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Today in History: October 7, 1949 – Eastern Germany is Created


In a world where people are calling for Socialism, this seems like an important topic, for 69 years ago today, East Germany or the Democratic Republic of Germany was created. Of course, there was nothing democratic republic about it. Not when it was under the oppression of Soviet rule. A state run by the Communistic authority of Stalin. And, as we all know, Socialism is the gateway to Communism. After all, the Soviet Union was socialist state before it became communist.

But back to Germany. On October 7, 1949, Eastern Germany was divided from the Allied-run West Germany. Wilhelm Pieck was named the first president and Otto Grotewohl the prime minister. Eastern Germany consisted of Mecklenburg, Brandenburg (yes, as in the famous gate), Lusatia, Saxony, and Thuringia. Meanwhile, Berlin, located deep within the Communist-own Eastern Germany, was still divided in half.

As we all know, Eastern Germany remained under Communist rule until 1990, while the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

[Translation: Long live J.W. Stalin, the best friend of the German people!]

And anyone who believes that is brainwashed . . .

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