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Revolutionary War History Intro

Our Revolutionary War History logo was designed with the intent to remind people what our founding fathers were willing to sacrifice to gain freedom from England. Just by singing the Declaration of Independence, they could have lost everything – including their lives. 

Revolutionary War History is about remembering the importance of the events that led up to the war – such as the Boston Tea Party or the Stamp Act. It is about why these men fought against the tyranny of the Crown. They wanted independence to govern themselves; they believed that they could successfully govern themselves. They had a better idea of their needs than England did.

Revolutionary War History is also about the heroes of the Revolutionary War war, our founding fathers. Men like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Patrick Henry, and so many others. Even after the war, they struggled to find the best way to form our government, set with checks and balances to keep the president (or any other individual or branch) from gaining too much power.

The Liberty Bell has become a national memorial to these men and these events. It’s time to remember why they fought. This is the story of how our country was founded. This is the story of our ancestors. We are their children – the proper heirs to a great government. In the words of President Trump (and Reagan): It’s time to Make America Great Again!

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