • Link from a picture
  • Simple link list

This page can also be used to share ideas, concepts, and help each other understand and use the latest technology. The more we help one another, the more attractive and advanced our websites will become. The more people we can reach the better. Let’s face it. The Internet has been flooded with amateur developers preying one newbies to the blogging business. Networking can save some of those newbies a lot of headaches and a lot of funds. List your ideas on:

  • Layout
  • Design
  • Plugins
  • Logo and artwork design
  • Where to obtain copy right free media
  • Video production
  • Ideas to introduce laws to protect American Bloggers

Networking can accomplish so much. Bloggers thrive on imagination. For the most part, Bloggers have made the Internet what it is today. Imagine what we can change when we rally under a common banner. Let’s keep the ideas flowing. And if anyone knows how to keep the scammers and spammers away, let me know.

Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!