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Today’s Idols

When we look at the Bible we normally get an image of a carved, wooden figure when we think of idol worship. Society has filled our minds with endless images of a person or group of people bowing down in front of a wooden, silver, or gold image of some fictitious god. After our mind reviews those images we are convinced, we are too advanced to fall for that sort of idol worship. Then we go about or lives worshiping new images, more modern gods we seldom see.

What are today’s idols? Where did today’s idols come from? Who invented today’s idols? They come in a variety of forms, designed to deceive the most dedicated Christian. The list is so long, we couldn’t hope to compile a complete list of today’s idols.

Money seems to be the obvious starting point. Most Christians agree, money is the root of all evil. In Biblical times money was gold and silver. Today money is paper, or some numbers on a computer somewhere. Today this world has gone as far as creating virtual money. Cyber money no one knows where it came from or what it really is. Cyber money is nothing more than figures on a computer screen people look at and worship. Sad to say, some people have more faith in cyber money than they do in God. But that is the faith today.

I am relatively sure God understands money. There is no money in Heaven. The devil introduced money to this world as a form of control. And it is working. God knows how the devil’s money system works and how he plans on using it to deceive and control masses of people. Money is the most important thing in some churches and on the top of the list in just about every church. Most churches have their own doctrines on money. Bits and pieces of the Bible cut out and arranged to give the church maximum control over the money their members have. Then we have businesses and of course the government.

Today we have trillionaires. Just a few years ago we only had billionaires. A few years before that millionaires were rare. Somehow someone created all that extra money. Which today is only figures on a computer. Sure there are some people who use their funds for good. But for the most part, they use their money to advance their own personal, distorted ideals. Which are not any different than many church doctrines.

I remember the first time I walked into a voting booth in 1976. I looked at the ballot and tried to decide who was prone to steal the least amount of tax dollars. Nothing has changed. As a matter of fact things have gotten much worse. In the first few months of 2021 the government has spent more money than any time in history. Come on man. Look at Bernie Sander’s website. He had plans of spending 11 trillion dollars a year. Which is about equal to the income of the entire country put together. An idea Sanders copied from Hitler. Sander’s plan promised free healthcare, free daycare, tons of housing assistance, and a host of other free benefits. So far the Biden administration has spend 10 trillion dollars and all we got was $2000 in checks. Which may pay for 2 months of healthcare in today’s market. With that spending came out of control inflation and we are holding our breath on tax increases. Sander’s plan was gauged on a 70% federal tax. Add to that 15% social security taxes, 8% state tax, 5% sales tax, plus property taxes, gasoline taxes, and all the other taxes and we are in a totally state controlled society where the government taxes at or above 100%. Common sense calls that slavery. We are told by the media this is the new democratic-socialist society we need to save the planet. From what? Oh just follow the science and they will supply all the answers. After we give them enough money.

Science is another modern idol. Look at the flu these days. What used to be referred to as a seasonal flu is now a year round experience. Some people decided to turn the flu into a deadly virus threatening the lives of everyone on this planet. So we need to spend trillions of dollars to protect us against the common cold. We are forced to wear masks. We are forced to stay home. Some people were forced to stop working. The government stepped in and offered a helping hand, with a dagger in the other hand. We are told a thousand times a day to, “follow the science, follow the science.” Of course science has all the answers. Look at the flu. Science tells us to wash our hands, wear a mask, and social distance. Which is an oxymoron. Social distancing is the first step in brainwashing to cast fear, doubts, and mistrust. The next step is using people to report people who are non-compliant, or perceived as threats. When science is in bed with government, we can expect the worst. The last time we saw science in bed with the government, we saw atomic energy go from offering an energy alternative to building bombs to destroy this world. Today that same science and today’s government are trying to convince us, we need them to save this planet.

Science is one of today’s idols designed to replace God. It is as simple as that and most people see right through the masquerade. Even the masks they wear do not hide their true intent. Total control of the masses.

Of course science, the government, and money are all tied together. The average person clearly sees the relationship and for the most part where they plan on leading us. If we allow them to take us down that road. But we have to look deeper into that unholy concoction. What is behind all of this? For some reason we’ve seen two groups come out of the closet, communists and satanists. Sometimes people are both, and more. And Sometimes we have communists claiming to be religious Christians, and some satanists who claim to be Christians. Then in 2021 we suddenly saw another mask come off. Israel came under attack by radical Muslim factions in May of 2021. The left media, all of the satanists, and communists jumped on the bandwagon to support the radical Muslim factions. The government went as far as funding the radical factions and cutting aid to Israel. They laid their devilish plans at our feet for all to see.

We are seeing a pattern developing. The same pattern Hitler used to take over sections of Europe. Hitler convinced Germany, the Jews are the enemy. Then he staged aggression from Poland. Hitler told his people one story and the world another story. Then Hitler worked out a deal with Russia to split Poland. Of course everything Hitler said and promised were lies. Which was an idol then and is an idol today. Yes people worship their lies and the lies of the leaders they support. Lies are one of today’s most dangerous idols. We can add to lies the idol of hatred. We are seeing the two walk hand in hand throughout Washington DC.

The devil is the father of lies. Satanist and communists are another idol today. Both are atheists. Communists deny all religion. Satanists admit there is a God, but insist Satan has a better plan. Communists endorse Satanists. Of course communists banned together with other communists and socialists until the took over. After that the strongest communist party annihilated the other groups they used to cease power.

It is difficult to explain what an idol is in the life of an ordinary, everyday person. An idol is like air. Air is all around us. We can’t see it, but we know it exists. We can place a scientific definition on air, but the wisdom of science does not explain the effects of air. We can look at pollution to explain the negative aspects air has on life. Just like the negative effects idols have on life. Both always seem to point fingers in all directions and seldom accomplish anything. Both always want another party to clean up air as well as clean up idols. Seldom does one take personal responsibility for the drastic effects pollution and idols have in daily life.

The most dangerous idol is the denial of idols. A plan the devil loves because it keeps him in the back ground. Add deceptions and distractions to that list of unseen, hidden idols. Denial, deceptions, and distractions unite as one idol to introduce what idol worshipers consider an unbeatable force. The mind of the idol worshiper puts together a plan. The plan usually includes casting blame and accusing someone of the crime they are about to initiate. That is what we refer to as denial. Denial is mixed together with the idol of lies. The idol worshiper mixes in a few planned distractions which pull in a few factions to cooperate with the crime at hand. Promises, payoffs, and power are some of the idols promised to those recruited to cooperate with the deceptions and distractions. Lies are spread. Others accused of crimes on false and misleading charges. Idol worshipers always make one mistake. They assume no one is able to see through their plans or put all the pieces together. Idol worshipers always underestimate the general public. Like Pharaohs in Egypt, those behind idol worship think the idols they create will rule without question. As history has shown, only a small minority actually believe the lies or trust the idols. Like the Pharaohs in Egypt, modern day idol creators have to relay on a fear factor to seize and maintain control. Fear is one major tool idol creators have relied on for generations.

As we can see, idols are alive and well in today’s modern world. They have taken on different images, but the idea behind idol worship is still the same. The basic creed followed by socialists, communists, marxists, and satanists is basically the same no matter which cult is followed. They all believe they are gods, and anyone who disagrees with their ideas must be eliminated. Which is exactly what we have seen exhibited by a small minority in 2021. The detail we need to pay attention to is, combined, those groups make up a tiny minority of the US and the world. History has shown, every dictator begins with a small minority. Just enough people to make promises to, recruit, use to spread fear, and eventually seize control. Most people avoid those major idols. Most people despise those major idols. But for some reason the people we have come to know as dictators have been able to gain power in many parts of this world. It doesn’t seem to matter how much evidence history introduces, there always seems to be that small minority who are easily convinced, their new leader has a new plan that will work. The fatal mistake is giving them a chance to introduce their plan. That is when the mask comes off and the devil appears in all his fury.

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Liberty or death
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October 2020

So far 2020 has been stranger than any science fiction movie. Although we’ve seen a long list of unexpected events, we all have this sense we can see where the left is heading. To total communist one party rule. So what does that mean? As the weeks and days march on closer to the election, we see pieces of the puzzle coming together.

For one thing, during the 2020 election it is surprising to see all those communists coming out of the closet with no fear. Their demands and plans seem rather unorthodox to say the least. Some seem rather idiotic. The one on the top is, get rid of the police. Well that of course goes hand in hand with releasing all the prisoners. It is the exact same thing Stalin, Hitler, Po Pot, and all the other marxist leaders did. Ban the police is code for, “ get rid of the military.” You have to realize, every communist dictator replaces the police and military with their own thugs. Most of whom were carrier criminals. Then after gaining power, they remove those pawns. Check your history while it is still there.

There is one thing everyone should know. Communists only tell you what they want you to hear. That goes without saying. You have to have to knowledge to look back on history to put two and two together to see their next move and their final motive. The thing is, communist play on the heart strings of the depressed, and the uneducated. Look at the mass killings in every dictatorship. Who did they kill? Police officers, military personal, politicians, business leaders, school teachers, anyone and everyone with an education. Dictators have never been the smartest people in the world. They all share the same fear. They are all afraid of someone coming along and educating the general public on what is right and what is wrong. It’s only natural for dictators to eliminate any chance of that ever happening.

Dictators cease control of the police force, military, they take guns away from private citizens, they control the court system, school system, transportation, food supply, and every aspect of life. They pump in an endless supply of propaganda, always giving a glimmer of hope a better life is on the horizon. Still, they only tell you want they want people to hear.

Let’s examine a few facts about the 2020 election. The economy and taxes. Biden and Harris flip flop on the subject more than a drunken sailor. They are going to raise taxes. Then they are only going to raise taxes on the multi-billion dollar companies financing their campaign. We all know that is a lie. Companies do not donate millions of dollars to a politician who is going to cost them tons of money. Biden is going to end all of Trump’s tax cuts. The majority of those cuts went to small businesses and middle class families. Look at your tax return. Trump gave small businesses and the middle class thousands of dollars worth of new deductions. It is right there in every 1040 tax form. Why would Biden and the democrats try lying about that? You can see just how stupid they think people are.

Why did Trump initiate those tax cuts and why did they work? Trump first entered the spot light in politics by telling New York they are not going to double tax his motel. It was simple. New York wanted to charge millions of dollars of property tax on Trump’s motel and impose an even higher motel tax on every guest in every room. In Trump’s eyes that was double taxing and he was not going to stand for it. That mentality is what got Trump elected. He stood up to New York and the government eventually caved in. Phase 2 had to go into effect. New York had to stop wasting tax dollars. That took a whole new government with whole new leaders. No one has any idea how much money was stolen by politicians, but there were a number of crimes uncovered and people went to jail. Trump played only a small part in New York’s clean up, but it was enough to get noticed and appreciated. Many of the people who cleaned up New York are on his staff today.

Trump’s economy is based on a simple principle. The more people working, the more taxes are collected. Also, the government has to be diligent with tax dollars and cut out wasteful spending and uncover theft from within. Now we see why carrier politicians hate Trump. We can identify those politicians. They are the ones making a few hundred thousand dollars a year but somehow became millionaires while in office. And it is getting worse. A few have only been in politics a short time but already have spent millions on new homes, cars, yachts, and other luxury items. How did that happen? They made money the old fashion way. The stole it.

Once wasteful government spending and inside theft is curved, tax cuts are in order. We all know that. Now we can look at how the economy works in the business world fueled by growth. The news still covers business growth as a whole and for a few individual companies. Trump knows that for every $30,000 a small business owner gets back in a year, they can grow their business and hire one additional worker. The tax cut is offset by the taxes the new worker pays, additional taxes through increased profits the business pays, and of course the reduction in wasteful government spending and tax theft from inside the government. Multiply that by thousands of businesses and multi-billion dollar businesses have been able to reinvest those tax cuts and you have a healthy economy.

The left has no plan for the economy. If you look at Bernie Sander’s website you will find plans to spend more in taxes than the income for the entire country. That of course is impossible. But Hitler was able to win a general election and cease power on those same exact promises. Sanders wrote a number of articles on Hitler’s election. It seems rather strange for someone claiming to be a Jew studying and praising Hitler. That alone should raise a few red flags. Sanders is not playing with a full deck.

Dictators have always controlled the judicial system. Communist countries use a set of laws designed to convict anyone they consider a threat. One of those laws requires the accused person to provide information to convict themselves. This has been around a long time. The Catholic church was known for using that brand of justice during the dark ages. If the accused was unable to provide the evidence the court asked for, the accused was found guilty. The authors of the Constitution were well aware of that brand of justice and constructed a Constitution that basically outlawed that procedure in every way, shape, and form. It was surprising to see Pelosi try to use that form of justice in an attempt to impeach the President. It seemed for the most part that went right over most people’s heads. The media ignored it. The left rallied in Pelosi’s introduction to a communist form of justice as if they somehow knew that didn’t apply to them. Like the left was granted some type of immunity to prosecution. Which we see today in some democratic states where rioters are arrested and set free the same day. Although the cry for justice is chanted daily in streets, the left are protected by one brand of justice while conservatives and of course the police are held up to a completely different form of justice. More or less, guilty until proven innocent. And there is no verdict of innocent for conservatives.

One of the strangest twists in this election is the flow of money. Although there are laws restricting donations to any political party, democrats have shown the world, those laws can be circumvented or ignored. Bloomberg is one example. He joins the primary race. He places large sums of his money into his own campaign fund. After spending a few thousand dollars on one primary race, he pulls out of the campaign and transfers the funds into the democratic party general election fund. Stranger yet is how Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit, government funded organization is able to donate $45 million dollars into Biden’s campaign fund. This is $45 million dollars of taxpayer funds going directly to one party. How could that be legal? It should be illegal, but brings up another point. Votes are directly related to deaths and murders. Votes are being purchased with blood.

None of that touches the tip of the iceberg on campaign donations flowing in through other nonprofit organizations receiving millions of dollars a day from big business and individual donors. There should be a law against nonprofit organizations funded political campaigns. Nonprofit organizations are not supposed to be politically affiliated. That law only seems to apply to churches in 2020. Another example of one brand of justice for one group and a totally different set of rules for another group. Can we call that a political form of discrimination?

When we put 2 and 2 together we see nothing short of a push for a one party dictatorship. We can see big business involved. Internet giants like YouTube, Google, and Facebook don’t even try to hide their censorship on the Internet. They seem rather proud of it and because it only targets conservatives, that censorship is celebrated by the left. A left too ignorant to see where this is all heading. A left convinced, they will live a life of luxury paid for by the government who will take everything from the working class to support their army of thugs. It is a political ponzi scheme millions have fallen for. They are convinced they got in on the ground floor and there will be nothing but riches in their future.

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