Share and Share Alike. We like Shares! has disinfected its site by removing ads. will not be controlled by Internet giants.

When looked at the ads on our site and where those ads pointed, it was obvious those ads were designed to direct people to fake news sites, fake sites, sites owned and run by scammers, including sites with spyware and ransomware.

This is unacceptable behavior and needs to be eliminated. may be the first site to take a stand against advertising giants who have the ability to screen ads, but refuse to use technology to protect the average Internet user. We now see an Internet world where profit is the only determining factor. Internet giants refuse to use available technology to scrub dangerous ads to protect people from obvious scams, spyware, and ransomware. The fight against such activity lies in the hands of individual publishers who place ethics about profit.

There comes a time to make a decision. Does one continue to expose readers to Internet threats when that website and its publishers are trying to fight Internet corruption? The obvious choice was to eliminate Internet ads. Which we did. USA-eVote will not expose its readers to Internet threats and will not allow fake news sites to advertise on its site. There comes a time to make a decision. As this coronavirus runs its course around the world, it is time to make a stand against fake news, scammers, and Internet giants making money from this crisis. They do not present any type of organized conspiracy. The only factor that unites them is greed. The time has come to step out of that corrupt arena, stand on your own, and allow God to control your destiny. The excuse, “everyone does it,” does not hold up in God’s courtroom.

Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!
Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!

Obama and Hillary in Paradise

Exclusive pictures found no where else showing former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at a paradise retreat.

These exclusive pictures obtained from an undisclosed source show former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton enjoying time on an island at an undisclosed location. An undisclosed source revealed that discussions between former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were undisclosed. We know there was sand and palm trees on the beach. Our undisclosed source did hint at one of the ideas brainstormed between former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Building a bridge between the main land and former president Barack Obama’s private resort. The purpose of this bridge is undisclosed.

The island consists of sand and palm trees. Based on our imagination and better judgment former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton needed to get away for a time. It seemed like a good idea. We have no idea how an undisclosed source with a camera found out about this meeting and how they got former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to pose for these unique and rare pictures.

Some people want to build walls. We want to build bridges

What we do know and what we can confirm is there was no real undisclosed source. The pictures are fake. The entire story is fake. We made up the story and the pictures. Not to offend anyone. But wanted to prove a point and do a little experiment.

A quick search on the Internet will reveal stories and videos featuring some of the most successful fake news agencies. Some of those sites average over 65,000 visitors a day and more. Some of the stories they launch receive over a million views within a few days. Who knows how many people share those stories. Who knows how many people wish those stories were real. How many people believe those stories are real?

Fake news agencies have become so successful and RICH, they caught the attention of what used to be known as legitimate news agencies who now exaggerate news, and of course jumped on the fake news story bandwagon. They may not have written some of the stories they post and broadcast, but they do fail to verify the sources. is dedicated to bringing the public verified and unbiased stories. Most of which is about American and world history that has effected America’s history. We have determined, as a whole the American public is not interested in facts, accuracy, becoming educated voters, or learning from mistakes and events in history. The purpose of is to help educate the American public. An educated public is a strong public. This fake news is spreading like a cancer. Fake news is eating away at the American fabric. Fake news is dedicated to tearing America apart. The majority of fake news comes from oversea sources. They have a plan. America is at WAR with those oversea sources of fake news. Our Constitution guarantees FREEDOM OF SPEECH. At the present time the US Government is powerless to combat those fake news agencies. USA-eVote is dedicated to reminding the American public the REAL POWER lies with the people. We can change the world just like the veterans of the Revolutionary war, Civil War, WWI, and WWII did. All we need to do is stop visiting those fake news sites. Stop sharing those fake news stories.

If you pay attention to the stories on USA-eVote you will see a trend. USA-eVote has stories about former presidents who believed an educated public is a strong America. Former presidents saw how sources would attempt to erode America and its values by replacing education with sensationalism. We see it happening today. USA-eVote has also posted stories about traders. People who turned their back on America and the world. How greed effected them and the people they led. Hint – hint. We see it happening today at an alarming rate. We see America eroding. We see the dreams of America’s founders and former leaders being dashed and trampled on the ground. We see the enemy within and from overseas. We see plans hatching that are almost completely camouflaged. We see how the enemy hides behind the Constitution. We also see other warning signs.

To combat this latest threat created by fake news agencies America will have to sacrifice. Today Congress is considering Bills that would sacrifice certain rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Do you know what those rights are? Do you realize how quickly things can and will change? We do. That is why we post those Bills. So you can read them and vote on them. Leave your comments the thoughts. Help fight the threats that America faces from inside and outside.

At times it seems as if we are alone. The Internet is against USA-eVote. Social media views USA-eVote as a threat. We stand alone. But we stand in the way of social media and the Internets quest at increased profits. Fake news is the seed of those increased profits. What are you going to do about it? USA-eVote is dedicated to being unbiased. Based on history and current events, sharing those fake news stories is treason. But how can it be treason when the majority of people choose to travel the slippery sloop into the grave fake news has dug to bury the freedom our forefathers have fought and died to preserve?

Share and Share Alike. We like Shares!