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What Didn’t Make the News on the Impeachment

On January of 2019 President Trump signed into law a Bill that placed the responsibility of withholding Federal funds from countries involved in human trafficking directly on the President’s shoulders. President Trump personally took on the responsibility of ending human trafficking and passed that responsibility down to every President to follow. That Bill passed the House and Senate with a unanimous vote in December of 2018. Every Republican and Democrat should have known it is the President’s responsibility to cross check, reference, and withhold funds from countries that do not comply with federal standards and laws against human trafficking.

Knowing this law was in effect for nearly 1 year, Democrats accused the President of withholding funds from Ukraine based on personal interest. If looking after the rights, safety, and welfare of the poor and defenseless throughout the world is considered a personal interest of the President, I fail to see how that is an impeachable offense. The fact of the matter is, Ukraine is without rivals in the human trafficking industry.

I want you to prove this yourself. Open your web browser and search:

Ukraine and Human Trafficking

You’ll notice that major news agencies have been ignoring the issue. Why would they cover news about men, women, and children being exploited all over the world, especially in Ukraine? Such news would taken precious time away from coverage of the Super Bowl and the untimely death of Kobe Bryant. But the news media did take time to provide a brief report on President Trump’s continuing war against human trafficking.

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday to combat human trafficking and online child exploitation in the administration’s latest effort to curb the practices.

The order creates a new position within the domestic policy council that will be “solely devoted to combat human trafficking.”

The position has not yet been filled but an administration official told reporters prior to the event that there is “no doubt that we will pick someone very good for the position.”

“We’ve got a lot of interest in it with a lot of different areas of expertise. But we’re not prepared to announce a name right now,” the official said.

The effort has been spearheaded in large part by Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter and top adviser, who has made human trafficking one of her initiatives.

It seems this impeachment trail is not about breaking any law. Evidence introduced throughout the impeachment hearing has already proved that point. On the contrary, if President Trump had not withheld those funds and looked into Ukraine’s efforts to comply with anti-trafficking standards, he would have been guilty of breaking a law. One of the laws his administration introduced.

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